Two Moons

by TheGreatEater

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TrixieX???? Random Shipping Fic contest entry. Trixie had almost given up on her life, and the lie she's held for so long. When Princess Celestia and Luna save her. Trixie has to come to terms with who she is and who she can become.

TrixieX???? Random Ship Fic contest entry.

A mentally broken Trixie, the mare behind the greatest financial disaster in all of Equestria, is saved by the Princesses on the day she decides to end her life. Afterwards, she strives to go from the shadows of the past that haunted her, into the light she's always yearned to touch. With the help of the Princesses, and some old enemies turned friends it'll be up to Trixie to choose between the shadows that had so long defined her, and the chance to become the mare she's always wished she could be.

Cover Art By ImJustAnotherBrony

9/1/2013: This story won the contest. Thank you everyone for your favs, upvotes, and comments.

A Very Important A/N

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Originally I was going to run this through an editor, but he is having some IRL scheduling problems. Since while he did offer to let me change editors I'm not the kind of person to say (directly or indirectly) that their lives are less important than my story. That plus he seems like an alright person so if he needs to take time, then it takes time, but I'd not be able to make the deadline so here's the plan.

I'm putting down the story that I have saved here for almost a month now. And I have the Gdocs being edited in a Gdocs folder so when all the files are done I'll post Two Moons: Rewrite. So those who want to read the original thank you for your time and giving my story a go. Those who wish to wait I thank you for looking this over.

Y'alls comments, criticisms, and thoughts are welcome.

AU tag:

Alicorn's after my head canon Great War that I mention in Journeys. But rather than all but two Alicorns being gone for good. Things went slightly differently.

Just like my head canon thoughts on Cadance [was born [just like the Cake Twins were from recessive genetics]], there was an original rush of Half Blooded Alicorns, from an Alicorn parent and an Non-Alicorn. With a different world history from Canon, and a custom canon for this universe.

Atlantis: Different from the Atlantis me and FrostMane made in the Comment section of this blog. In that it was made from the Alicorn descendants and other races. It is mentioned in some detail later on although it doesn't show up in this fic.

Martial Arts: While I love 3 Pillar Martial Arts and in my head canon 5% of the populace masters it. In this story Guards have access to some of it, giving them access to Super Powered, Pony Martial Magical Arts.

Chapter 1

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Two Moons

by, TheGreatEater

Chapter 1:

It’s getting harder and harder to tell dreams from reality now in days. As I look over this cliff that I’ve over looked so many times now I’m feeling oddly contemplative. Even as those shadowy eyes watch me from the forest that stretches behind me. I feel myself looking back on things leading up to this point.

Trixie Lullamoon was the daughter of Mason Stone, a Cream white Stallion, with Light Grey mane and tail. With piercing Navy blue eyes, and Ara Lullamoon. An Indigo Mare with a wavy, White Mane and Tail. With radiant Gold eyes. Way off in a little town near Trottingham called Canter’s Peak. They were a small family of fallen nobility, much like the Belle’s and the Pie’s. Oldblood that had fallen out of the light as time had progressed leaving not but their family names to ever show their genealogy from greatness. Making matters more difficult was their state of near poverty growing up. But even with all those burdens and ghosts of the past, they were happy.

When Trixie was at that age where a foal starts school, and prepares for what will become the rest of their life. Trixie was working at her families store trying to help them make ends meet. While at night she would hear them argue about getting her into a good school, but that would devolve into them arguing about the bits and how they couldn’t afford it. Even with the scholarship afforded to a select few. Trixie was far away, and of such low familial standing that chances of such a thing were next to impossible. And those arguments tore at her, she didn’t care about good schooling, or anything that’d be detrimental to everypony she just wanted her family to be happy.

So she started training everynight by herself, drawing inspiration and creativity under the moonlight. It’s light, and presence always calmed her and filled her with the feeling that she could do anything. And with the Mare on the Moon looking down on her she felt as if she was giving a private show to her. Something that helped feed her confidence when she did things right, and helped get over her failures since it never judged, never scolded her, nor did it even talk. It just watched over her as she trained, and in the end that’s what mattered the most.

As the weeks flew by, she started regarding the moon as her special friend. Somepony that no matter what would always be there for her. A constant friend that never asked for anything, but was just a moonrise away. Under the watchful eye of the Mare on the Moon, she progressed quickly. Learning all kinds of tricks and skills, all the while her mind seeing the connection of things allowing her to create little things on the fly as it were. All the while feeling a deeper, and stronger connection with the moon. Almost as if was empowering her, and imparting it’s knowledge to her through bouts of inspiration.

It wasn’t much longer before the moon passed it’s last gift upon her. She was dreaming about looking at the moon, when the dream became lucid. She could feel the presence of the moon, and feel as if there was something just out of reach. A door that was waiting to be unlocked, but she never in all her years managed to open it, but from that spark of lucidity she was able to practice her magic in her dreams. Shaping and constructing things in her mind, and seeing life breathed into them. It was here in the mindscape of her dreams, where the moon, her magic, and her creativity became one that a flash of light ran through her entire being with a symbol of that connection and special talent for magic that burned itself into her memories before she woke up. Only to notice that on her flank was a Cutie Mark.

With a Squeal of delight that woke up the household and brought to them her family, she showed them her Cutie Mark and in the exuberant energy that all foals have started telling them about The Moon, her dream training, and how she had been training in secret for months. Her mother regarded her with a tilted head, before looking over to her husband. With a nod he walked over and ruffled her Mane before telling her that he was going to start planning her Cutecenaera. Mentioning that she should think about what she’d like.

Her mother setting her down on her rear knees and embracing Trixie with both magic and forehoof told Trixie a Story. “Listen honey, this is a tale of your many times, great grandmarm, Nova Lullamoon. There is a tale passed down by word of mouth from mother to daughter when they become of age. And it’s something that you with your talent are old enough to hear.

A long time ago there was not one Princess, but two sisters -”

“Two Sisters, but there is only Celestia. Everypony knows that right?” Trixie interrupted.

“Yes. But this is an important part of our history, and while I don’t know why they said there were two just listen ok?” Ara asked, and didn’t start until Trixie nodded in affirmation.

“Anyways. There were two sisters. One ruled the day and used her light to feed the land. But the other ruled the night, having a strong connection with the moon and the stars in the sky. There in that age were few who stayed with her, being afraid of the night and all it held. But Venus, felt that connection, and was able to use the night to bless her with great magic. So it was only natural that two Lunarmancers, would gravitate to one another. It was her service to the night that eventually earned her name to ascend to nobility. Since it had as ours is fallen out of repair after the Unicorn tribes joined Equestria.

But it was not meant to last long. Eventually a darkness swept up the sister, and a battle over the sun and moon was fought. When the dust settled and the sun rose victorious. Lunar Magicks became taboo, and those who practiced it’s powers were either prosecuted or shunned. And slowly just as the name Lullamoon waxed into it’s height. It eventually waned again as our family was forced to hide it’s connections.

But every now and then the Moon chooses one of our kin. Then blesses them with it’s light and grace. And that my dear is the story of the house Lullamoon, and why we must never allow outsiders to know of our connection to the moon. Nor those of us who have as strong a connection as you. A Lunarmancer hasn’t been in our family in generations, since the Equi-Griffo Conflict of 912 CR. So we must unfortunately lie about your Cutie Mark, but I want you to know that we love you and I’m proud of you. You will do great things when you get older. I know it.”

Trixie at the time was lost, on one hoof she learned a secret story that was handed down from mother to daughter just like what was happening to her, but she felt a part of her heart shatter in that she had to lie about her Special Talent. The one thing that was supposed to make her special, all because what she did would hurt her or her family. This isn’t fair!, she thought to herself when you get your Cutie Mark, you’re supposed to be happy and all grown up. You’re supposed to be happy, but how can I be happy when I have to live a lie my entire life? But my mother is right. If I was great and powerful, if I could prove myself to everypony, than maybe I could restore my family name. Then I wouldn’t have to hide the truth. That’s what I’ll do! It won’t have to be forever. Just until I can make others accept me, and show the greatness of not just the moon but my family name. Then I can be free of the lie I’m going to have to live in.

But that moment never came. Her party was a somber affair where she was given her carriage, a cape and a hat. All made by her family’s own hooves, and that made it just a little bit more special to her. Even if it was in the guise of a “Showmare”. But she took to it, since it made her family happy, it made her somewhat less unhappy. And she put herself into the mask of an egotistical braggart. All to make her stage presence more liked. Especially when kindness was ignored, and rudeness garnered attention. If she should find some hecklers who wanted to ruin her performance, well everypony loves a little bit of Schadenfreude. With the extra bits she earned she was able to get her family a better life, and even get herself a little sister. But just like how the luck of the Lullamoon’s went, just when things were looking up, they had to fall back down. Crashing into the unforgiving ground beneath their hooves.

Ponyville! That one word that evoked, dread, hate, and sorrow. It didn’t take long after her old friend the Mare on the Moon stopped showing up on the moon. And stories of Luna returning from the moon. With tales of Nightmare Moon being fought by some unnamed ponies, and Luna appearing out of the blue. Add in the fact that her old friend was nolonger there, and it all pointed to Ponyville.

She tried to go to Canterlot, and see Luna, see if she knew her. Especially with the old story about her families past. To know that there were actually two sisters, and it wasn’t just an oldmares tale. But when she got up to the castle gates, she just couldn’t do it. She couldn’t stand it if her only friend outside her family since her foalhood didn’t remember her. And worse even if she did remember her, she wouldn’t want to be reminded of such a horrible past. So she left with a promise that she’d be back later.

Then she made her way to Ponyville. To see what she could learn, but that turned out to be a disaster. Her show was going perfectly, all until a certain mare with a Mare with a Rainbow Colored mane. She not only didn’t get that it was a show. For the purpose of entertainment. And she, the Rainbow mare, didn’t have to be there. But got her friends to join in and then things spiraled out of her control. Then two colts whose parents seriously never heard of the word adult supervision. Awoke a raging Ursa Minor, lured it over to her home, and then ended up with the whole town turned against her. She lost not only her filly hood friend, but now her cutecenaera gifts, and when surprisingly large amount of rumors that travel through there, her very job.

Not only was her story about fighting an Ursa Major, a surefire way to cow a croud, ruined. But what happened was blamed all on her, causing her to be laughed out of town. Looking to find new work. With that she scraped, saved, and in times stole to survive as she learned everyone responsible for the decent of her fortune. In three years she lived through Discord, the Changeling Invasion, and with each new threat those Luna Damned mares were behind defeating all of them. It was after the incident with Discord that she learned that they were the ones who freed Luna, and more importantly everything about their lives. With every knew thing she was shown just how far in the Shadow of the mare who truly destroyed her life, Twilight Sparkle, she was.

Just like Luna was drowned in the shadow of Celestia’s shadow, Trixie was drowned in Twilight’s. What’s even worse was that Twilight didn’t even acknowledge Trixie. Nor did they even try to replace the things that they were responsible for destroying. They simply forgot about her while her world fell around her hooves. So she trained, strengthening her connection to the moon, and looked for a way to rip free of Twilight’s shadow. And if she could defeat her could prove that the moon was greater than the sun.

Of course that failed horribly, The Alicorn Amulet, she didn’t know what she was thinking. Both in finding that accursed thing, or when she was under its influence. Why, oh why did she have to gain a distrust for circles? Not shells, ovals, or hemispheres. No, that would be bad enough, but circular objects? The amount of ridicule and insults she dealt with was unending. She couldn’t get a job anywhere with the word of her enslaving a village, doing eccentric things, and being responsible for lowering the Equestria Stock Exchange by 20% for a month with her shutting away the various exports that the Apple and Carrot families were responsible for.

Eventually she found her way to a mountain side by Canterlot, near starving, and spent each day both awake and asleep over looking the cliff. Each night she was reminded on how much she lost, and how much she could never wax back into the gloriousness of her glory days. At least she’d finally be free of the lie she had been forced to live for all these years.

Just as she was about to jump she felt a shiver and woke up. The sun starting to rise above the horizon. Giving a sigh she thought that at least she should send a letter to a few ponies to let them know what she planned on doing once the sunset. She didn’t know why it was important, but at least they deserved to know.

Luna shook herself from the haze of walking through the Dreamscape. She always tried to help her people with their dreams, but she saw something that troubled her deeply just a few moments ago. She had been watching a mare that she learned was named Trixie, and had been seeing her stand at the edge of that same dream cliff for almost a week know. She was getting prepaired to finally help her move onward from what was troubling her when she was slammed with memories from that other mare.

Seeing that there was knowledge of her fight with her sister for so long, and that her old friend Nova Lullamoon had suffered from her families genetic predisposition to Lunarmancy every few generations made her tear up in sorrow. To think of the things that were burried and lost over the centuries due to ponies prejudice. But then just as she was going to ask the Mare started to jump before waking up, throwing Luna out of the Dreamscape of Trixie’s. To think that she was going to loose a decendant of an old friend, and that she feared coming to her, not from her being Nightmare Moon, but out of fear of not being remembered.

