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Two Moons - TheGreatEater

TrixieX???? Random Shipping Fic contest entry. Trixie had almost given up on her life, and the lie she's held for so long. When Princess Celestia and Luna save her. Trixie has to come to terms with who she is and who she can become.

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Friendship Reports

Dearest Luna,

Twilight told me how much her Friendship Letters and the Letters of her friends helped as well as were appreciated by Celestia. And yes Twilight is glaring at me for being loose, but we’ve always been informal and I’m going to keep it at that. Well I’m going to be opening this letter as you can tell in my own hornmareship rather than let somepony else do all the work. And we need to show Twilight how to take a joke, but seriously I jest.

If you were to tell me a year ago that I was going to have my life destroyed to the point of being broken, would be saved by the Princesses, and shown true unconditional love. I would have laughed. But it did, and it taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. We aren’t shaped by our ancestry any more than we choose to be. Even if those shadows stretch long, and the ones who cast it do so unintentionally. We, with the strength our loved ones and friends give us can rise up from the ashes of our past. From the crumbled wreck that our lives, and reshape our life to a better tomorrow.

I never truly appreciated friendship, or even thought about love in a serious manner. But having met you, Celestia, Twilight, Pinkie Pie ,who are going to tell me who she really is someday, Rarity, and Fluttershy. If I had to do everything else just to have this perfect moment with all of you. Then I would in a heart beat.

- Love Trix.

Hello Luna,

I’ll admit that when I first met Trixie I felt self-conscious, nervous, and even a little intimidated. Although the reasons for those were wide and varied. And not in a bad way. But I was sad that I was never able to help her when she left, and when she returned it was like nothing I had expected.

But she has grown, and through her trails has taught me something important. If you have a good cause, and the chance to help somepony then you should try to do so because you have no idea what those seemingly small acts of either kindness or neglect could lead to. Also tell Celestia that Trixie and I talked and while I’m not sure about weather I want to do that. I give my blessing for you and Celestia to have fun, and someday maybe I’ll be open to seeing how it goes.

- Twilight Sparkle

Hi! It’s Pinkie Pie here and I learned that you shouldn’t judge a pony if you don’t know the whole story. Otherwise you could end up hurting their feelings and making them a Saddy McSadderface. Then they need not one, but two amazing Princesses to save them, and one as a benchwarmer for when that pony gets really, really sad. Like a ruined first date by evil usurpers kind of sad. That and don’t insult ponies who have Alicorn powers if you want lips or the ability to breath. On second thought, insulting ponies is bad anyways since it only hurts their feelings and never goes well for those you hurt.

Well everypony is telling me not to take up ten pages like I did the last time I wrote to Princess Celestia about the importance of a Suborbital Party Canon. So I’m heading off.

- Pinkie Pie.

Hello Princess Luna,

This is Rarity and Fluttershy. I learned that standing up for friends is important, but so is not putting other ponies down while doing it. It takes a special kind of pony to try and turn ridicule into a source of inspiration to help others. One I must say that I need to learn to do now more than ever. When I first met Trixie, I’ll admit that my views on her were biased. But after I learned about Trixie the pony, not Trixie the showmare. I learned that even more important than the ability to turn struggle to success, or not putting others down. I learned that even in the most extreme of personalities there is a chance to find a friend in that pony if you both are willing to work at it. And that friendship can be just as beautiful as gem.

Hi this is Fluttershy, I learned that even if a pony might seem scary and mean. If you take time to know them they might not be as bad as you thought at first. And might actually be a really nice pony.

-Rarity and Fluttershy.

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Flint #1 · Aug 25th, 2013 · · 4 ·

meh i've seen better:ajbemused:

Is this a trixie x luna fic???? Finaly after long years of searching!!!

3100656..... I love you man/girl i thought that trixiexluna would be a great shipping but i couldnt find a fiction.. Now i have... Sweet

3100656 oh and how is this an alternative universe? I want to know because that tag is USUALY a BIG turn off to fics for me.


I have it in the A/N chapter. And it's mostly AU for my head canon.

1) In my head canon Alicorns before they died off, dissappeared, finished the war on who would win those who wanted to rule the other species, and those who wanted to guide and help them. They had tons of pony sex which as the Cakes show leads to descendants carrying recessive genes for that. (My head canon for Cadance).

