• Published 8th Sep 2013
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Harvest Moon: Friends of Ponyville - Rokkurin

After bringing life back to Castanet, Kasey has grown depressed. He is all alone, no one to love him. No son or daughter to care for. Just himself, his crops and his cattle.

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Welcome to Equestria

The sun rises and brings out the beautiful blue sky. The birds chirp off in the distance. Not a single cloud was in the sky. Inside a house that sat on the outskirts on Harmonica Town, Kasey was beginning to wake. He rose from his bed and got out. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he took a shower, got dressed in his usual get up and exits his house. He looks out onto his fields. The crops that he has planted were now baring fruit as it was the middle of spring.

Kasey let out a heavy sigh. He has been living on Castanet for over five years. He saved this land and was given the title of Hero, but that was not enough to fill the void in his heart. All the girls that were available when he first got here were already married. They all also had kids of their own. Sure he was happy for them, but that still did nothing to put a smile on his face. Kasey owns the most successful ranch ever in the history of the island, he owns all the fields, has every farm animal that he can get. He has it all but one thing, A family to call his own. Finn, the little sprite that has been with him since the beginning, looked at his depressed friend. Finn knew that he had to do something, but what? What is there he can do to help his true friend through the most difficult part of any ones life?

Kasey was out in his fields harvesting the fruits of his labor when an idea struck Finn. He flew off towards the Harvest Goddess' spring. The Harvest Goddess was sitting under her tree, humming a tune as she saw a little ball of light coming closer to her. The ball turned out to be Finn. "Well hello Finn, its so good to see you." She took Finn into a loving hug. "Harvest Goddess, please help Kasey. He has been depressed for quite a while." Finn said as tears formed in his eyes.

The Harvest Goddess smiled down at the little sprite. "I was just about to summon Kasey, for there is something I need him to do," Finn looked up at the Goddess with a surprised expression, "There is a world that needs a Hero, and i know that Kasey is the one for this," she lets go of Finn, "I need you to bring him here. This is your last mission." With that said the Harvest Goddess fades away. Finn takes off towards Kasey, a big smile on his face.

Kasey was now just finishing up his daily routine. He goes over to his orchard and sits down underneath his many apple trees. "KASEY!" Finn yelled from a distance, "Kasey, the Harvest Goddess wants to see you!" Without another word Finn turns around back towards the spring. Kasey shrugs his shoulders and gets up to follow the little sprite.

The two get to the Goddess' spring and see the Harvest Goddess talking with the Harvest King. Kasey and Finn both bow to the king. The Harvest King waves over to Kasey. "Hero of Castanet, I have watched you transform this land from near uninhabitable to a place of ever lasting life. That was the only reason why you were brought to this land," Kasey was shocked, he was used, and that hurt him more than having no one to call his own, "But my heart saddens to see you in such a depressing mood. But that is all about to change as for a plea of help has caught my attention. There is a place far from here that is dying like Castanet once was. The Harvest Goddess and I both know that if there is anyone that can bring this land back to what it once was, it is you."

A small glimpse of hope beamed into Kasey's heart. Hope that he can find someone to love and start a family with him. This is his last chance. His train of thought was stopped by the Harvest King, "Go and gather your equipment. You will need it." With that said Kasey ran back to his home. He grabbed his golden tools and went straight back to the spring. "Are you sure that is everything that you want to take?" The King said. Kasey just shook his head yes as he was tired from his run to speak. "Please stand still Kasey, this will only take but a moment."

The Harvest King and Goddess closed their eyes. The two immortal beings gathered all of their powers, a ball of light appearing in front of them. Kasey closed his eyes as the light was to great. The ball was then shot towards him. He was inside the ball of light as everything around him grew dark. Kasey felt like he was falling. All around him was nothing. Soon a bright light appeared and again he closed his eyes. Kasey was brought to a halt as his body met the ground. He arose and shook the dizziness from his eyes. "So you must be the help that I have called for." he heard a voice call to him. "I am Princess Celestia, welcome to Equestria, the land that i rule with my sister, Luna."

Kasey could not believe what he was seeing. There in front of him was a creature that had the body of a human but had some features of a horse. On the bottom of her legs were hooves instead of feet. Her body was covered in snow white fur. She has wings and a horn. Her mane and tail looked like a constant wind was blowing through them.

The new creature his brain was trying to process was too much for him as it overloaded and he passed out. Celestia gasped as she saw the human fall to the ground. Luckily she caught him with her magic. She got up from her throne and took Kasey from the throne room, down varies halls and to a room. She placed him on the bed in said room and left. 'He should rest, she thought, for he has a long road ahead of him.

Author's Note:

To answer the question people may have come up with while reading this, is yes. All of the ponies have no piece of clothing on. Well some will and some won't.

Why you may ask? it's because i said so. The reason why will be told later in the story

Any way, i hope everyone who reads this will like it as much as i liked writing it.

If enough people like this then i will continue. If not, then it goes bye-bye. Simple as that.

Enjoy everyone!

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