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Two Moons - TheGreatEater

TrixieX???? Random Shipping Fic contest entry. Trixie had almost given up on her life, and the lie she's held for so long. When Princess Celestia and Luna save her. Trixie has to come to terms with who she is and who she can become.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Trixie felt a warm pressure fill up her body, and almost as if summoned by a bed made of clouds drifted back into her own dreamscape. I did it! I did it! I did it! I got past that infernal barrier. I need to ask Luna what I just did, and why I feel even more tired now than when I went to sleep.

As the last dregs of sleep lifted from her and the light of the sun splashed against her eyes. Trixie swore that she’d master that shadow manipulation spell that Luna used to keep the sun from stabbing her in the eyes with it’s spitefully cheery rays. Rolling out of bed with the grace of a zombie, and feeling about as alive, she stumbled to the bathroom to freshen up. Only to see that she did in fact look as bad as she felt.

It took a short eternity to get to the Dining Hall as Trixie’s mind was feeling the symptoms of magic drain, ontop of a heaping dose of high level dream magic that she had never had time to train for. Luna looked at her and gave a knowing nod, before levitating a cup of coffee strong enough to kill an elephant. As Trixie took a sip she hacked most of out while trying to come to terms with the jittery jolts running through her nerves, “It’s quite strong I know, but trust me it truly is the best drink for when you over extend yourself with dream magic. That plus their are enough power regenerative, and physically regenerative herbs to fix what ever the coffee can’t.” Luna said sagely.

“Why would I need physical regeneration herbs in a cup of coffee?” Trixie asked nervously.

“It’s so the coffee doesn’t explode your heart of course.” Luna said as if it was the most obvious reason in the entire universe.

“Explode my heart?” Trixie whispered setting the cup down.

“Well yes. I remember when I was working on getting the blend perfect. It was tested out on elephants along time ago. Well after one brew melted one herd, exploded a part of Saddle Arabia with another, and another blasted the poor dear into outerspace. I had to tone it down a little bit. Unfortunately the minimum strength needed for it to still be useful was also strong enough to cause an elephants heart to explode. So I add my special stash of regenerative herbs into the coffee so that any who drink it can survive it. Or at the least have a much shorter hospital visit. So you have nothing to fear.” Luna said with a grin and a distant, nostalgic look in her eyes.

“Ok! Well ... Princess Luna, next time you give me something to eat or drink that could be classified as a weapon of mass destruction?” Trixie asked eyeing the thick bubbling mass with a great sense of apprehension.

“Sorry it’s just with how you looked, and with the amount of raw moon magic I sensed coming from you earlier I thought you could use something to help you recover. But yes if it is something that can be considered a weapon of mass destruction I’ll give you a heads up next time.”

“One last thing ... what’s an Elephant?” Trixie asked.

With that both Celestia and Luna laughed. It was Celestia who recovered first, “Sorry, we aren’t laughing at you. It’s just that ... well ... until they drove themselves to extinction. They were quite zanny alchemist. Wonderful memory, great inventive spirit, and willing to try anything new. Which I think is why they loved Luna so much. Well it’s actually quite tragic how the died. But we have so many memories of them that it’s hard not to remember those first. Well today is going to be a busy day. With that gut rocket you just took a swig of you’ll be up for the next few days. So I’m going to leave you two to talk amongst yourselves. And Luna, remember that place with the thing that I told you about.”

“Ouyay eanmay ethay itemsway atthay Ilighttway eleportedtay, andway enthay ouyay aidsay itway ouldway ebay away oodgay ideaway otay aketay erhay outway onway ethay owntay? Evenway afterway ethay eamingscray ickday ulturevay andway ishay agingray udgefay oblingay ovinglay, ogfray ickinglay oadiestay illway ebay aitingway otay ouncepay?” Luna asked in the Suidaeian* language.

“Epyay, atwhay ouldcay ossiblypay ogay ongwray?” Celestia added with a nod.

“You know what could. Well I guess I’ve been putting it off. Trixie, might I ask you something in private?” Luna asked.

“Of course ... by the way what was the language you were speaking.” Trixie asked.

“You never learned Suidaeian Latin?”


“Oh it’s the language of pigs. It’s an odd mix of simplistic and complex. And since almost noone alive speaks it in Equestria me and my sister have an old habit of talking in it from time to time. Now what I wanted to ask you something important, but I want you too know that no matter what you answer. I will still keep teaching you, and I do my best to never let you down. Alright?” Luna rambled, a blush visible beneath her dark coat.