In truth the moon while she had a strong connection to it, wasn’t the only pony to have one. Lunarmancy was a special gift in Luna’s eyes, and it was all but stamped out while she was imprisoned on the moon. Her first order of business was to confront her sister, then she was going to find Trixie and stop her from doing something she would regret. With the haze that settled over her while in the Dreamscape shaken out of the way. She cantered over to the Royal Dining Hall to talk to her sister about this injustice.

“Sister! Do thou know of the travesty of justice thee have done against Us!” Luna roared with the full force of the Royal Canterlot Voice when she entered the dining hall.

Celestia’s eyes temporarily widened before slipping into her calm, serene mask that she wore when dealing with her subjects. Keeping her thoughts close to her chest, “What are you talking about Lulu?”

“I’m talking about allowing Lunarmancers to be all but completely stomped out, and any Lunarmancers around have to keep that knowledge secret. Do you know that one our precious little ponies is planning on taking their life shortly because of thoroughly they are prosecuted? Along with the general misfortune of her family? My Moon, who chooses who it wishes to bless and when, is as important as the sun. But you don’t see the few who are blessed by the sun’s magic being prosecuted to obscurity. Why did you allow it to happen?”

“Sister you know as much as I do that I can’t be everywhere -” Celestia began before being interupted by Luna in full Royal Canterlot Rant mode. The progress she made in learning modern language slipping as her emotions ran high.

“Don’t give us that sister! We are Alicorn’s just as thou art! There is a difference between not being able to be everywhere, and allowing things to slide out of control through negligence! And Do not even dare giving the ‘it was hard after you were gone’ argument! I want to know why, and honestly this time, why you allowed things to slip this far out of control!?” Luna roared as the windows rattled, a storm cloud was violently forming above her shooting random bolts around the room. The Guards looking at each other wondering what to do since their training never covered two Living Deities getting in an argument with one another.

“Very well, Guards go outside and make sure we are not disturbed,” With that she waited as they hustled out and when they were out continued, “The truth is during the first two centuries I didn’t give a damn what happened to Equestria. Other than stamping out your name throughout the historical records the populace could see, and eradicating a lot of the more dangerous cults and their writings. I didn’t have the time to look after all the Lunar based magic users or followers. Especially with how most of the ponies felt a connection with evil and them.

By the time I was done making sure that noone would know you were Nightmare Moon, and that things were ready for your return. The full weight of my depression caught up to me and within two centuries. All of those who used to follow your magics, or subsequently would be be using them were either seen as taboo by the world, or were taught to hide themselves. If any of them were to come to me I would have tried to fix things, but I had every reason to think that those magics and types of knowledge was gone from the world,” Taking a deep breath Celestia struggled to keep her mask of serenity with old wounds being reopened,

“But that is in the past. I am a pony after all and you of all ponies know that both of us are prone to mistakes. I’m sorry, but let us focus instead of the past, helping this pony that you said was going to end her life. Who is she by the way? It will help tremendously.”

The storm simmered down around Luna, although she was still glaring daggers at her sister, “I can’t forgive you not yet. If it was just about me, and tales about Nightmare Moon. Even if it was about, Children of the Night, the NRRH, or other Nightmare Moon Cults. I would forgive you. But your negligence while looking over my celestial territory. That I can not forgive yet, not with how much you have either intentionally or unintentionally stole from the world, and kept from all ponies of my night and it’s powers. As for the mare, her name is Trixie Lullamoon.”

“Trixie? I heard of her. Wasn’t she the one who almost destroyed Ponyville twice?” Celestia said deciding to focus on the task at hand, rather than the stabbing sorrow building in her chest.

“No. It was a group of colts who were responsible, and the ponies of Ponyville who spread the lie of it being her fault. As for the other time, you know as well as I that you filling the populace with half truths, misinformation, and outright lies in things you find dangerous or unwanted only leads to ruin. It has failed you time and time again, and you still cling to that policy. Would it have been so bad to let others know of Discord, or Sombra, or even Changelings? Not to mention other problems and our current problem?

You should know better than anypony that the Alicorn Amulet doesn’t just corrupt others as much as it controls them. If I remember correctly you forgave her for her transgressions under it’s influence.” Luna replied frostily.

Giving a small nod, “ Well we sure do have a lot to talk about later, maybe some changes to go over. But let us get Trixie before anything happens. If she is a Lunarmancer, than she is a very special magic users and it would be a tragedy to allow such a rarity to slip through our hooves. I’ll look through Canterlot, and you take where you think she’d be. I know your types usually feel a connection with one another.”

Trixie had wound throughout Canterlot, with jeers and insults thrown her way. With the occasional wheel thrown at her, or other round object. Just another one of many reasons she hated coming into cities. The bruises and injuries she ran into as ponies made it known that she was equus non grata in Equestria. It was short of a banishment, and in Trixie’s eyes was something that would no longer matter in a little while. She had resorted to something despicable for her bits, but the act of cut pursing with magic was a slight crime needed to pay for dragon mail. Them and Griffons weren’t bound by pony civilizations thoughts and world views. If you could pay them they would deliver your mail.

With her letters written, she had the Dragon’s have it on hold until when the sun fell. By then she had determined that it was all going to end. She was walking out of the post office, and being pelted by various objects when somepony fell from the sky and wrapped a protective white wing around her, “What do you ponies think you are doing!? Assaulting a pony is against the law. And Guards, why aren’t you doing your duty?”

Trixie looked up and saw the pony she had only seen at a distance. Princess Celestia stood over her, the disappointment in the ponies around her thick on her features. And Trixie thought she could see a sense of pain behind those eyes, but that was impossible. The Princess in Trixie’s eyes was beyond such mortal failings. But she couldn’t let Princess Celestia, or and she shuddered at the thought, Princess Luna, do her any kindness. She didn’t deserve it, “Don’t worry about it Princess. I’m used to it by now. After all you don’t get possessed by an evil artifact, enslave an entire village that turns out to produce 80% of the worlds apples and carrots, cripple the ESE, and send all of Equestria into a financial slump without a little bit of problems afterward. After all things will be better by tomorrow.”

Princess Celestia looked at her with a slight frown, “How will it be better tomorrow my little pony? And nopony should be assaulted by another. It’s the law.”

“Let’s just call it a hunch. And if it was the law, than I should have been imprisoned a hundred times over.” Trixie said, she couldn’t bring herself to look at Princess Celestia. Especially not when her sister was going to be getting a letter tonight that she probably was never going to see coming. Although she could feel that emotional ache deep in her chest deepen as the crowd cheered their agreement.

“That is enough!” Celestia let loose the Royal Canterlot Voice, for the first time in over two hundred and fifty years, “I am disappointed in all of you! This mare is obviously injured, and starving. Has been from the looks of things received this treatment for months. And you not only break the law in front of the Guards! Who by the way I want all of you in this city to report once you are relieved of duty to your supervisors then to myself! But you all have the audacity to have a mob violence in my city! You are all under arrest for assault and battery, disturbing the peace, and whatever else I can think to throw at you! And if any of you try to skip out on your punishment I will personally send you to the sun!”

The buildings had cracked, the windows shattered, and the ponies who saw Princess Celestia as incapable of anger had flooded the streets in a wide variety of bodily fluids as they all paled significantly at the sight of a highly peeved Princess. Even Trixie who was being saved by the Princess was shaken. Princess Celestia turned to Trixie her visage visibly softening, “Don’t worry, you are coming with me. I know a certain pony who was worried about you and wants to see you today.”

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Walking to the Castle was torture for Trixie. She kept thinking that she didn’t deserve any of this. Although she forgot about why she was in the post office what with having witnesses an irate Princess just after a mob descended upon her. The only thing that stuck within her head was that she didn’t know if she was able to take her life if she wasn’t able to get to the cliff side tonight. There was a gentle serenity there, and the only place she had, had peace over the last few months, but for some reason being near the Princess walking side by side with her made her want to bear her soul and tell her all the worst things she had done, “Princess I don’t remember why I was at the post office ... but I remember that I did something bad before I got there.”

The Princess gave her an inquisitive glance humming an affirmative tone letting Trixie know she was listening. “ Well ... This isn’t an excuse, what I did was wrong but I needed to send something to someponies. Seeing what I just saw kind of made my brain go blank at the moment. But since nopony will give me a job, and even when I tried panhandling I couldn’t get any bits. So ... I might have ... cut some purses to pay for Dragon Mail to send whatever I was sending.

So you see, I’m as horrible as everypony is saying I am. You and Princess Luna shouldn’t bother yourselves with me. At the very least stealing is worth of punishment.”

This was a testament to how much she had fallen. Where before she would have been prideful and would have shifted blame. Being without a home, monetary assets, or any form of acknowledgment of her exitance other than scorn. It had taken its toll on her and she was just tired. And it showed in everything she did.

“Well my little pony, it sounds as if you regret what you did, and if you had another way to survive you would have by the looks of you. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll assign you into three hundred hours of community service at the castle where my sister and I can see over your safety.” Celestia said with a soft smile. To which a disappointed Trixie just nodded as they walked past the scrutiny of the Canterlot Citizenry in silence.

Lulu can you hear me? I have some important news. Celestia said to Luna telepathically the irritation, anger, sorrow, and disappointment .

I can hear that it wasn't good. What is the matter?Luna replied. Celestia felt her very being freeze over at the coldness coming from her sister. It was a sacrifice of using telepathy, ones emotions were laid bare to who you were talking to. And Celestia could feel just how much this had hurt Luna, not Trixie persay, but what Trixie represented. The loss of Luna’s domain, the knowledge she imparted on the planet, and even the prejudice of those who were Lunarmancers. She couldn’t even begin to imagine the betrayl that Luna must be feeling.

Trixie we have found her and the guards were standing around when our subjects were assailing this poor mare? Or that actions of the thing we talked about earlier had made it impossible for her to get any form of income? Even as a beggar? I am highly disappointed at my little ponies. That they’d do this to a Mare who had no control over her actions. That I even went to the press and pardoned her, letting it known that, that particular amulet possessed and influenced its wielder. Apparently that wasn’t enough. I ... sister, I was wrong. I can't believe that I let this happen to our subjects, and I am so sorry that my negligence of your domain has helped lead to such a thing. Celestia gave both a physical and telepathic sigh.

Luna warmed a little after hearing the weight and truth of those ‘words’, I know. Well sister I figured this out last night when she went over her life. I’ve seen her memories that leaked into her dreams. I am disappointed as well. We seriously need to go over the laws and structure of this world and restructure things. I say it’s about time to shake things up. We’ll talk later about this, where is she though?

She’s with me. We’ll meet you in the Royal Dining Hall. You missed your diner and I don’t know the last time she’s had a decent meal.

As Luna broke contact Celestia felt an affirmative, je ne sais quio flutter through her mind letting her know that Luna agreed to what Celestia said. Looking over at Trixie she noticed that she was limping softly, and there were tiny abrasions that were leaking small rivulets of blood slowly trickling down her coat. Gently wrapping Trixie in an aura of magic Celestia lifted her. With a soft pulse of magic Trixie felt a cozy warmth that melted away her stress and caused her to drift to sleep as her body started to heal itself.

Luna had just arrived at the Dining Hall her mind ablaze if recent memories. Yes the things she told her sister while technically true, yet she could in a small degree sympathize with her. If there rules were reversed, and she had to send her sister to the sun. She would probably ignore the sun and it’s magic users just to avoid the painful memories and lack of familiarity of wielding the sun as well as the moon. But she would like to think that she was wise enough and filled with justice that she’d allow things to go as far as they did with her sister.

And the state of Equestria had truly sickened her in certain areas. How the nobility treated her and kept trying to pit sister against sister. Although she told Celestia, and her dear sister tried to help but like before nothing really seemed to help. Now that Twilight had ascended in Tartarus knows how, into an Alicorn status. Luna was getting even less attention than before most weeks out of the year. Even though she loved Twilight as a sister now in days, and was one of her few friends. She was known as ‘Princess Celestia’s Protoge’ ’. So her tie with the Ruler of the Sun was known enough to have the nobility swarm her. While she was treated with mistrust, malignancy, and the utter disregard for any life not their own. They were a corrupt, cesspool of tribalist and power grabbers.

And now the citizenry and those who upheld the very laws her sister sacrificed her heart to when she was younger, had failed her. Allowed a Mare whose crimes where unfairly judged without due process, and had been banished within the very land she lived in. It infuriated Luna not just because she could relate to this Mare, but that she was out right attacked with the support of the Guard. There was going to be hell to pay, but first there was the meeting of Nova’s descendant. both she, her sister, Cadance, and Twiligth had the first ever Princess Summit a week after Twilight’s ascension to get her used to duties. Seeing what needed fixed in Equestria, her having lived as a mortal in modern times, and to bounce ideas off one another. In that conference they had a marvelous idea, but hesitated on it seeing it as a plan c. If plans a - b flopped and by the actions of the citizens. It was at least better than plan bucking tartarus you’re fraked. Which was somewhere between z and throw the sun and / or moon at it.

