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Having to spend a night in the wild, after having lost all that she had, Trixie is neverthless more tormented by her inner demons that from the rigors of nature. Luckily for her, in Equestria, nightmares have their jurisdiction.

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Comments ( 8 )

Amazing, ab-so-loot-ley a-maz-ing.

This was a nice little story. I'm not sure if this shouldn't be Alternate Universe though. Also, there were a number of mistakes. Still, have a like.

5391569 Thank you very much for the appreciation! I'm flattered. :twilightblush:

5391644 I'm glad that you liked it! :pinkiehappy:
Don't konw for the "Alternate Universe". I tried to write this story so that it will not conflict with any of the subsequent episodes (IE, "Magic Duel" is still perfectly possible, and, in a certain sense, even anticipated).
I'm sorry for the mistakes. I'have to learn to write better in English. (^_^;)

Sweet story. (I already read it, before i published my own).
But I am glad to see, to not be the only Trixie-fan out there.

"Listen!" Said Princess Luna with an annoyed expression. "I... I, don't know who made-up this tale (although I suspect of a certain Princess), but I have never eaten anypony in my life!"

Shouldn't that read ",(although I suspect a certain princess)" inside the brackets or maybe ",(although I am suspecting a certain princess)"?
Sorry, stumbled upon.
(And I am on my quest to earn my cutie mark as Grammar Dalek)

I like the story, for it is sweet and blue and make me feel with Trixie. Upvoted and faved.

There is nothing in this story, wich breaks the original timeline. In fact the later events with the alicorn amulett, could have occured anyway. With a bit of fantasy you could use this story even as reason for the later events. (Like Trixie buyed the amulett to push her power with the intention to good something good with it. And then got mesmerized/brainwashed) AU as tag would be very misleading, as it is our well known Equestria without any major changes.

5454242 Happy to hear of you again, and many thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

I think you are right with the remark. I've been misguided by the Italian form, in which "to suspect of someone" means having a generic suspicion that someone may have something to do with a fact, while "to suspect someone" means having some specific reason to believe that someone did a definite action.
It seems that in English that form exists, but is however much less common. Probably I have to replace the sentence with: "although I suspect that a certain Princess may have something to do with it".

I stumble over grammar on a regular base. But words and meanings are far worse. Things like... Oh yeah. "eventually" (wich means "in the finish" VS "eventuell" (german for "perhaps")
Happens all the time.

If only they were this Nice in the show. Or not jerks at all

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