“Alright, I trust you. So what’s the matter?” Trixie asked.

“Well ... Do you want to go out on a date with me?” Luna asked her voice thick with embarrassment, having not had to ask somepony out in over 3 thousand years. And I swear Tia if you use this to prank me so help me Faust I will haunt and prank you in your very dreams.

“You ... a Princess of Equestria ... My favorite one ... no offense Princess Celestia you’re ok too ... are asking me out on a date? As in the two of us alone? a Date date?” Trixie asked.

“Yes. A day on the town. Possibly a night.”

“And here I thought I knew when I was lucid dreaming.” And with that she fainted.

Trixie awoke too a nervous looking Luna, and a bemused looking Celestia, “Princess Luna I had the strangest dream. Well it was actually pretty neat, but ummm ... why are you looking at me like that?” She asked Luna.

“That was no dream. You hath fainted quite adorably!” Luna proclaimed with a small chortle.

“Well ... then ... sure. I’d love to go on a date with you.” Trixie replied while in her head dancing and screaming at the top of her mental lungs, Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

“Yoish~! Now we shall be off for an amazing day. And sister where you able to get that thing fixed up and ready to show off when the noun gets to the other noun?”

“Of course. Now be off. Today shall be magical.” Celestia said using her magic to playfully shoe her sister out the door, well she hasn’t fully forgiven me, but at least we have alot of our playful antics from time to time. I hope that today goes aways towards fixing the rift between us.

Luna didn’t trot with Trixie, she strutted. With the confidence that came with being a Goddess of Sex millenia before Cadance became the Goddess of Love. And with the mass arrests, Guard lay offs, and threat of divine violence laying fresh in the minds the death glares were less frequent, and apathetic indifference was more common. But Trixie didn’t care. The living incarnation of her childhood friend, a fellow Lunarmancer that didn’t make her have to hide behind layers of masks for acceptance, and one massively hot pony was her marefriend. It didn’t even matter that Luna was a princess, that fact was secondary to everything else and now things were finally happening Trixie was speechless.

As Luna guided her to a large academy building in the south central area of Canterlot’s nobility district, Trixie could have sworn she heard muffled screams followed by a rather distinct thwump. Almost like a much more silent version of a cannon. Luna either didn’t notice, or wasn’t bothered by it, as she lead her to a building that was in the middle of reconstructing its sign. RTSFGM, “It’s going to be the ' Royal Triumvirate’s School for Gifted Mages’.” Luna said with a glimmer in her eye, “Come I have something to show you.”

They trotted and through a veritable maze of newly constructed pathways and buildings. Ending in a clearing that held a sight that Trixie could not believe, “My Carriage!” She screamed. Galloping toward it full throttle. Gathering looks that shifted from shock to anger, all the way to putting on the proverbial SEP Goggles and ignoring her existence. Although they all knew who she was, they also knew it was Princess Twilight under Princess Celestia’s orders to set up that thing at their place of learning. Thus any who were commenting and complimenting it on it’s craftsmareship quickly turn to scorning it.

Trixie lay her body against the mahogany body with it’s magical veneer was good to have near her again. She rushed in as Luna trotted up to her. She looked over everything, looking at ever scratch, stain, and even going over the certain smells that had grown in special places. When she got to her bed she saw her cape and hat restored and fixed of all the damage that it had incurred from a life time of wear and tear and shoddy diy repairs. On the cloak lay a note.

Dear Trixie,

This is Twilight Sparkle and the other Element Bearers saying happy belated Hearth’s Warming Eve. I had kept your cape and cloak for when you came back, but unfortunately that didn’t quite happen as all of would have liked but we can give it too you know. I had originally kept Rarity from messing with these until we learnt what they meant to you, and with Rarity knowing not to make improvements. She used the same material as the cloth to remake it, and I restored the spells that were placed on it. I know a lot about magic, and I don’t know if you know this or not. But your mother was always closer than you might realize had loved you dearly.

The Apple Family got in touch of relatives for the wood that we couldn’t fix, and Fluttershy’s animals helped find some materials needed to refurbish it. But I was able to make a magical copy of everything down to the weirdly shaped nail in the lower left hand corner, and the spell form built into the carriage. I would seriously like to meet your family some day, and give them a royal stipend to help build some more of these. Everything is quite uniquely done, and purposefully built ... Spike is glaring at me and telling me not to geek out so I’ll do that later.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were responsible for weather proofing your carriage with additional help upon the magic used to protect it last time. And Pinkie Pie herself got the things to refurbish the upholstery. I still don’t know how she had everything in her mane, but one tends to stop asking questions about Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie when you live around her.