Twilight and her list. It was truly a sight to behold. With Twilight’s help the education system had taken a huge overhaul, magic research had taken a good turn, and magitech was something that was going to be a viable commercial commodity rather than a limited item for the well to do, or those who could afford the more advanced labs. Luna shook her head getting her mind back on track, rather than the slight sense of pride at how fast a mortal took to godhood.

Even though physical injuries if big enough could kill them, poisons, and even black magic could end their lives. They were by no means invulnerable, but they ruled their providence, their divine domain, with an iron hoof. And was the conduit of it’s power throughout the planet. As well as a great amount of durability. But godhood had it’s drawbacks, and the current situation was that drawback. Living to see eons come and go, it was hard to stay connected with the short lives of mortals sometimes. It took time to get reconnected and was always a struggle to remain in the affairs of those whose lives passed all too soon.

The door creaking open as Princess Celestia and an unconscious Trixie entered the Dining Hall, “Why is she sleeping ‘Tia? I thought she was going to eat with us?” Luna asked her sister her eyes locked on the sleeping mare before them.

“Well the thing is, the attacks that were done to her had caused her body to limp, bones where fractured, and there were alot of cuts on her. I decided that she needed an Alicorn level healing spell to fix her up, and she might get a rejuvenating sleep while we talk before we get her talking about her last few months. Oh! I should tell you that she admitted to stealing money for Dragon mail, apparently the only one she could deal with that would deal with her probably. Ponies won’t give her the time of day. So to protect her she is working here for Community Service. It’s more of an excuse to keep her safe with us while we figure out what we’re going to do with our little ponies.” She exclaimed. A small smile struggling to dominate the frown plastered on her muzzle.

“So plan C? I’m thinking that we should go with plan C.” Luna said while clapping her forehooves together in an adorkable fashion. The excitement of finally doing plan C was oozing out of her very voice. As well as the mischievous spark that glowed behind her eyes.

“Honestly, I want to buck every single one of them to Tartarus right now. To think that her death would have been indirectly by the hooves of the ponies of Equestria makes me wish to show them how bad things could really be. I love all of them, but sometimes a more firm hoof is needed. But we’ll try plan C. When should we announce it to everypony?” She said that small smile at the start of the conversation long since died from what she was feeling.

“Not yet. Maybe in a week or so after we’ve gone through this for awhile and see what is really going on. I’m more interested in Trixie though. Say sister?” Luna said a distant look on her face.


“Well Twilight was your student, and she turned out alright. I want to take Trixie as my own. Maybe after she’s settled and things are ready. We can make it part of the Community Service? Maybe?”

“And how Lulu is that Community Service?”

“Easy. We are part of the community, and she is serving me by learning what I have to teach. And I promise not to send them into the center of a Black Hole for punishments ... although I do not know why you have banned that, or Pony Transmogrification. They only needed to be done once to get a point across.”

“I banned them for being cruel and unusual, although the citizens were usually more well behaved when those punishments were one the table. Although brining those back was part of plan K. So we might just have to do that,” Sighing she shook her head, her mind awash with nostalgia, “I’m glad that my guesses were right about Starswirl’s spell and the Elements. Although they’ve yet to be effected as well. But Twilight really is good with those Checklists of hers. Well I guess I should wake her up.”

Trixie awoke to the smell of food. Not just any food, but the most divine smelling feast her nose had ever settled upon. Just as her stomach growled and her eyes lit up she saw the Princesses before her and every feature of her body visibly shut down. She kneeled before them waiting for her true judgment to pass now that nopony was their to witness it. The loathing and doubt that she had built around herself and the hatred that had been her life for three years had tarnished her ability to think that anyone would care for or about her. Especially not the Princesses who were the penultimate power of the world. The source of all light in the day and night for all the world.

Despite this the Princesses asked her to rise and throughout all of lunch didn’t accuse her of anything nor bash her for her past mistakes. It was just small talk, ranging from her thoughts on the food exquisite beyond imagination, to her thoughts on the weather no opinion., all the way up to her thoughts on the royal wedding was barred by everypony in charge of admittance because they didn’t want the place over run with Ursa “Majors”, and with my history with the Elements of Harmony I was to much of a threat to the peace. It's what in the end drove her to get the Alicorn Amulet. Imagine it, being banned from a public wedding for the masses, the biggest, most important wedding of her lifetime, all because of the bad parenting of two ponies..

Princess Celestia on the other hand was having a heated discussion with Princess Luna. Luna was giving Celestia a play by play memory from what was leaked during Trixies dreams accidentally as she was supplying supplimental information when relevant. But for the most part their talk fell on two particular things. How to keep her safe from herself without tipping their hooves, and how to get started on the biggest game plan of their lives, while setting up rules to prevent either of them to get too embarrased. It was those memories that to Celestia added a whole layer of information to what she was told by the Element Bearers, and she was going to have a long talk with them about it. Especially seeing as how they didn’t bother helping Trixie after she lost everything, and she knew she saw Twilight with that Cape and Hat last Nightmare Night.

With the tale tale sigh that Celestia was reaching the end of her considerable pool of patience, not at Trixie but at Equestria in general. Luna opted to speak up, “Well Trixie We have good news.”

“As part of your Community Service, you shall be my personal student until I say otherwise. How does that sound to you?” Luna asked.

“W-W-Why ... Why? I have failed to show that I can be great, or amazing. Why would you want me as your student?” Trixie asked Godsmacked.

“Because it’s not what a pony does when they succeed that defines them, but when they do when they don’t. That plus I can understand how you are feeling, having and in some areas still there myself. Think of it as a growing lesson for both of us. Also I think you would have the potential to be my protege’ more than you’d realize. So what do you say?” Luna said leaning forward with a small grin playing upon her muzzle.

Trixie let everything that Luna say sink in for all of five seconds before bouncing off the walls in ecstatically screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes! ...” Repeatedly to the laughs of the Princesses before getting caught in an indigo aura of magic. This has to be a dream, no way would anything this good happen to me. The curse of our family states that for every good that happens to us, it’s like the moon, it waxes and wanes. But for use we never get another full moon in our entire lives. And I used all mine up just trying to findout what happened to the Mare on the Moon.

She saw the drifting closer to the horizon showing that she had only an hour before her messages were sent, “Um Princesses,” She said meekly, “I just remembered why I was in the post offices. I need to go and stop their delivery.”

“Don’t worry I already had it taken care of, and the letters will be returned to you once we get you set up in the castle.” Princess Celestia replied.

Even if looks had a monetary price on them, the look on her face would still be considered priceless. As her eyes widened, and a look of hope that had been missing in her life these last few months showed a trace of itself. Then she fainted.

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

Trixie was standing on the cliff side, and just sat there. She was finally on the cusp of something that would take her out of the shadows she had been forced to live in, and have a slice of light all of her own. Something that could have if it had happened earlier given her family name the greatness it once had. But it was it too late? All of Equestria hated her, her name to all of Equestria was either a joke, insult, or curse. Her last name was infamous, and her family had refused to talk to her fearing the stigma that her presence evoked.

But at least she wasn’t completely alone anymore. She was going to be the Princess of the Night’s Protege’, was saved as well as protected by the Princess Celestia herself, and she was finally safe after so long. Do I still want to end everything? Things are starting to look up, but it can’t be this easy. Nothing in my life goes this right. But, for some reason I want to hope that they can. Even when it crashes around me, at least I’ll have something nice to have before it comes crashing around my hooves.

She looked to her left and saw Princess Luna sitting beside her, “Quite a lovely night your mind crafts.” Luna said casually.

“Thank you ... I have always loved the night. It I guess in a way speaks to me, although I bet if the Mare on the Moon were here she’d be furious with me.” She said looking at the stars. Her dreamscape having none of the mountains of rules that she had to follow when around others. Thus none of the bowing, and kneescraping she would have done in her waking state.

“Why?” Luna asked giving her an awkward stare.

“She was my friend and confidant growing up, but when the moon helped give me my Cutie Mark, I had to lie about it, and who I was since I was a filly. Always having to lie about my special talent, and what made me, me. I am a Lunarmancer just like my manytimes great grandmarm was. But I lied about it, and the Mare on the Moon left me. And when I tried looking for her. I ended up with nothing but disappointments and things that have lead to my life being torn to shreds.” Trixie rambled, all the pain she had held in for so long ripped through her dreams as a sorrow stricken storm that shivered throughout their surroundings. releasing the tears she could not shed.

“She isn’t mad at you. I just found out what had happened to your ancestors and others who revered my night as well as basked in its power. I’m so sorry that all of you had to suffer like all of you have. And you most of all. Lunarmancy is a very special and rare gift. Together we will work on bringing it back from extinction and I’ll help lift you up to get some of the light that you so deserve. What say you?”

Resting her head on Luna’s shoulder Trixie whispered, “Thank you.” Before Luna was sent away from the Dreamscape. When Luna left Trixie let loose a giant cake eating grin looking at the moon who changed to have a reflection of Luna instead of the Mare on the Moon like it used to. As a blush spread across her face.

Luna looked at the body of Trixie who was now resting on a large cushioned futon that they sometimes used when they would slip into a food coma. Luna looked at her sister and at the sight of Trixie’s grin asked, “Sister, tell us, what are the rules on courtship in this day and age? I know that you and Twilight kept yours a secret until her coronation. But that was shortly after the wedding of Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor when you first started going out.”

Looking at Trixie Celestia gave a tilt of her head, “Well if you are going to go that route. It’s best if you had a clear line on when you are teacher and student, and where you aren’t. Also make sure that she knows that nothing that happens between you two will effect how you teach her. That is a very hard task, and something that me and Twilight had to work through. Are you sure you want to court this Mare though? I’m not saying anything bad about her. I just want to make sure this is what you want.”

“I’m sure. Even if I don’t remember myself, the talks she had to me while I was locked in the moon. I know that she cared about me and my providence since she was a filly, and more than that. I feel that it would be good for both of us to have somepony like ourselves in our lives. Since I know what she is going through, and she doesn’t need to pretend to understand me to get closer to thineself.” Luna said with a nod.

“Well then I wish you the best of luck Lulu. If you need anyhelp let me know, and hopefully we can work things out between her and the populace.”

Luna sat in her study thinking of how to best broach the subject. After all dreams were a place of freedom, where one could express themselves honestly and freely. And regaining access to Trixie’s dreamscape showed a large amount of interesting things from the moment she fainted until she once again shifted on the bed in her room.

If she had to say why she was going to try to start a relation with Trixie, and she was to be honest. It was a mix on learning that the moon had both called them, touched their lives in an indescribable way that shaped them to who they were today. That before she was broken as far as she was she was like a younger Luna, and now as she was. Was like Luna before she was banished to the moon, with the difference in that Trixie’s attempt on her own life would have been more successful than Luna’s all those centuries ago. Than there was that deep down, when you got past her exterior, was a charitable pony who gave almost everything she owned to a family that was forced to all but disown her to survive themselves.

She was a truly commendable mare. And while she was tempted to read the letter that she would have received by Trixie. It was one of those things that she knew was something that either she would have been told about, or she would never find out. But she wasn’t going to broach the subject not yet. Otherwise Trixie would think that she only offered to get under her tail, and that was the last thing that Luna wished to accomplish.

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

Over the next few weeks, things settled into a comfortable schedule. They would wake up around sunset, ate breakfast as Celestia ate dinner, while every few days switching her schedule to get her used to being up during the day or night as needed. Without messing with her circadian rhythm to much. While standing with the Princesses as a royal secretary taking notes on the various ponies that came by during the day.

Which usually revolved around the same four or mix of the four subjects. Either trying to pull a fast one of the princess to eek out more bits out of those under them, petty disputes that quickly descended into even petty bickering, telling the Princess that she should fire and banish Trixie, and when talking about Luna how she would be better served elsewhere for the publics own good [in legalese, and dressed up all fancy with rhetoric], or when talking to her making subtle hints that Equestria only needed two Princesses and Luna wasn’t one of them.

It was the later ones that angered Trixie the most, she didn’t care about others unnecessary bickering and their powerplays were as obvious as the the mane on her head. As well as it was evident that the Princess knew that they were doing, the only ones who thought they were being clever or were being taken seriously where those who were doing the complaining. Verbal assaults toward her, as well as the various insults, and demands that she be fired, banished, or even at a few points sent to the moon like Celestia’s Sister were things that she was used to. So it was no fur off her back, she had a place to stay, warm food, ponies who trusted her, and more importantly wasn’t made to feel like she had to hide who she was to everypony around her. But it was the later that always riled her up.

But it was her time training with Luna that really made her day complete. Everyday she learned more about the moon and how do more than tap into the moon to empower her, but to shape it’s energies. Although she liked training while the moon was rising and building it’s power over the earth. Rather than setting and getting ready to welcome the suns energy. Although she learned that by learning to deal with both parts of the night was training her to get used to manipulating the moons power regardless of where it lay during the night.

Her most treasured memory so far during these times was after a rather excruciating evening of training. As Trixie and Luna sat side by side in the center of the Royal Gardens. Having learned not even a day prior had started to learn how to magically augment her body by pumping magic into the hollow parts of the muscle, while reinforcing ligaments. Resulting in the body temporarily beefing up while magically boosting hoof to hoof attacks.