In story cannon. There was originally more born from the original coupling. They made Atlantis. Bad Stuff happens. Sisters sealed it away [pre-Sombra] [AU tag 2].

2) Atlantis in head canon was a Super Powerful advanced society made by Me and FrostManes version of Seaponies. This Universe it was made by Alicorns. Both ended the same way [Sealed away. Memory of them erased, but a few stories / survivors escaped the sealing to spread the stories].


3) Guards know some of 3 Pillar Martial arts and can do Limited Martial Magic. Not the Penultimate Stuff, but still kick 455 Martial Arts stuff.

That's really all of it. Really small, imo minor stuff that still makes the story not Head Canon. But within the realms of Possibility for a regular, non AU fic.

3100637Actually, Magic and Mentor is a finished Luna x Trixie that is on this site. There are a couple of others that I know of, however, they are incomplete (and have been for some time.)

3101259 sweet!!! Thanks for showing me that fic!!!

3100965 Ooh, okay i was just a little curious that's all. And to be honest i kinda like your head cannon to be honest... though Atlantis does seem a bit far fetched but it works. I was only wondering because some AU stories have COMPLETELY different story worlds and that usually turns away my interest but yours is good for my liking... I shall continue reading now.


Thanks my Head Canon is rather awesome imo.

I can't give any spoilers but Slrvertigo has a Luna Trixie story in the works that is so freaking epic. When it comes up if you'd like I'll PM you the link.

3102974 yea if you could give me the link that would be awesome!!! thanks!!


He hasn't put it up yet, but when it is I'll send you the link. I'm a pre-reader for it, and he does beautiful characterization.


All those problems will be fixed in the re-write. Right now my editor has IRL Stuff to do and I had to have this up in time for the deadline for the contest. But yeah from the things pointed out in the first half of the First chapter there are quite a few probs.

But I can tell you that they are being fixed on GDocs as he has time to do, and I can get to them. And when the re-write is posted every grammar problem and wording prob will be fixed.

Thank you for the compliment, and I promise that when the better version get finished it'll be a much more enjoyable read.


All those problems will be fixed in the re-write. Right now my editor has IRL Stuff to do and I had to have this up in time for the deadline for the contest. But yeah from the things pointed out in the first half of the First chapter there are quite a few probs.

But I can tell you that they are being fixed on GDocs as he has time to do, and I can get to them. And when the re-write is posted every grammar problem and wording prob will be fixed.

Thank you for the compliment, and I promise that when the better version get finished it'll be a much more enjoyable read.



Yep ... Two Moons has so many meanings behind it in the story. Everything from Two Moon Cutie Marks, The term Blue Moon represent two full moons in a month [or in Trixie's case her life], other times a Blue moon isn't two full moons but is a literal blue moon [Trixie's coat color and cutie mark], and Luna and Trixie both have Moons in their Cutie marks thus Two Moons. I love this story's title so much [I even show the title in the picture itself via Trixie and Luna facing one another [moons purposefully showing].

Why wasn't I notified that you published this?!

Oh well, I'll read it when I can:pinkiesmile:


You weren't! That's two people who've been unnotified of this story being published. I like your new avatar by the way, and I hope you enjoy it.


Yep. Even then it takes time to hit first date status. Rather than hanging out. Btw their first actual date is adorable imo.


Fimfic didn't post my reply :raritycry:.

Well I was going to say that it was a good brainstorm and we should do it again sometime. Also me and Slrvertigo talked about BatPonies [Moori] and their biology and magic on Skype. I'll PM it to you later.


Yep, dream walking / interaction. Moon magic [:raritywink:], and being empowered / draw upon certain powers by/through Lunar cycles. Basically it is a watered down version of Luna's night magics. As for what Trixie can do. Those are things she's going to have to learn :trixieshiftright:.


It's pig latin. I didn't want to give spoilers so I did Pig Latin. Warning, contains random swearing.

"You mean the items that Twilight teleported and then you said it would be a good idea to take her out on the town even after the reaming dick vulture and his raging, fudge goblin loving, frog licking toadies will be waiting to pounce?” luna asked in the Suidaeian language.