Princess Luna said that this would be a rather important present for you, and since we are know your friends. I think, I thought it was the least we could do for you. Well have a wonderful day with Luna, and don’t worry about your items, They are under Celestia’s protection, and insured by her personally. So if anypony dares harm them they will be punished most severely. Although you still retain complete ownership.

Well see you later,

Twilight and friends.

Trixie cried waterfalls from the joy she couldn’t hope to contain. Luna say next to her and wrapped a wing around her back, “There’s actually more good news. Well not as good as this, but good none the less.”

“What is it?” Trixie asked who her tears dampened Luna’s coat.

“Well me and my sister knew that the nobles would be trying to dig up some legalese to make jabs against well both of us really, but you the most adamantly. So we initiated what Twilight called Plan C. After we compared the notes that you so diligently made, and were even more diligent about giving them to us directly. After they tipped their hooves, we are going to do something that hasn’t been done since the founding of Equestria. We are going to go through and see what nobility are truly noble, and removing those who aren’t. Then we are going to go through and have all the current laws rewritten and reshape the face of the nation.

Especially after what they tried to pass without our knoweldge. That really got my sister off her flank and hired a large team of construction unicorns to build use 5 new wings. Included in that is a School dedicated to Night, Lunar, and Dream magics. As well as the training of Lunarmancers,” Whipping out a scroll from inside a summoned saddle bag, “Congratulations. Trixie Lulamoon you are here by an official member of this school, and now are officially my protege. By the full letter of the current laws.”

Trixie was awash in emotions. On one hoof. Today other than the Coffee of Mass Destruction, and the embarrassing fainting fit. Today was the best day ever. Yet, a Lulamoon never gets her full moon twice, and once their fortune wanes, their luck will never rise. She thought her fortune was the accolades as a Showmare and everything crashed when she broke Equestria. And from the looks of it Twilight herself was planning on sending everypony back to the Dark Ages. Which honestly didn’t sound to bad at this point. But here she was. After her world had fallen around her. The Princesses had risen her out of the ashes, and Luna herself helped not just bring her into the light. Now all of this. She didn’t think a moon could rise more than once. But here she was with the Lulamoon families version of a Blue Moon.

Only a Goddess of the Night could give a Lulamoon an extra moon to make a difference huh?! Thank you Luna you have no idea what this means to me.

Suddenly Black Marble and cohorts barged into the Carriage covered in cake, pudding, various types of confetti, and what looked to be a slowly hardening green goo, “You have gone to far Luna. The extended Royalty, and all of us nobles will no longer stand by while you corrupt and subvert our dearest Princess. We are using a royal decree signed by you and Celestia that “if you were to be deemed unfit for service, a replacement for the Elements of Harmony could be found, there were no major horrors to assail our people for one year, and there had been one day in that year with out cake for a majority of the populace. Than we, the nobility and extended royalty of Equestria could take control of the nation until you were deemed to fit for duty by a group of our peers.” Which we now invoke, and since you are indeed Nightmare Moon in disguise. We deem you fit to be arrested for the high crime of treason and subversion of the throne. Guards take them at once!” Black Marble parted to allow a swarm of Day Guards to come into the already confined carriage.

“Are you daft! Do you really think it is wise to threaten an Alicorn? And guards why are you following this twit?” Luna asked. Keeping herself from using the Royal Canterlot voice in the narrow confines as they were to prevent the resulting concussive waves that would have turned Trixie’s brains to mashed potatoes.

“Trixie is the worst war criminal in Equestrian History. Scholars are even know showing that the financial crisis she’s put us in ontop of the Griffons taking advantage of our moment of weakness to do economical warfare will collapse our Economy in five years at the best She’s a monster. And all of us in the Day Guard knew you were truly the Nightmare, because only she would be corrupting our pure leader with her vile notions. Like punishing us for letting Trixie get what she had coming to her.

So we’re going to help get our Princesses well, and well away from you. You can either come silently or we can use Powerlimiters on you, and a lead ring on your marefriend. It’s up to you.” One of the Guards said.