The reasoning behind it being that Luna was known for her knowledge of many types of magic, but had in her earlier years when Equestria was a much wilder place, put heavy training into martial magics, and more arcane medical magics. Each of which would act as a great primer for her later lessons. Reasoning that if you are going to be able to harm another you must be able to heal what you cause. As well as to prepare her for if the relatively flimsy peace of Equestria should ever fall that she could take care of herself and those around her.

With Luna’s training to see where she stood mentally, physically, and magically. She determined that her magical centers unlike Twilight’s weren’t fully open, thus cutting her off from a large reserve of what she could do. But at her age forcing it open herself wasn’t safe, rather Luna planned and told her that she was going to prepare her for it. Her magic that she was able to use was as artistic, flexible, and amorphous in its use just like Luna wanted from a personal Protege’. But while her magic was good, and with training would be better.

Trixies body, while malnourished still showed tight, raw muscle from living a life on the outdoors with little in the realm of pampering or a sedentary lifestyle. Although there were multiple knots on the bone from it healing oddly from the numerous times she took injuries from thrown wheels, wooden balls, stones, or other solid projectiles that were aimed her way. Luckily for Trixie, the medical staff of a Princess, and Luna’s stubborn insistence would make sure that the damage wouldn’t turn into something past cosmetic when she got older.

But even with all those strenghts. Trixie failed on the mental aspect of her tests. Before she was broken by circumstance. She was egotistical, stubborn, and detached from the world around her. Speaking about herself in the third person to ignore the lies she had to live in order to hide the truth about herself. As well as to get her name out so that she wouldn’t be forgotten unlike the rest of her family, whom she still had great loyalty towards. Even if they weren’t able to acknowledge her exitance yet if they wanted to keep what little business they had.

And with her name know being infamous, she no longer wanted to be remembered, but she still held onto her familial loyalty. But her biggest failing was that she didn’t know how to work with others. Feeling the need that if she couldn’t do it alone that she was a failure. It took was taking a lot of work but slowly but surly Luna was showing her how important it was to rely on others from time to time.

None of this mattered at that moment to Trixie. She had used her magic to augment her body, and had given a rather fun race with Luna through the maze, racing to the center. All 1 mile of running that it took to get through all the twists and bends to the center. Luna had rested a wing unconsciously over her back and looking at Luna gazing at the moon, was at a loss on what to do. But upon resting into Luna, Trixie was happy with how great if felt. The softness of Luna’s coat was softer than Saddle Arabian Cotton, and her wings were the most luxurious downy softness that Trixie had ever felt.

What really made it great was that there was no demand to the embrace, no implied threat if the contact wasn’t returned. Just an offered kindness, that Trixie was welcome to accept or ignore. And that kindness was just what she needed. Resting her head upon Luna she looked at the moon and decided that she was going to show her Princess something to hopefully know how much she appreciated her teachings, as well as her presence.

She softly reached up to the moon, touching it softly and allowing the gentle pulse of it’s aura to flow around her horn. Focusing her magic into numerous bends and folds she formed a silver rose made out of moonlight and bringing into Luna’s vision transformed the rose into a beautiful Catherine’s Wheel of silver, indigo, blue, and turquoise. But rather than fast, flashy display, let it happen at a slower level. Bending the explosive bursts into a seashell like circular pattern forming and ever expanding sacred circle out of moonlight, magic, and explosions.

Luna released her wing hold and with a face splitting grin clapped at her students initiative and creativity. As the fireworks died down but not before forming a copy of Luna’s Cutie Mark over head. That moment, the praise she received and the happiness of Luna’s face was the one of the most treasured moments of Trixie’s life. A part of her wanted things to go further than student teacher, but she was a lowly Unicorn who was more trouble than she was worth, at least in her eyes, and she doubted such a kind and loving Alicorn would want anything to do with her in romantic setting.

So it was two months after her arrival when Luna told her that she had important guests that wanted to talk to her after the Night Court. The second to last visitor was a one of the rare nobles who came to the night court. Black Marble came trotting up the the throne his ebony mane in stark contrast to his white coat. His beady sky blue eyes stuck in the perpetual scowl that was plastered on his face. “Hello Princess,” he said with a small bow, “Have you thought about the proposition that us Nobles sent to you not to long ago?”

Luna put on a confused look, “Do you mean the proposition that I move to the Everfree and get “closer to ponies more like myself”, or the one where I send Trixie, my student, to the moon where she wouldn’t be a bother to the goodly ponies of Equestria, or what are we talking about the proposition where I abdicate from the throne and allow Twilight to take her rigthful place as diarach, rather than the Triumvirate we currently have? I am curious to what proposition you and the nobility have given me over these last two months.”

Black Marble said with utter sincerity, “All of the above actually. You see this city has tons of culture, and many traditions that have been for a hundred centuries. And as much as it saddens us you need to be somewhere, where you can connect with the ponies of Equestria and build your own traditons that don’t ... conflict with those here in Canterlot. As for Trixie, you can see it from our stand point. She’s a walking disaster. First she brings an Ursa Minor to do major damage to Ponyville. Then she goes enslaves a town, preventing the apples from leaving Ponyville causing an over all loss of three point seven five billion bits.

Her actions shut down numerous businesses, crashed numerous stock markets, and had caused a national food shortage that we are still suffering from. And Are you seriously saying that the pony behind the greatest financial disaster in Equestrian History. Yet here you are not only is her punishment nowhere near enough to make restitution to the damage she’s done by being alive. But you have taken a commoner, with a questionable background, and one who was never even worthy of acceptance into Celestia’s School For Gifted Unicorns. And took her as a student. It speaks volumes to the ponies of Equestria, but would speak even more volumes in the right direction if you were to punish her as she deserves.”

“That’s what I thought you said, and my reply is no. Now it’s best that you leave.” Luna said with a calmness that any pony with any shard of common sense and self preservation would have seen as the calm before the storm. Unfortunately for Black Marble, nobles weren’t known for either common sense or having the self preservation without twenty guards and a check book between them and a threat. Neither of which he had on him at that moment.

So it should come to no ponies surprise what happened next, “But Luna I’m only telling you this for your own good. The Nobles have the power in Equestria, without our bits, that she cost us by the way. You have no standing other than as a symbol, a rather bad one at that. So me coming here is a kindness, if you don’t work with us than it will only go bad for you.”

But before Luna could react, Trixie had him wrapped up in a curtain and was slamming him into the walls with reckless abandon, “Don’t! You! Ever! Speak! To! Her! Like! That! Again!” Each word punctuated by a hearty, meaty thwack.

“Yes! I am a horrible pony that doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but her and Princess Celestia have not only forgiven me publicly and personally. But even without that, if I ever hear you or those self centered snobs insult Princess Luna again, or my family” She unwrapped him gluing his rear legs to the ceiling with a gravity spell, “I will hurt you more than words can describe. Now I think she asked you to get out, and I think the gentlecoltish thing to do is to move your hide out of the way.”

With that she removed him from the ceiling and threw him out with a huff. Luna looked at her for a few seconds, before breaking out in a hearty, window shaking gafaw. Tears coming out in waterfalls, “Oh Sweet Faust! That was the most hilarious thing I have seen since me and Celestia got drunk off of Space Rum. I suspect that there will be some fall out, that me and Celestia will have to smooth out but it was so worth it. Thank you.” Luna said between breaths, before lifting Trixie up in a hug similar to the one she gave Fluttershy years ago, but with the a feathery embrace of her wings as well.

After settling her down and wiping her tears out of her eyes. She looked at a furiously blushing Trixie. Which prompted an embarrassed wing-boner from Luna that she quickly moved to hide. Trixie only had a hoof full of seconds to ponder what Luna’s abrupt opening and closing of her wings meant when she heard a voice that shut her brain down from the flood of emotions that were flowing through her. Followed by the body that filled her with an indescribable torrent of emotions, as well as the friends that were the cause of all that had gone wrong in her life.

“No! No! No Princess, I ... I can’t talk to them! Everything will just become ruined again if they are near me! I ... I ... I just, I have to go!” Trixie basically cried, and stuttered as she looked for an exit that she knew logically was non-existent.

“Wait!” Twilight shouted, “I, I mean we, have something that we need to say. Please give us a moment to talk?”

“Why should I?!” Trixie all but screamed.

“Because we came here to apologize.” Rainbow Dash said from the back of the group, rather than being airborne as was her usual she was on the ground looking like she got caught kicking a puppy ... that was in a full body cast ... on Fluttershy’s property.

Hearing that they came to apologize, especially from a Mare that she had gathered info as one who rarely, if ever admitted if she was in the wrong. Was enough to wind Trixie causing her to fall on her haunches. Luna seeing that she was now open to talking whispered softly in her ear, “Trust me, let them talk. My sister and I gave them a good talking to not to long ago. Someday you might even hear the story behind it, but give them a chance to seek forgiveness. Weather you give it or not is up to you.”

Giving a curt nod, she let them initiate the conversation. Even as tears threatened to escape her eyes as seeing them was an open reminder of all that had happened since she made the mistake of going to Ponyville.

“Well Ah suppose that’d be best for the Element of Honesty ta get this here conversation a rollin’. We never had the opportunity ta get properly acquainted. Ah’m Apple Jack of the Apple family that runs Sweet Apple Acre’s. Now Ah’ll admit that what ya did ta our farm on yer last visit got everypony mighty riled. But seein’ as how that was a bunch of magical, possession, hocus pocus. Ah guess that can be over looked,” At Twilight saying her name rather sternly. Apple Jack pawed the floor and looked sheepishly at everything but Trixie for a moment before resuming her talk,

“But Ah can think that ya not being yerself makes it not really yer fault. And me and mah family would never condone mob justice against a pony who was forgiven by the Princesses. If Princess Celestia in all her knowledge, no offense Princess Luna, can forgive ya. Than that’s good enough for us. But for all these other ponies to be hatin’ on ya, and we over heard what was said by that uppity, mamby-pamby, elitist. That just don’t sit right by me, and what Ah guess Ah’m tryin’ ta say is the Apples don’t hold nothin’ against ya, and Ah’m sorry that Ah didn’t do anything ta make sure that ya weren’t targeted by other ponies. Yes Ah can understand where they’re comin’ from but that don’t give no pony the right ta treat ya how ya’ve been treated.

As for the whole Ursa Minor thing Ah guess, well ... that ain’t true. After our little talk Ah know that Ah went ta far with things and should’ve handled things a lot more differently than Ah did, and Ah’m sorry that Ah let myself get caught up in the firestorm that was yer visit and fanned the flames.” Apple Jack brought her hat to her chest and gave a little bow before stepping back.

“Hi ... well I guess that all this mess was because I over reacted, you know what you girls know much I hate at this kind of stuff,” Rainbow Dash said looking over at the other Element Bearers. To whom she was met by a wall of hoof waves pointing her into the direction Trixie. Giving a sigh she continued, “well anyways. I was shown that what you did was basically what any entertainer whose worth their salt does and played the crowd. I ... arg I hate this talking stuff. I’m a mare of action, not this emotional gunk.I messed up alright?! Is that what I was supposed to say?! I’m the one who couldn’t accept that a show is just a show. Which got you doing what any entertainer does to a heckler, which I was! Then it snowballed from there! Now you are a pariah, beaten out of towns, and due to what I started Equestria is in the worst financial crisis it’s ever seen. I get that! Happy?!” Rainbow Dash said her wings flaring aggressively. The last part directed at her friends before she rocketed out through the doors. Apple Jack taking off after her.

Trixie looked at the ground, and taking a deep breath said, “Listen I don’t know if I can accept any of your apologies. From what I can gather from Apple Jack, if it wasn’t for the fact that Princess Celestia forgave me, she would have probably rounded up a posy herself to come after me. Rainbow Dash ... Luna forgive me, but I actually understand where she’s coming from.”

“Why would I need to forgive you?” Luna asked. If it was anyother time she would have laughed at her protege’s slip of the tongue, but not today.

“Sorry slip of the tongue. What I meant is that it almost feels like a horrible thing, but I can understand her. Both of us being Mares who are more into speaking with our actions rather than our words. Although I’m getting more into being more wordy than doing something that’ll blow up in my face. But at least she tried to apologize but I don’t know if she was sincere or not. But,” sighing again Trixie looked at the rest gathered, “I can’t accept an apology if it was guilted out of you. But Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy there are something that I need to get off my chest as it were.”

After they gave a nod that they were listening. Trixie leaned on Luna slightly for moral strength before beginning, “Rarity, when your friends were talking you into challenging me I was angry at them and unfairly took it out on you. Me assaulting your mane, which really looks nice by the way, I’m actually rather jealous of it, was uncalled for. It was literally the only thing I could think of attacking that would get you on stage, and worse of all it wasn’t even about you.”

“It wasn’t?” Rarity asked. Her features attentive, but not letting anypony knowing which way she was leaning towards.

“No. It was about Rainbow Dash. Apple Jack and her were the most vocal hecklers in what was mostly a show to entertain others and inspire. But you were there and I wanted to humiliate them further so I went after you. And I’m sorry. As for the whole Alicorn Amulet thing. It was a part of me responsible for it. And not just my body, but it ... it fed off of my anger and pain, and whispered things to me. But I chose to act on the things it told me, and showed me. What I did to all of you during that time was unforgivable so I won’t even try to ask for it. But I’m still sorry for what I did to you.

“Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. While we didn’t meet until after the Amulet had started to effect me under it’s influence. I did some very horrible things to both of you. Well mostly you Pinkie Pie. It was mostly your comment about me working on the Rock Farm, and a reminder of the ponies who were responsible for me loosing four of the most important things in my life up. But torturing you is something that until ... a certain dream took over. I had nightmares about for months after the fact. I still don’t know how you survived without a mouth or a nose. But I’m haunted by dreams of what would have happened if you didn’t survive.

Fluttershy, while I didn’t hurt you directly. I know how much your animals mean to you, and how much a week of being separated was probably more than a little detrimental to them. I honestly don’t know why you, Pinkie Pie and Rarity are here. Even my anger at Twilight is something about which she has no control over. But you three. I hope someday you can forgive me for what I put you through. But I know that right now is not when you are going to be able to forgive me.”

Looking down at the ground, the weight that was lifted off her chest made her woozy and she slumped to the ground before being hugged by the three mares she had just finished talking to. “Listen Darling, I’ll admit that the fashion you did was well. Atrocious, but it was only a month later and Green Manes were all the rage, I must say you actually made me fashionable before it was popular. As for that other incident. Well we all make mistakes, what matters is that you are sincere about making amends. So with that. I forgive you, it’s all water under the bridge.”

Pinkie was in a state between being visibly deflated as only Pinkie can be, and her normal Pinkie self, “Well I guess I was a little out of line too. After all nopony likes to be insulted, and I did kind of forget that the whole Ursa thing wasn’t your fault, and hearing about the other side of the story. I can see how you weren’t a Meany McMeanypants, but just sad at being picked on. You just needed a pony to help you smile, and next time you get to Ponyville I need to throw you a party because I throw everypony who goes to Ponyville the first time a welcoming party. But You got to Ponyville twice and mrrphh mmmph mrphadrph...” Pinkie said just as Twilight put a hoof in her mouth to get her to stop talking, before Twilight told her that she thought that Trixie got the point.

“As for me ... well my animal friends were alright, and you were really scary. But it wasn’t really you, and well if ... it’s ok with you. I could try being friends with you ... if you don’t mind that is. And if you do mind well that’s ok to.” Fluttershy said hiding behind her mane her voice going quieter as she progressed until it eneded in a soft whisper. If Trixie wasn’t almost face to face with her she wouldn’t be able to have heard everything. As it was Trixie was godsmacked.

“Why would you want to be my friend? After all I did to all of you?” She asked her face just as perplexed as the tone of the question.

“Because everyone needs a sign of kindness every now and then.” Was all that Fluttershy said.

Looking at Twilight who had just removed her hoof from Pinkie Pie, “Listen we can talk tomorrow. I’m ... this was more draining than I ever thought this day would be like.”

She got an affirmative response before Luna gave her a nod, “I’m proud of you. You were honest, listened to them without interrupting, and were open to communication. You can go to sleep, and we can get everything dealt with tomorrow.”

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5:

Trixie barely made it to her room beside Luna’s before she crashed, falling asleep before her head even touched the pillow. Between the emotional charge of sticking up for Luna and her family. Followed shortly with the emotional turmoil the Element Bearers caused her she was more drained than she was when she first started her training under Luna. She wished that she could tell whether their appologize were because they were truly sorry for what happened, or because they felt that they needed to assuage their own consciousness. But more importantly than that, Princess Luna said that she was proud of her.

When the dark confines of sleep gave way to the dreamscape, Trixie stood at a place that she hadn’t stood in over a month. The cliffside near Canterlot where she was planning on jumping to her death all those years ago. But rather than the contemplative need to off herself. She just felt the need to sit and contemplate. As she sat their she wished that she could see into the dreams of Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Twilight. The later she didn’t as much hate for anything she directly did, but rather the indirectly. Such as being the Princess Celestia’s protege’, placing her on a level that she couldn’t have hoped to reach three years prior. The fact that she saved her life by defeating an Ursa Minor, The fact that her friends were responsible for her loosing the home her family had carved for her with their own two hooves, as well as the cloak and hat they created for her. Her mother pouring magic that she was more than she was used to it give it a growth spell that’d allow it to grow as her daughter did.

Hell even not bothering to correct the incorrect assumptions, slander, and rumors that had plagued her every moment of her life since her meeting any of them. So that even the lie she was forced to live was unavailable to her. A pony without a true identity, and the only one she was allowed to have was stolen from her just as much as her heirlooms were. That and she was supposed to have the Princess’s ear and not once did she do anything to save her from the harm her and her friends actions caused. As she started to turn contemplative she noticed a pressure just out of eyesight like a door that refused to open with magic and was just out of reach.

Yes, it is fair in saying that I had just as much fault in our last encounter as she did. But when the fall out came, or even when she herself became a Princess she never stood in and worked to clear the name that throughout all of Equestria is a known Anathema. And that Apple Jack saying that the Apple’s have forgive me. Maybe they should tell that to that one Apple Unicorn in Canterlot ... Apple Shine was it, who made it clear that I would never have a magic based job, or a job around the youth ever again. An endangerment my hide, talk to me about endangerment when you have the same name as the famous brand of Whiskey. And what about Florina, and Golden Delicious? They basically ran me out of town.

She was shaken out of her rant when she saw Luna sitting beside her. Leaning on her for a quick side hug, she looked back over the cliff side. Luna looking at the large brilliant moon in the horizon, “I felt your turmoil and wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help?”

Feeling the pressure disappear, “Well I was thinking about weather their apologize were from the heart, or were to assuage their consciousness. Then I got to thinking about my feelings towards Twilight, and how the Apple Family wasn’t as forgiving as Apple Jack claimed they were. Although I find it funny that it took the dreamscape to know loose those memories.”

“Feelings for Twilight?” Luna asked while raising an eyebrow.

“Not romantic ones. No there is another pony that I feel that way towards. Although she’s to good for me to even think about it working. But rather how my anger at her is all because of who she knew, or things that she did indirectly rather with any real malice. And for some reason accidentally hurting me through inaction, or even misplaced actions hurts me more than if she was out to cause me harm.” Trixie said with a sigh that echoed mournfully through the dreamscape.

“I know how that can be. Tia was the same way when we were younger towards me. Well I can tell you this. Apple Jack didn’t know about the other Apple’s in other parts of Equestria, but she truly believes that you are forgiven by the Apple Family. Although with the dreams they have I think it’s more of a case of them taking my sister’s vouching of you at face value rather than their personal belief. Especially with the nightmares they still have.”


“Yes. Apparently what ever you did to them at their farm, and the news that traveled to their kin was enough to run shivers of fear throughout them. Even if they know that it was not one hundred percent you at the time.” Luna replied.

“Then I should be the one apologizing to them, although it does explain why everypony knows that I had an irrational paranoia with round shapes.” Trixie said with a facehoof. Feeling as if that bout of insanity would never leave public knowledge.

“Most ponies don’t know this, but the Alicorn Amulet was in fact a Horcrux, as well as an item King Sombra personally crafted.” Luna said looking at the valley below.

“A Horwhatnow? And why did he make it?”

“A Horcrux a part of the soul bound to an object so that a pony can live on after death. It’s why when you used it, you lost more and more of yourself with each use. As for why. Well why do you think? It tied into the Universal Layline, was filled with body augmenting, power recharging, and power boosting spells. As well as had a programmed sentience to allow it to not only escape where if it’s host was destroyed or it was contained, but to allow it to call out to those who would use it if Sombra should fail. You see Sombra was my personal Protege many centuries ago, about two thousand, four hundred, and fifty three years to be exact. But he was obsessed with crystal and earth based magics. I think he was jealous of us Alicorns, although I thought nothing of it at the time.

“Then he invaded the Crystal Empire, stole their horns and wings similar to what Discord did to my sister and I, as well as the Element Bearers. Then used that stolen magic to forge the amulet, and their stolen memories of who they once were to forge the sentience of the object. And yes, long ago there were many pony tribes in the Crystal Empire. But by stealing what made them the other races he prevented them from doing the festival to ignite the Crystal Heart, and by stealing their memories made it so that none of them could stand against him.

“Luckily the ruling family was able to sneak out their youngest son at the time with a trusty servant. They came to us and told us what happened. And my many times great niece, and their many times great grand daughter, Mi Amore Cadenza is the last surviving heir. She got the Alicorn gene from my sister and I’s great grandfather and one of their grand mothers. Although we’ve yet to see if she is mortal like most who inherit those long suppressed genes. Or if she’s like my step sister Erroria who ages as slowly as my sister and I did.”

Trixie let that knowledge sink in. It made sense with how she kept getting alien thoughts and heard a strange voice guiding her to do things after she put on the amulet. And while it did give her an out for her actions. She still knew that she needed to apologize to the Apple Family at least, someday.

“Well I shall be off, pleasant dreams,” Luna said with a wave.

Luna had spent many years watching over the dreams of those who freed her of her evil side. Other than the broken pieces of her armor, and a tiny marble of the purest darkness that was now sealed away in Warehouse of Dangerous Artifacts number Thirteen. Hopefully it would last longer than the others. Although when Luna asked what happened to the first one, all she mentioned the Recanter, and the need for more stringent containment spells. It was truly a marvel of the things sentient beings could create for good or ill, on accident or on purpose. And not even know the true consequence of their actions.

Apparently the Alicorn Amulet was supposed to be in the former Warehouse but moved itself when the last one was over ran by an ooze that devoured every non-magical substance. Apparently it was made by a pegasi alchemist to combat swarms of pixies, but was stolen and used as biological warfare by the griffon’s centuries ago. Then some nitwit decided to touch it, and it spiraled out of control from there.

But when Nigthmare Moon was hit by the Elements of Harmony they split her and Luna to a degree. The part they shared was suppressed and purified from it’s evil. But the part that was darkness incarnate, was sent to her broken armor, and a ball made from her sentience, evil, and need to lord over others was given a body as a tiny black marble. It was about almost a year now when Trixie had with the use of the Alicorn Amulet removed Ponyville from the minds of all ponies, and all who resided with in. While ruling that small area with an Iron Hoof.

The nightmares of that town were still deep, and when the Element Bearers learned of their own hoof in the creation of that dark time it struck them hard. Apparently Rainbow Dash was hit most of all not just from her time as a hero that was ruined by Mare Do Well like she did to Trixie, but by the fact that with her Loyalty to others. She took her part in things rather strongly. Apparently she had placed all the blame for all of those incidents, her humiliation, the Ursa Minor, even the current situation and the amount of jobless, homeless, and over burdened ponies that the Alicorn Amulet created onto Trixie’s shoulders.

But when she was shown just how wrong she was, and the logic was enough to bash it through her thick skull she was overwhelmed by guilt. Then there was the second real guilty party Apple Jack. Who helped stir up tensions, and whose wounded pride allowed her to spread her biased views of what happened to her kin, and the other Apples who spread it to all corners of Equestria. Yet when shown how entertainers use those props to entertain the crowd, and how her actions both to Rainbow Dash during the whole Mare Do Well incident, as well as to Trixie not only did far greater harm than good. But by stealing hope, and inspiration from the youth she had destroyed many dreams.

That coupled with the fact that as a Rodeo Pony she should know that accolades and putting on a show was what entertaining was all about, struck a cord with her. It was a long talk, but she eventually apologized to Rainbow Dash. Although she didn’t know how to apologize for stealing the dreams of a foal, or taking away a hero that was helping others. To think that she thought that enjoying the praise of others was such a crime that it had to be crushed to “knock them down a notch”, or “knock them off their high horse” was embarrassing. But it worked it’s way into their dreams and had wormed it’s way into their nightmares ever since.

Luna was willing to help them with it. But first they needed to face the cause of their problems rather than let it build up. As for Twilight, and the others. They felt a little bad for what happened, but they had less guilt in it than those two. Luna was proud that they extended their friendship to her student. From Celestia’ stories Twilight was a lot like Trixie growing up, and having some friends would be a much needed boon to her. Although she wondered what Twilight’s feelings for Trixie were. After all it spoke volumes, and not just from her sister laughing hard enough that it broke the walls in her room, that Twilight would get drunk on Nightmare Night. Wear them, and dance on a table screaming that she was the, “Great and Smexy Twilights Snarkle! And that she was going to “bind Silly‘Tia with a Rainbow!”

Twilight was dreaming she was studying the effects of the graham crackers in the Mighty S’more Wars when she got a knock on her door. And Full General Smarty Pants of the Royal Scholastic Corps announced, “Your, supreme Intellectualness! Princess Luna would like to speak to you.” She said with a bow, her squeaky voice, like how her mom would use when doing the “Smarty Pants Voice”.

“Send her in.” Twilight said putting aside a her current tome that she had been engrossed in.