“Yep, what could possibly go wrong?” celestia added with a nod.

Nice. Four out of the six Bearers wrote Luna a Friendship Report. I love the Trixie x Luna romance, but I'm curious. When are the families of those in the Crystal Kingdom going to show up? Is Scootaloo going to show up (I have no idea who her family is in your canon)? When is Rainbow Dash going to actually show Trixie her apology? Is Black Marble still in the Black Hole?:rainbowlaugh:
I look forward to your next chapter.

This fic has many good parts to it, I feel the romance aspect is a bit rushed, and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. As you stated before, this fic will be much better once you have a few pre-reader's fix the grammar as it kind of killed the flow of the story for me at times as I kept having to insert words where they were missing and interpreting some of the sentences. Once fixed up this will be a very good story and I look forward to re-reading it when that time comes. :pinkiehappy:


The AppleJack and Rainbow Dash is going to be in a three chapter short fic. That I'm going to link to here and the re-write. [I'm going to finish the IJAB's Exie fic contest first, and then I'm going to focus on it inbetween writing Golden Wings Chapters.]

And Black Marble's still in the Black Hole. Seriously that's the most awesome and painful punishment ever.


When the re-write is done I'm going to link it here, and my Editor has a few big jobs IRL atm. But when it gets done I'll send you a PM. And thank you for the compliments.

3128052 Speaking of contests, are you going to be able to complete this fic in time for the Trixie x ??? contest. The deadline is August 31st,


I'm going to say this is complete and update it later with the sidequels and re-write. The Re-write will probably have a better show of Dashie and AJ since I'll have more time to develop it.


:twilightblush: ... You caught me . Although the thought of magical constructs with power over nature / parts of reality is a pretty cool concept. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the compliment.


Thank you, my editor hasn't had time to really go through it with school work and all. But it is being fixed up for the re-write. Thank you for giving the story a go though, and for your comment.


3474239 has taken up Re-writing it.

My editor is busy with College life and it's random when we get together to talk about the fic. But when ever 3474239 is done with everything I'll put it up. If (s)he spots anything that needs clearing up or fixed up then I'll be doing that as well.

What a read. I'm sure by now the tweaked version corrected this, but your use of weather instead of whether had been painful. :raritydespair:

Other than that, the story's grammar was not unbearable to the point of being ragged (after a few chapters and being a frequent of the internet, you get slightly accustomed to it) and the spelling was fine. Now on to the meat and potatoes.

I like the concept behind this. Lurking around, I was looking for a good Trixie fic that might could shed some light on some of the fanon views on her. Not wanting to read 20+ chapters tonight, I settled for something a bit shorter. I like the Trixie that is presented here; down on her luck (to put it mildly) and at the edge of the cliff (literally) when suddenly the top mares change and shapen her path.

Suicide itself is a dark thing to go for, and while for a second I thought it was going to be someone saving her from literally jumping off the edge... I think whisking in amongst a mob fit better for the story. Especially considering what happened next. Plan K, I love Plan K (parody of Plankton's plan Z).

I'm not sure if there is a sequel or not; what I do know is that the ending closed the cap on the lid, except for one thing. What about Rainbow Dash and Applejack? Of all the people to send end letters to Luna, I would have expected them to be on there somewhere.

And what of the consequences for what has happened? Yes, this has happened before, but it will take decades if not more in order for things to get back to normal. Most of the end characters who remember everything wouldn't be alive to see everything return to peachy cream, unless the hinted alicorn changes were made. Even then, that opens a whole new story by itself...

Oh, and lastly, congrats on winning the contest.


Believe it or not, I have plans for AJ and Dashie [Zapapples in the Moon]. I had a person making edited versions of the chapters, but he's busy irl so there are only four chapters done atm. And eventually I'll make a continuation of this. But right now too many other fics and ideas are eating up my time [including a LunaVerse fic that I hope gets canonized when it's finished].

Thank you for your comments, and yes. I was planning on going the Alicorn route with the mane 6. And it'd take 60 yrs for society to go from shambles to stable. Then longer to rebuild to S1E1 standards. As for AJ and Dashie, their going to do some soul searching, then them coming around is going to be epic.