“Plan K” Luna said before the space between the ponies around them opened up and sucked them into the center of a Black Hole. Only the smell of burning Ozone lingered from what was once a nearly crowded space.

“Well it seems that our date has been cut short. If what I suspect is happening is in deed happening. We are going into Plank K and that’s the fun one. Hold on, and I’m sorry our date got canceled I’ll make it up to you later I promise.”

Luna wasn’t looking forward to this. Sending ponies into the great abyss was a perfect punishment, but her sister wanted to hold out on it until it was clear there was no other option. But Luna wasn’t going to let her hot marefriend get get lead poisoning to her magic system by playing the Friendly Fishercolt. Equestria was already in a Fisher King sort of symbiosis, but this was going to descend quickly. To think that their first date was already ruined. Looking at the tempest of emotions running across Trixie’s face made up her mind. With a furious blast of power she Teleported into the Throne Room off to the side. Where Celestia jumped to the wagon in shock.

The first thing she heard was, “No we didn’t bring the Pink one with out bound in a hog tie she popped in here after I teleported! The extended Royalty has initiated the Black Cake Knife Protocol, accused me of being Nightmare Moon, corrupting you, and the Day Guard, apparently all or most of them think the same! Then they threatened my Marefriend of all of one hour with a lead ring on her horn! Lead! Not even I threaten a pony with a lead ring! There’s a reason both of us agreed that they should be banned!” Luna was getting at full rant mode when she felt a hoof touch her back, looking at Trixie she calmed down and nuzzled her, “We’ll fix this don’t worry. Twilight will be in the northern most tower. Teleport there and tell her everything. I know that she has a plan for this somewhere in that huge cranium of hers. I’ll be with you shortly.”

Trixie nodded and vanished with her usual flare of using a smoke bomb to hide the flash. When she was gone, Celestia looked at all the supplicants present, “There is a royal emergency and I must ask that everypony leave.” All left but Blue Blood, and a hoof full of others.

“Where is Black Marble and the other Nobility?” Blue Blood asked.

“And what you don’t care about the Guards?” Luna mocked.

“They knew what they were getting into. By the royal power invested in me by divine right of my birth. I demand you tell me what you did with them.” Blue Blood

“Simple I sent them into the center of a Black Hole. It’s an old punishment, but I think a few of our Weeks or a painful eternity for them will do them some good.” Luna said before looking over to Celestia, “They threatened Trixie with Lead, and myself with a L Rank Powerlimiter Ring. They were going for the Kill. So I sent them to where they can think about what they were planning on doing. You can chastise me later, we are moving over to K.”

“K?” Blue Blood said before letting loose a spell from his horn. Throughout all of Equestria A series of recording Crystals went off. Above every city was the face of Black Marble, “Citizens of Equestria listen to me. If you are hearing this I am either killed by Nightmare Moon disguised as our Princess’s long lost sister like everypony knew she was, or she has imprisoned me somewhere far away preventing me from telling you everything in the flesh. Princess Celestia has been corrupted by her sisters evil, and all of us were paying for it. We should have known when Celestia stopped us from banishing the criminal Trixie like she deserves. Or had her executed for war crimes against foal, mares, and the elderly. Not to mention the other innocent people of Ponyville.

“We are headed to the end of Equestria as we know it. The homeless problem has risen 42% and rising, the unemployed or those who are about to risk loosing employment is at 32% of the populace and expected to get much worse before it gets better. And worst of all, it’s all because of a Mare that Nightmare Moon has stepped into save over and over again. It’s time to rise up citizens and protect your rights. Demand that the current Princesses step down until we can heal them, and remove Nightmare Moon from our midst. Do not let my loss, and the loss of the family members of the Gaurds and other nobility who are sacrificing ourselves be in vain.”

Celestia’s considerably white coat faded to an even paler shade as she heard that message. She knew the nobility were good at playing to a crowd, but the greatest of lies had just enough truth in them and played heavily to the fears of others. Those who weren’t religious zealots of thought that Luna was a Nightmare in an Alicorn coat, and those who weren’t easy to fall into prejudice. Would be swayed by the appeal to the suffering of others. Using cherry picked statistics to add credence to his argument. If they wanted to be free of the Princesses, then they’d get their wish until they crawled back to on their knees. Or the people called out to them, but she was damned if they were going to feed off of the wealth she brought into this world through over a thousand years of hard work. As the streets erupted in the screams of self-righteous furry and the need for blood to be spilt she looked at Blue Blood then at her sister.