Luna walked in and seeing the amount of Origami librarians and and books open around Twilight couldn’t help but let loose a powerful chortle, “Even in your dreams ...” She said shaking her head as tears of laughter streamed down her face. They had previously agreed that as a Princess she would have a warning when Luna wanted to talk to her to allow her more privacy in her dreams. But seeing Twilight’s dreams always made Luna smile, other than her nightmares which were truly horrifying. To think that such a literal minded pony could concoct such vivid acts of the imagination was astonishing.

“ Yes I wanted to ask you somethings about Trixie before we all wake up.”

It suddenly grew very silent in the dream library, as not even a single page was turned, nor librarian moved, “What do you want to know?”

“What do you think of her? And what was that about wearing her things and talking about tying up thy sister with a Rainbow?” Luna asked in a playfully teasing manner. Which sailed right over Twilight’s head.

“Oh I’m so sorry! Please don’t banish me to the moon! I swear that what I said I didn’t mean ...” Twilight started to say as the very room errupted into anarchy as Luna put her hoof in Twilight’s mouth to silence her before giving her a quick hug.

“Silence now. It’s alright it was said in a joking manner. Which I see that dating our sister hasn’t increased your humor, but I am just curious is all.”

“Of course,” Twilight said trying to calm down as the chaotic swarm of papers slowed enough for everything to fall around them like a rain of books and pamphlets. “Well as for why I was wearing them ... well I’ll admit that I was originally holding on to them while waiting for Trixie to come back so I could give them to her. But then I got drunk for the first time, and remembered how nice Rainbow Dash looked bound up with her Rainbow, and I thought it would be cool to tie up Celestia. And well ...” Twilight stopped and looked up at the ground blushing bright enough that if she did that in the real world it would be seeable from her moon.

“And how I feel about Trixie. I didn’t know what was going on with her, and looking back I can’t see how I didn’t put two times three together. Although now I know I want to do what I can to help her. She’s not a bad mare, she’s just had a rather crappy hand dealt to her, and needs some friends to help her out. We haven’t found Rainbow Dash yet, but she’ll turn up. And I’m sure whatever Apple Jack wasn’t saying earlier is going to come out sooner or later.”

“Yes perhaps. Well it is almost time for the sun to rise, and I think Trixie is about to make a breakthrough tonight. I’ll see you later Twilight, but one more thing. Her carriage that was destroyed and those items you have are the only thing she has of her families. If you can get what you can of her home, and get the other heirlooms over here either today or tomorrow it will be much appreciated and I’ll consider it an early Hearth’s Warming gift for myself.”

“Think nothing of it Luna. I’d be happy to help, although the carriage is going to take a while. I’m going to need to alter a few restitution spells to get what I can.”

And with that Luna faded from Twilight’s dream. Twilight looked at the craziness that had befallen her Library, “Mecha-Spike, and Owlzilla! I need this place tidied up and I need every book I have on Restoration Spells stat!”

Trixie had, had enough with that blasted block pressing against her during her dreams. Coaxing the moonlight she allowed her magic to harmonize with the moon and the pressure and rather than force it like she was used to. Merged her dream body and the moons transient energy to touch the door. As soon as her fog form touched the barrier she felt herself being pushed out into a long hallway. Filled with innumerable doors with Cutie Marks painted on them.

She saw Apple Jack’s cutie mark and walked in. As she did she was looking up at the evil Trixie as her red eyes glowered upon her and Apple Jack whom she was standing next to. All around her she saw her family members being turned into apples with evil Trixie yelling, “If you don’t start making these apples into dodecahedrons I will be forced to turn your family members into apples on at a time. Starting with your dear sister! Mwhaahaaahaaahaaha!”

“I really did that didn’t I?” Trixie said out loud. Apple Jack looked at her with a mix of furry and fear evident on her face.

“Listen Ah’m tryin’ ta do what ya asked! But Ah just don’t know how! Please give me more time! Don’t take away Apple Bloom again!” Apple Jack said with a wavering voice.

“Listen to me. I’m the real Trixie, and that monster up there. That isn’t who I am. I ...” Stopping in mid sentence she wrapped up Apple Jack in a mist of moon magic. “I’ll give you what strength I have. Fight her and keep her from hurting others again. Then we’ll talk.”

Apple Jack’s eyes glowed with a magnificent orange light as she had a fight of wills against the mare who dominated her nightmares, And as she did so she felt a warmth fill her core and radiate outwards washing away the fear that she had held onto all these months. With that came a strength to face down her giants. And with that strength made the evil Trixie shrink and shrink until she was no bigger than a bug. Which Apple Jack quickly squashed before turning around to see a winded Trixie.

“So now who are ya, and what are ya doin’ in mah dream?”

“I am Trixie. I was in my dream and I did something I hadn’t dome before and I saw your cutie mark and I kind of ended up here.” Trixie said panting. Doing magic to empower another in their dream was something that she came to her but apparently had certain nuisances that she had yet to learn. But was interested in what the Element of Honesty would say now that she was in a place that had little to no restraints or inhibitions.

“So ya are the real deal aren’t ya?” Apple Jack said trotting towards her with an angry glint in her eye.

“Yes. And I’m not here to seek forgiveness.” She said with a nod before sitting down, “Because even if that wasn’t a hundred percent me. I still listened to what it said, and fell to it’s influences.”

“Before I give you my honest judgement. Why? Why would you get an amulet that I know with a Mare as smart as you look to be should have known better, stoop to using that Celestia be damned Magical Doohicky?!”

“When those two colts brought over the Ursa Major, and yes I want to blame Rainbow Dash and you for escalating things. But the truth is it was the parents fault for not paying attention to their own flesh in blood. Seriously letting two colts that could still be considered foals run out into a forest filled with pony eating monsters and I’m the villain?

But when I was then not only showed up, but cast into the shadow of the Mare who accidentally stole my friend from me like the rest of you did. Well at least until Luna took me under her wing. But all of Ponyville spread my name throughout all of Equestria. I lost the three things that mattered to me the most in this entire world. And then I lost the ability to support my family and little sister that I’ve never been able to see. Can you imagine that. Having a sibling but you’re too busy working your flank off so that she and your parents can have food on the table?” Trixie felt herself starting loose control of her emotions and the last thing she wanted was to ruin what chance to closure she could get.

“Wait, what things, what friend, and what do you mean by you haven’t seen your sister?” Apple Jack’s eyes were spinning from the raw amount of information being thrown at her and wanted to see where Trixie was coming from.

“That carriage, cloak, and hat that were obliterated in the destruction of the Ursa Major were the only things I had of my family. The only things they could afford to make for me. I had them since I was younger than your sister and had to put up the farce that was my Cutie Mark story. Unlike you and your friends I had to lie about what my Special Talent was for the sake of my family, and they made those three things for my Cutecaenera. Even though they could barely afford the materials to do so. When I left and started sending them money they had enough extra income that another child wasn’t impossible. But I’ve had to work constantly to not only survive between shows, but to send what I could to my family. But when those things were lost I lost my only ties to them.

You know how hard it is to find work when an entire village spreads the rumor that an Ursa Minor attack was all your fault, and that you couldn’t even make a dent in it? Everypony that respected my skills, or I had cowed into stop heckling my shows was gone, and I lost that as a means to support them. As for the friend, the Mare on the Moon was my only friend growing up. The only pony that ever cared about me even if she never talked back to me. But even though I’m glad Luna is free. For the longest time I was not just alone. But I was homeless, jobless, and unable to take care of the ponies I care about the most.

As for not seeing my sister. Tell me. How can I see her, when even your own clan, who should by your admission be forgiving me, since Celestia did, throw me out of town if not out right injures me till I leave? How can I approach a filly when even my own family has to deny ever knowing me so that what little money they can make on their own still comes to them unless they loose everything? Tell me Apple Jack how am I to get to go to my sister whom I’ve never seen out side the random letters I get, and talk to her knowing that by being near her I endanger her?” By this time Trixie was outright bawling. Regardless of her wanting to hold back her tears, being in the dreamscape didn’t allow that illusion for her.

“There, There, sugar cube,” Apple Jack said holding her close while comfortingly running a hoof through her mane, “Ah didn’t know all that. When Ah first saw ya Ah only saw a blow hard makin’ checks Ah didn’t think yer mouth could keep. Then when ya showed us up. Well Ah guess Ah let me pride get the better of me like Ah always do. So when ya left Ah could have made an effort to help ya out. But Ah was just bein’ a pig headed mule.

“I know how important family is. There’s nothin’ more important. So when ya turned Apple Bloom into an actual Apple. Well Ah guess all of us Apple’s were a might angry at ya. Ah think that it’s possible ta say that a lot of us still hate ya even though Celestia says that hatin’ another pony is wrong. But ya doin’ it for yer family, and because we Ah guess were slightly ta blame for ruinin’ their lives and yer livelihood. I can’t blame ya for what ya did. If Ah was in yer place Ah’d probably do the same thing. Heck I dreamt about doin’ the same thing.

“Ah don’t know what it is, but Ah’m finally seein’ ya as ya really are. Not as how Ah’ve been makin’ ya out ta be. Ah’ll talk ta my kin and see about havin’ all of us havin’ a proper get together and talkin’ this out. That and Apple Bloom don’t remember none of it. So we’ll see what we’ll see. Sound like a plan?” Apple Jack offered a hoof after giving it a generous glob of spit.

Even knowing it wasn’t real spit Trixie felt her coat shiver as she gave a spit shake. With that done she felt being pulled out of the dream and back into the halls. She walked around some more seeing the door to the other pony she wished to talk to. She didn’t have it in her to really apologize to Rainbow Dash, but she felt bad about her having Nightmares so she decided to give her a helping hoof as it were.

As she entered she saw utter madness. All of Equestria was on fire, anarchy ruling in the streets, with some very gruesome and foal unfriendly sights happening around her and curled on the ground in the fetal position was Rainbow Dash. Who had fallen into a mantra of, “I’m sorry!” as she rocked herself on the ground. This was a totally different Rainbow Dash than she was used to. She was used to a strong, unshakable, arrogant Rainbow Dash who had set into motion the events that had destroyed her life. Seeing her almost as broken as she was a few months before she decided to end her life, and before the Princesses had saved her from that darkness. It was almost cathartic, if it wasn’t so heart rendingly sad at the same time.

Placing a hoof on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder she gave her a soft shake, “What’s the matter Rainbow Dash?”

“You! If I never tried to one up you for having a moment of the spotlight in Ponyville that was for yourself rather than feeling threatened by it. None of this would have happened and I wouldn’t have been responsible for destroying Equestria. Celestia showed me the figures, and the over all losses. And well ... I had a hand in what happened in other cities by talking to the Cloudsdale Weather Corp about you, and my weather team. And they might have added their own bits into the various rumors about you.

If I wouldn’t have done that, or talked in my fan club to put you down when they asked about you. Things would have been better. Maybe. But Equestria is in trouble, my cousins are screwed and my dad’s pension is in shambles all because of me. I don’t think Mango or Holly Dash are going to be able to forgive me. I know sure as tartarus my father isn’t. Not after all the other stuff I put him through. And they wanted me to apologize to you? Not my family but the Princesses and my friends. But there isn’t words on this planet that can begin to make things up to you and all the lives that were ruined.” Rainbow Dash stopped rambling and just laid there with her head on her forelegs.

Trixie looked at her, and lay next to her. Even as Rainbow Dash looked away Trixie, lay her hoof on her back and sent a wave of fading moon magic and a what small sense of peace Trixie had. “Listen, you’re right. There aren’t words to begin describing how messed up that is, and I don’t know if I could ever forgive you. Even if I could it might take a long time to do it. But you said you were a mare of action. Stop letting the world fall around your hooves and work on fixing what you had a hoof in breaking.

“And when you think you can figure out a way to make things up to me as a more physical apology than just words than I’ll be willing to listen. But not all of this was your fault, not all of it was anyone pony’s fault. But a number of mistakes, bad choices, and plenty of ponies to blame for things turning out the way they did. But almost everypony else decided to make me the strawcolt in their lives for all the problems in Equestria. So your family doesn’t need to blame you when they have an even easier target to go after. So don’t beat yourself up too much. Look for the solution, not just the problem. Well I got to go See you later Rainbow Dash.” And with that she was pulled out of the dream as the chaos stopped and silence descended upon Rainbow Dash’s dreamscape.

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:

Trixie felt a warm pressure fill up her body, and almost as if summoned by a bed made of clouds drifted back into her own dreamscape. I did it! I did it! I did it! I got past that infernal barrier. I need to ask Luna what I just did, and why I feel even more tired now than when I went to sleep.

As the last dregs of sleep lifted from her and the light of the sun splashed against her eyes. Trixie swore that she’d master that shadow manipulation spell that Luna used to keep the sun from stabbing her in the eyes with it’s spitefully cheery rays. Rolling out of bed with the grace of a zombie, and feeling about as alive, she stumbled to the bathroom to freshen up. Only to see that she did in fact look as bad as she felt.