Also if you're in the mood for good LunaXTrixie fics. I have two for you.

http://www.fimfiction.net/story/58101/lodestar is an all together cute fic, and while the ship hasn't happened yet persay. The foundation is there, and some great friendshipping happens later.


http://www.fimfiction.net/story/125797/lunas-apprentice I'm helping with this fic. It in my honest opinion is well done, and while still being written it has some really adorable moments.


Thanks for the referrals, I'll have to check them out, and no prob regarding the comments.

Take your time, and GL on getting that Lunaverse fic canonized.

Pinkie and her Suborbital Party Cannon designs. :facehoof:

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


XD. The first editor never got around to editing it because college was horribly killing his time. Then a fan was going to give a fan edit. And I was going to introduce the edits at one time. Haven't heard from them in almost a year. So yeah, this fic is editor cursed. And I apologize on that.

edit: Oh and then to top it off, my gmail account was lost for all time because my AOL account to recover the Gmail password was hacked. And I had to make a new gmail account while loosing everything attached to the original.

5858461 This fic was on my read later list for way to long.


I know how that can be XD.

5860149 I'm a little worried that the pacing has increased to a worrisome level, as i am up to chapter 6 and it seems each chapter is trying to get more done then the last, without actually adding much to the plot.


Yeah this fic was never edited. I had one person start, but never finished; the original editor had college to deal with (and this story had a dead line). Then when I did have time for it, I was locked out of my original Gmail account and someone hacked my AOL account. So I lost access to the Gdoc copy of the fic.

But yeah, I know it's not the greatest it can be, but it's the best it can be under the circumstances.

Suborbital Party Cannon

This. Just this. :rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::pinkiecrazy::yay::yay::yay:


The question is who didn't he kill XD. I'll be honest and state the Horcrux thing came from a mix of fanon about the Amulet being a part of Sombra, and the fact that his powers when he was shown reminded me a bit of Good Olde MoldyVoldy.

But yeah I wouldn't put it past him to have killed his parents, any older siblings, and anyone in line to the throne that stood between him and his coveted seat of power.

8110528 Still what she did is nothing compared to what happened and Oh Tirek, Sombra, and Chrysalis. There have been far worse villains, think about it, Trixie only affected Ponyville for the most part. Chrysalis almost captured Celestia and ruled over the kingdom.


True. But when you're dealing with prejudice / those who hate another. Any reason is justified, and those were there reasons. You (or anyone really) can spot the wholes in their arguments. But if they believe it, and use it as reasoning for their actions. Then anything counter to that belief would be ignored. And they would bring up other counter points (that still have plenty of wholes. Kind of like them stating that Luna is still Nightmare Moon, and a being of evil. Despite all proof to the contrary XD.).

So...what happened with Trixie's family? Did she get to see them after the Great Reset? Or were they killed before the Great Reset? Inquiring minds need to know!

Hi and thank you for all the comments. As for answers:.

- I don't remember what happened to Trixie's parents. XD, sorry for not being able to clarify that.

- Luna would probably be more of the scale of Majora's Mask with the moon crashing towards the planet.

- Yep that Team Four Star bit is why I decided to use that wood for Trixie's wagon.

- Well in this fic yes. Apparently the Twilight in canon either trashed them, or enjoyed watching them being engulfed in the flames that were her home.

Seriously what a total c**t in No Second Prances towards Trixie. As if she had the moral high ground.

- Yep. Sometimes it's best to obliterate something in righteous fury and start over from scratch.

So... Celestia goes back to school. Technically speaking... What was I suppose to get from that? Other than her making a foal of herself.

A pure comedy piece. That was poking fun at:

- Twilight by reflecting it on Celestia's actions.
- The older Celestia joke tropes at the time.
- The story tropes at the time of Celestia as a disinterested, detached, 'all powerful pony' that was either a tyrant; or some sort of criminal negligence.
- Poking fun at Celestia herself.

It takes all the "Twilight can't" X stories at the time, or poking fun at her one way or another. Then it twistsed it a bit; and seeing Celestia as another pony. That's long lived, but capable of mistakes like anyone else. In a way, it was a fun way to 'humanize' Celestia.

I might give it the time. Later. From what I first read it almost makes me-

*Can not be said by penalty of death by burning*

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