“No sister the time for Twilight’s checklist is long over. We are doing the plan that we were holding off on. I vote for Plan: Clean Slate. Do you agree.”

“Yes. I agree. We need the other’s votes though. Well Blue Butt you will have your throne, but what is going to fall upon you bloated leaches is your fault.” Luna said frostily before teleporting her, her sister and the carriage holding Pinkie Pie and Trixie’s memories to Twilight’s Tower.

It took Trixie several minutes to explain everything that happened, and by the time she did Black Marble’s message played. Then it was with that Trixie looked at Twilight and all color drained from her features. Twilight walked to Trixie to ask what was wrong, but she shook her head, “I should have known better. When a Lulmoon’ moon wanes it will never rise again! I did this! If I only would have killed myself when I had the chance nopony would be suffering like this!”

Twilight grabbed at Trixie with her magic and pulled her into an embrace of limbs, wings, and magic. “Listen that’s nonsense. You don’t deserve to die, and you defiantly don’t deserve to have ponies hunting you like some some Griffon after a wild animal. Luna loves you. Heck she’s been keeping it to herself for ages now, and don’t you dare take what you both have after finally getting together.”

“You don’t understand Twilight, you never could. You have it made, but a Lulamoon has luck that has always ran a certain way. We rise, shine for a moment, than everything goes south. We either die, or we end up losing almost everything we have. We don’t get another full moon. I will only bring ruin if I’m around Luna and I care to much to hurt her.” Trixies eyes that once shed tears of joy only moments ago, were now leaking bitter tears. Tears filled with the frustration, fear, anger, and rage that had built up for what seemed like a lifetime. While Twilight absorbed it.

“And you think she’d forgive you if you died? You need to live for both of yoursakes and work together. And you have friends now, and even if your luck is how you say it is. We won’t let you fall. That plus you know three Alicorns know, if one can raise the sun and moon for a thousand years. I think the three of us can keep that moon of yours up in the sky no matter how many times it falls. And your marefriend is the Goddess of the Night and rises the moon and the stars? I don’t think you have to worry about your moon setting for quite sometime.”

There was a Flash of Light and a thunk as everything that Luna brought with her fell to the center of the circular floor. With that Twilight gave her a push towards Luna, “Go say hi to your marefriend while I say hi to mine. I fear that we may have a rather busy day.”

“I’m sorry!” Trixie said when she got to Luna, “I didn’t mean for my bad luck to happen to you. I’m sorry.” She said burying her muzzle into Luna’s neck.

“It’s not your fault. Someponies are just ignorant and filled with their own self loathing. This was bound to happen. The nobility has always been trying to pit my sister and I against one another like the days of old. They had made up their minds that I was a threat to their power games and it mattered not if they believed that I was my darker self or not. Only that they could get others to believe it.

“The Alicorn Amulet calls out to others to be worn who are gravitated to it. It would have gained someone else. And unlike yourself, there is a high probability they would not have targeted Twilight Sparkle first, and the looses would have been much higher. Especially if they lost control completely and Sombra took full control of their body. We would have suffered even more tremendous losses than what we did.

“And more than that. If you didn’t go through what you did we may never have met. Yes my sister’s plans granting longevity, and alicornification to all ponies isn’t going to happen anytime soon. But in a short while. Well someday. We are going to make it so that nopony will ever remember what you did, and the world will be rest to to the era of knowledge and development from shortly after the overthrow of Discord. All the wealth will be lost, the world will be set back by ages, and all if it without a Princess to guide them. After all we deserve a little vacation.”

Trixie didn’t know what to say about to the impassioned speech that Luna gave. Other than to send every positive emotion and ounce of Joy that Luna had brought to her life to Luna through a kiss, and in that moment in time for a few seconds time stopped for both of them. Trixie parted with a blush that was more deeper shade of red than Big Mac’s coat, “Thanks, well, we need to see what we can do. You still owe me a date ok? Or Trixie will be most be displeased.” She said with a shadow of her old swagger shining through.

It was Twilight’s dragon, whose name evaded Trixie, that sent letters to all the Element Bearers to get their regalia, and Discord and make their way to the crystal empire. With that out of the way It was time to get underway to save Equestria from itself. With Twilight comforting Celestia, Luna wrapped around Trixie, and Trixie reading the spells needed to make a speedy get away once they landed on the ground.