It took a short eternity to get to the Dining Hall as Trixie’s mind was feeling the symptoms of magic drain, ontop of a heaping dose of high level dream magic that she had never had time to train for. Luna looked at her and gave a knowing nod, before levitating a cup of coffee strong enough to kill an elephant. As Trixie took a sip she hacked most of out while trying to come to terms with the jittery jolts running through her nerves, “It’s quite strong I know, but trust me it truly is the best drink for when you over extend yourself with dream magic. That plus their are enough power regenerative, and physically regenerative herbs to fix what ever the coffee can’t.” Luna said sagely.

“Why would I need physical regeneration herbs in a cup of coffee?” Trixie asked nervously.

“It’s so the coffee doesn’t explode your heart of course.” Luna said as if it was the most obvious reason in the entire universe.

“Explode my heart?” Trixie whispered setting the cup down.

“Well yes. I remember when I was working on getting the blend perfect. It was tested out on elephants along time ago. Well after one brew melted one herd, exploded a part of Saddle Arabia with another, and another blasted the poor dear into outerspace. I had to tone it down a little bit. Unfortunately the minimum strength needed for it to still be useful was also strong enough to cause an elephants heart to explode. So I add my special stash of regenerative herbs into the coffee so that any who drink it can survive it. Or at the least have a much shorter hospital visit. So you have nothing to fear.” Luna said with a grin and a distant, nostalgic look in her eyes.

“Ok! Well ... Princess Luna, next time you give me something to eat or drink that could be classified as a weapon of mass destruction?” Trixie asked eyeing the thick bubbling mass with a great sense of apprehension.

“Sorry it’s just with how you looked, and with the amount of raw moon magic I sensed coming from you earlier I thought you could use something to help you recover. But yes if it is something that can be considered a weapon of mass destruction I’ll give you a heads up next time.”

“One last thing ... what’s an Elephant?” Trixie asked.

With that both Celestia and Luna laughed. It was Celestia who recovered first, “Sorry, we aren’t laughing at you. It’s just that ... well ... until they drove themselves to extinction. They were quite zanny alchemist. Wonderful memory, great inventive spirit, and willing to try anything new. Which I think is why they loved Luna so much. Well it’s actually quite tragic how the died. But we have so many memories of them that it’s hard not to remember those first. Well today is going to be a busy day. With that gut rocket you just took a swig of you’ll be up for the next few days. So I’m going to leave you two to talk amongst yourselves. And Luna, remember that place with the thing that I told you about.”

“Ouyay eanmay ethay itemsway atthay Ilighttway eleportedtay, andway enthay ouyay aidsay itway ouldway ebay away oodgay ideaway otay aketay erhay outway onway ethay owntay? Evenway afterway ethay eamingscray ickday ulturevay andway ishay agingray udgefay oblingay ovinglay, ogfray ickinglay oadiestay illway ebay aitingway otay ouncepay?” Luna asked in the Suidaeian* language.

“Epyay, atwhay ouldcay ossiblypay ogay ongwray?” Celestia added with a nod.

“You know what could. Well I guess I’ve been putting it off. Trixie, might I ask you something in private?” Luna asked.

“Of course ... by the way what was the language you were speaking.” Trixie asked.

“You never learned Suidaeian Latin?”


“Oh it’s the language of pigs. It’s an odd mix of simplistic and complex. And since almost noone alive speaks it in Equestria me and my sister have an old habit of talking in it from time to time. Now what I wanted to ask you something important, but I want you too know that no matter what you answer. I will still keep teaching you, and I do my best to never let you down. Alright?” Luna rambled, a blush visible beneath her dark coat.

“Alright, I trust you. So what’s the matter?” Trixie asked.

“Well ... Do you want to go out on a date with me?” Luna asked her voice thick with embarrassment, having not had to ask somepony out in over 3 thousand years. And I swear Tia if you use this to prank me so help me Faust I will haunt and prank you in your very dreams.

“You ... a Princess of Equestria ... My favorite one ... no offense Princess Celestia you’re ok too ... are asking me out on a date? As in the two of us alone? a Date date?” Trixie asked.

“Yes. A day on the town. Possibly a night.”

“And here I thought I knew when I was lucid dreaming.” And with that she fainted.

Trixie awoke too a nervous looking Luna, and a bemused looking Celestia, “Princess Luna I had the strangest dream. Well it was actually pretty neat, but ummm ... why are you looking at me like that?” She asked Luna.

“That was no dream. You hath fainted quite adorably!” Luna proclaimed with a small chortle.

“Well ... then ... sure. I’d love to go on a date with you.” Trixie replied while in her head dancing and screaming at the top of her mental lungs, Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

“Yoish~! Now we shall be off for an amazing day. And sister where you able to get that thing fixed up and ready to show off when the noun gets to the other noun?”

“Of course. Now be off. Today shall be magical.” Celestia said using her magic to playfully shoe her sister out the door, well she hasn’t fully forgiven me, but at least we have alot of our playful antics from time to time. I hope that today goes aways towards fixing the rift between us.

Luna didn’t trot with Trixie, she strutted. With the confidence that came with being a Goddess of Sex millenia before Cadance became the Goddess of Love. And with the mass arrests, Guard lay offs, and threat of divine violence laying fresh in the minds the death glares were less frequent, and apathetic indifference was more common. But Trixie didn’t care. The living incarnation of her childhood friend, a fellow Lunarmancer that didn’t make her have to hide behind layers of masks for acceptance, and one massively hot pony was her marefriend. It didn’t even matter that Luna was a princess, that fact was secondary to everything else and now things were finally happening Trixie was speechless.

As Luna guided her to a large academy building in the south central area of Canterlot’s nobility district, Trixie could have sworn she heard muffled screams followed by a rather distinct thwump. Almost like a much more silent version of a cannon. Luna either didn’t notice, or wasn’t bothered by it, as she lead her to a building that was in the middle of reconstructing its sign. RTSFGM, “It’s going to be the ' Royal Triumvirate’s School for Gifted Mages’.” Luna said with a glimmer in her eye, “Come I have something to show you.”

They trotted and through a veritable maze of newly constructed pathways and buildings. Ending in a clearing that held a sight that Trixie could not believe, “My Carriage!” She screamed. Galloping toward it full throttle. Gathering looks that shifted from shock to anger, all the way to putting on the proverbial SEP Goggles and ignoring her existence. Although they all knew who she was, they also knew it was Princess Twilight under Princess Celestia’s orders to set up that thing at their place of learning. Thus any who were commenting and complimenting it on it’s craftsmareship quickly turn to scorning it.

Trixie lay her body against the mahogany body with it’s magical veneer was good to have near her again. She rushed in as Luna trotted up to her. She looked over everything, looking at ever scratch, stain, and even going over the certain smells that had grown in special places. When she got to her bed she saw her cape and hat restored and fixed of all the damage that it had incurred from a life time of wear and tear and shoddy diy repairs. On the cloak lay a note.

Dear Trixie,

This is Twilight Sparkle and the other Element Bearers saying happy belated Hearth’s Warming Eve. I had kept your cape and cloak for when you came back, but unfortunately that didn’t quite happen as all of would have liked but we can give it too you know. I had originally kept Rarity from messing with these until we learnt what they meant to you, and with Rarity knowing not to make improvements. She used the same material as the cloth to remake it, and I restored the spells that were placed on it. I know a lot about magic, and I don’t know if you know this or not. But your mother was always closer than you might realize had loved you dearly.

The Apple Family got in touch of relatives for the wood that we couldn’t fix, and Fluttershy’s animals helped find some materials needed to refurbish it. But I was able to make a magical copy of everything down to the weirdly shaped nail in the lower left hand corner, and the spell form built into the carriage. I would seriously like to meet your family some day, and give them a royal stipend to help build some more of these. Everything is quite uniquely done, and purposefully built ... Spike is glaring at me and telling me not to geek out so I’ll do that later.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were responsible for weather proofing your carriage with additional help upon the magic used to protect it last time. And Pinkie Pie herself got the things to refurbish the upholstery. I still don’t know how she had everything in her mane, but one tends to stop asking questions about Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie when you live around her.

Princess Luna said that this would be a rather important present for you, and since we are know your friends. I think, I thought it was the least we could do for you. Well have a wonderful day with Luna, and don’t worry about your items, They are under Celestia’s protection, and insured by her personally. So if anypony dares harm them they will be punished most severely. Although you still retain complete ownership.

Well see you later,

Twilight and friends.

Trixie cried waterfalls from the joy she couldn’t hope to contain. Luna say next to her and wrapped a wing around her back, “There’s actually more good news. Well not as good as this, but good none the less.”

“What is it?” Trixie asked who her tears dampened Luna’s coat.

“Well me and my sister knew that the nobles would be trying to dig up some legalese to make jabs against well both of us really, but you the most adamantly. So we initiated what Twilight called Plan C. After we compared the notes that you so diligently made, and were even more diligent about giving them to us directly. After they tipped their hooves, we are going to do something that hasn’t been done since the founding of Equestria. We are going to go through and see what nobility are truly noble, and removing those who aren’t. Then we are going to go through and have all the current laws rewritten and reshape the face of the nation.

Especially after what they tried to pass without our knoweldge. That really got my sister off her flank and hired a large team of construction unicorns to build use 5 new wings. Included in that is a School dedicated to Night, Lunar, and Dream magics. As well as the training of Lunarmancers,” Whipping out a scroll from inside a summoned saddle bag, “Congratulations. Trixie Lulamoon you are here by an official member of this school, and now are officially my protege. By the full letter of the current laws.”

Trixie was awash in emotions. On one hoof. Today other than the Coffee of Mass Destruction, and the embarrassing fainting fit. Today was the best day ever. Yet, a Lulamoon never gets her full moon twice, and once their fortune wanes, their luck will never rise. She thought her fortune was the accolades as a Showmare and everything crashed when she broke Equestria. And from the looks of it Twilight herself was planning on sending everypony back to the Dark Ages. Which honestly didn’t sound to bad at this point. But here she was. After her world had fallen around her. The Princesses had risen her out of the ashes, and Luna herself helped not just bring her into the light. Now all of this. She didn’t think a moon could rise more than once. But here she was with the Lulamoon families version of a Blue Moon.

Only a Goddess of the Night could give a Lulamoon an extra moon to make a difference huh?! Thank you Luna you have no idea what this means to me.

Suddenly Black Marble and cohorts barged into the Carriage covered in cake, pudding, various types of confetti, and what looked to be a slowly hardening green goo, “You have gone to far Luna. The extended Royalty, and all of us nobles will no longer stand by while you corrupt and subvert our dearest Princess. We are using a royal decree signed by you and Celestia that “if you were to be deemed unfit for service, a replacement for the Elements of Harmony could be found, there were no major horrors to assail our people for one year, and there had been one day in that year with out cake for a majority of the populace. Than we, the nobility and extended royalty of Equestria could take control of the nation until you were deemed to fit for duty by a group of our peers.” Which we now invoke, and since you are indeed Nightmare Moon in disguise. We deem you fit to be arrested for the high crime of treason and subversion of the throne. Guards take them at once!” Black Marble parted to allow a swarm of Day Guards to come into the already confined carriage.

“Are you daft! Do you really think it is wise to threaten an Alicorn? And guards why are you following this twit?” Luna asked. Keeping herself from using the Royal Canterlot voice in the narrow confines as they were to prevent the resulting concussive waves that would have turned Trixie’s brains to mashed potatoes.

“Trixie is the worst war criminal in Equestrian History. Scholars are even know showing that the financial crisis she’s put us in ontop of the Griffons taking advantage of our moment of weakness to do economical warfare will collapse our Economy in five years at the best She’s a monster. And all of us in the Day Guard knew you were truly the Nightmare, because only she would be corrupting our pure leader with her vile notions. Like punishing us for letting Trixie get what she had coming to her.

So we’re going to help get our Princesses well, and well away from you. You can either come silently or we can use Powerlimiters on you, and a lead ring on your marefriend. It’s up to you.” One of the Guards said.

“Plan K” Luna said before the space between the ponies around them opened up and sucked them into the center of a Black Hole. Only the smell of burning Ozone lingered from what was once a nearly crowded space.

“Well it seems that our date has been cut short. If what I suspect is happening is in deed happening. We are going into Plank K and that’s the fun one. Hold on, and I’m sorry our date got canceled I’ll make it up to you later I promise.”

Luna wasn’t looking forward to this. Sending ponies into the great abyss was a perfect punishment, but her sister wanted to hold out on it until it was clear there was no other option. But Luna wasn’t going to let her hot marefriend get get lead poisoning to her magic system by playing the Friendly Fishercolt. Equestria was already in a Fisher King sort of symbiosis, but this was going to descend quickly. To think that their first date was already ruined. Looking at the tempest of emotions running across Trixie’s face made up her mind. With a furious blast of power she Teleported into the Throne Room off to the side. Where Celestia jumped to the wagon in shock.

The first thing she heard was, “No we didn’t bring the Pink one with out bound in a hog tie she popped in here after I teleported! The extended Royalty has initiated the Black Cake Knife Protocol, accused me of being Nightmare Moon, corrupting you, and the Day Guard, apparently all or most of them think the same! Then they threatened my Marefriend of all of one hour with a lead ring on her horn! Lead! Not even I threaten a pony with a lead ring! There’s a reason both of us agreed that they should be banned!” Luna was getting at full rant mode when she felt a hoof touch her back, looking at Trixie she calmed down and nuzzled her, “We’ll fix this don’t worry. Twilight will be in the northern most tower. Teleport there and tell her everything. I know that she has a plan for this somewhere in that huge cranium of hers. I’ll be with you shortly.”

Trixie nodded and vanished with her usual flare of using a smoke bomb to hide the flash. When she was gone, Celestia looked at all the supplicants present, “There is a royal emergency and I must ask that everypony leave.” All left but Blue Blood, and a hoof full of others.

“Where is Black Marble and the other Nobility?” Blue Blood asked.

“And what you don’t care about the Guards?” Luna mocked.

“They knew what they were getting into. By the royal power invested in me by divine right of my birth. I demand you tell me what you did with them.” Blue Blood

“Simple I sent them into the center of a Black Hole. It’s an old punishment, but I think a few of our Weeks or a painful eternity for them will do them some good.” Luna said before looking over to Celestia, “They threatened Trixie with Lead, and myself with a L Rank Powerlimiter Ring. They were going for the Kill. So I sent them to where they can think about what they were planning on doing. You can chastise me later, we are moving over to K.”

“K?” Blue Blood said before letting loose a spell from his horn. Throughout all of Equestria A series of recording Crystals went off. Above every city was the face of Black Marble, “Citizens of Equestria listen to me. If you are hearing this I am either killed by Nightmare Moon disguised as our Princess’s long lost sister like everypony knew she was, or she has imprisoned me somewhere far away preventing me from telling you everything in the flesh. Princess Celestia has been corrupted by her sisters evil, and all of us were paying for it. We should have known when Celestia stopped us from banishing the criminal Trixie like she deserves. Or had her executed for war crimes against foal, mares, and the elderly. Not to mention the other innocent people of Ponyville.

“We are headed to the end of Equestria as we know it. The homeless problem has risen 42% and rising, the unemployed or those who are about to risk loosing employment is at 32% of the populace and expected to get much worse before it gets better. And worst of all, it’s all because of a Mare that Nightmare Moon has stepped into save over and over again. It’s time to rise up citizens and protect your rights. Demand that the current Princesses step down until we can heal them, and remove Nightmare Moon from our midst. Do not let my loss, and the loss of the family members of the Gaurds and other nobility who are sacrificing ourselves be in vain.”

Celestia’s considerably white coat faded to an even paler shade as she heard that message. She knew the nobility were good at playing to a crowd, but the greatest of lies had just enough truth in them and played heavily to the fears of others. Those who weren’t religious zealots of thought that Luna was a Nightmare in an Alicorn coat, and those who weren’t easy to fall into prejudice. Would be swayed by the appeal to the suffering of others. Using cherry picked statistics to add credence to his argument. If they wanted to be free of the Princesses, then they’d get their wish until they crawled back to on their knees. Or the people called out to them, but she was damned if they were going to feed off of the wealth she brought into this world through over a thousand years of hard work. As the streets erupted in the screams of self-righteous furry and the need for blood to be spilt she looked at Blue Blood then at her sister.

“No sister the time for Twilight’s checklist is long over. We are doing the plan that we were holding off on. I vote for Plan: Clean Slate. Do you agree.”

“Yes. I agree. We need the other’s votes though. Well Blue Butt you will have your throne, but what is going to fall upon you bloated leaches is your fault.” Luna said frostily before teleporting her, her sister and the carriage holding Pinkie Pie and Trixie’s memories to Twilight’s Tower.

It took Trixie several minutes to explain everything that happened, and by the time she did Black Marble’s message played. Then it was with that Trixie looked at Twilight and all color drained from her features. Twilight walked to Trixie to ask what was wrong, but she shook her head, “I should have known better. When a Lulmoon’ moon wanes it will never rise again! I did this! If I only would have killed myself when I had the chance nopony would be suffering like this!”

Twilight grabbed at Trixie with her magic and pulled her into an embrace of limbs, wings, and magic. “Listen that’s nonsense. You don’t deserve to die, and you defiantly don’t deserve to have ponies hunting you like some some Griffon after a wild animal. Luna loves you. Heck she’s been keeping it to herself for ages now, and don’t you dare take what you both have after finally getting together.”

“You don’t understand Twilight, you never could. You have it made, but a Lulamoon has luck that has always ran a certain way. We rise, shine for a moment, than everything goes south. We either die, or we end up losing almost everything we have. We don’t get another full moon. I will only bring ruin if I’m around Luna and I care to much to hurt her.” Trixies eyes that once shed tears of joy only moments ago, were now leaking bitter tears. Tears filled with the frustration, fear, anger, and rage that had built up for what seemed like a lifetime. While Twilight absorbed it.

“And you think she’d forgive you if you died? You need to live for both of yoursakes and work together. And you have friends now, and even if your luck is how you say it is. We won’t let you fall. That plus you know three Alicorns know, if one can raise the sun and moon for a thousand years. I think the three of us can keep that moon of yours up in the sky no matter how many times it falls. And your marefriend is the Goddess of the Night and rises the moon and the stars? I don’t think you have to worry about your moon setting for quite sometime.”

There was a Flash of Light and a thunk as everything that Luna brought with her fell to the center of the circular floor. With that Twilight gave her a push towards Luna, “Go say hi to your marefriend while I say hi to mine. I fear that we may have a rather busy day.”

“I’m sorry!” Trixie said when she got to Luna, “I didn’t mean for my bad luck to happen to you. I’m sorry.” She said burying her muzzle into Luna’s neck.

“It’s not your fault. Someponies are just ignorant and filled with their own self loathing. This was bound to happen. The nobility has always been trying to pit my sister and I against one another like the days of old. They had made up their minds that I was a threat to their power games and it mattered not if they believed that I was my darker self or not. Only that they could get others to believe it.

“The Alicorn Amulet calls out to others to be worn who are gravitated to it. It would have gained someone else. And unlike yourself, there is a high probability they would not have targeted Twilight Sparkle first, and the looses would have been much higher. Especially if they lost control completely and Sombra took full control of their body. We would have suffered even more tremendous losses than what we did.

“And more than that. If you didn’t go through what you did we may never have met. Yes my sister’s plans granting longevity, and alicornification to all ponies isn’t going to happen anytime soon. But in a short while. Well someday. We are going to make it so that nopony will ever remember what you did, and the world will be rest to to the era of knowledge and development from shortly after the overthrow of Discord. All the wealth will be lost, the world will be set back by ages, and all if it without a Princess to guide them. After all we deserve a little vacation.”

Trixie didn’t know what to say about to the impassioned speech that Luna gave. Other than to send every positive emotion and ounce of Joy that Luna had brought to her life to Luna through a kiss, and in that moment in time for a few seconds time stopped for both of them. Trixie parted with a blush that was more deeper shade of red than Big Mac’s coat, “Thanks, well, we need to see what we can do. You still owe me a date ok? Or Trixie will be most be displeased.” She said with a shadow of her old swagger shining through.

It was Twilight’s dragon, whose name evaded Trixie, that sent letters to all the Element Bearers to get their regalia, and Discord and make their way to the crystal empire. With that out of the way It was time to get underway to save Equestria from itself. With Twilight comforting Celestia, Luna wrapped around Trixie, and Trixie reading the spells needed to make a speedy get away once they landed on the ground.

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

Luna sat next to her sister planning out the spell that they would need to accomplish. The hard part was the spell that used the extended Royalty for their true purpose. Which was in cases of dire urgency act as an imprinted link to the sisters for them to channel any number of massive spells through them in through them all of Equestria. Of course not since Sombra’s reign was a memory wipe spell of this magnitude needed. Nor was the power nodes needed to do a spell that would erase all modern technology and knowledge, move all taken wealth to the Princesses [the reason behind the Royal Mint created at the dawn of their reign was to take back all the wealth they made so that no warlord or invader could profit from their wealth. By imbuing all the wealth in Equestria. Gem or otherwise, with a small imprint of their essence. Thus allowing it to be summoned to them post haste if the need occurred.], nor send ponies to an era before the dark ages. It’s a spell that they had to do only once before, and it was not going to be any easier this time. Erasing the history and culture of a pony was never an easy task. But between that, and a corrupt populace that was eaten away by madness and hate. It was only inviting in another Wendigo attack, or another true warlord like Tirek to rip through their lands.

All they needed was one more vote. From Princess Cadance and then everything would be complete. Of course they needed to reach the Crystal Empire first. And with their luck they were bound to run into something sooner or later. All the while looking at Twilight running between a small army of two way communication mirrors that were the first thing she worked on making her first months as a Princess to save some time for Spike in case of emergencies. Or when a Pony just wanted to talk. As it stood the Element Bearers were on the train other than Fluttershy who had help getting to the Crystal Empire in a more expedient fashion. Although Luna was slightly irked that he was now treating his time there as a Vacation, but as long as he stayed out of trouble she didn’t care to much.

After she was done talking to Celestia, and ensuring that everything was ready for when they went to the Crystal Empire But to ensure that Cadance knew something was wrong, Luna and Celestia worked together to do the sign that trouble was brewing. A Solar Eclipse. With the Moon and sun both up the land was basked in darkness but would be getting just enough light to prevent the world from dying. but would act as a signal to all those who knew what it meant. That the sisters were over thrown, and had gone into hiding. Everything from the loss of knowledge, to the memory wipe, to even the removal of wealth was something that Luna and Celestia had done two time previously in the secret history of Equestria. Each time was due to one wanna-be ruler or another having successfully taken over a major part of Equestria. Once with the Crystal Empire, and the other, albeit less successful was the one with Atlantis. And although she almost regretted thinking about it. But part of her thought it would be worth seeing that place come back and release Letum the Annihilator.

Shaking the memories of that place from her mind she walked over to Trixie, “Hark thee fair Maiden!” Luna said boisterously trying to lighten the mood, “How art thou holding holding up?”

“Honestly I don’t know. Hopeful, scared, happy, sad, I honestly feel like a mess. But I’m feeling like things might finally be looking up.” Trixie shrugged before giving Luna a quick nuzzle.

“I know. We have just finally got together, yet this had to happen. But I do not regret it, and things will be better soon, and trust me you don’t look like a mess. You look stunning, and the training you’ve gone through has made you even more so. If you got any more sexy I’d have to beat off the competition with a stick.” Luna said giving Trixie an affectionate flick of her tail.

“How is it that even when I feeling at my worst you can still make me blush?” Trixie said trying to hide her face from Luna from a mixture of embarrassment and attraction.

“It’s because I’m that good, and what I say is the truth.” Luna said with a grin.

It was two days later when their luck fell out the wayside. The sun and moon for two days had stayed above the sky and while plants with the aid of Celestia were getting their nourishment the eerie darkness had started to gnaw on the psyche of those on the planet. But none more so than the most of the ponies of Equestria who saw it as another point of corruption between “Nightmare Moon”, and Trixie on the “True Princesses of Equestria”.

Twenty Day Guards, a mob of ponies who were searching for them, and a battalion of the REAF soldiers. Forming a Blockade on Unicorn Junction and an anti-teleportation ward that was triggered as they came into sight of them. Luna looked at Celestia with the most bemused expression she could muster, “I don’t know weather this fanaticism towards you and Twilight is endearing or utterly insane. But at least I can say that their misguided attempt at ‘rescuing you from me’ shows that they care. So what’s the game plan sister?”

Celestia sighed, and with an apologetic look at both her and Trixie replied, “Well it will take to much time to release Black Marble and the others from where their at, at the moment so that’s out of the question. We can’t kill them. So I don’t know subdue them?”

“Subdue what equates to a miliary force? Without killing them? You know that was never my strong suit, but we might as well show them what for. You still practice your Yuanshi Shen Qigong?”

“Yes. Although I’m a little bit rusty.” Celestia replied, then seeing the look that Twilight gave her, “It’s the exercises I taught you that allowed you to transform into enter a Unicorn’s Transcendent Form, the same one according to my chats with Pinkie Pie you improperly entered when confronting her about her Pinkie Sense.”

A look of understanding clicked in Twilight, “Wait! You mean those techniques were combative in nature? And you taught me without telling me? What if I hurt somepony? Or accidentally used it in a fight without knowing what it could do? I could have really hurt somepony! W-”

“Twilight! Breathe!” Celestia said as they got within two hundred spear throws of the opposing group, “ I taught you the non-combative versions of it. And I trusted you to use even that to not harm another unless necessary. After all you were my Protege’ and you needed to protect yourself. Although REAF know how to do some of the techniques as well so we are going to have a hooful coming up.”

“Why?” Trixie asked the group as she ran the spells that would slow them down.

“It’s because REAF is taught some of the basics of 3 Pillar, to ensure they are able to protect themselves and our nation. Although most aren’t that good against S Rank or higher threats since most of them aren’t full practitioners.” Celestia replied, “But even so most special divisions of REAF that see actual combat are taught how Golden Saddle to guard their meridians and boost their physical abilities. It’s how they all look so ripped when most of the ponies in Equestria look weaker by comparison. Especially with the monsters that use magical attacks out tips the non-magical ones.”

“I’ve been teaching you 3 Pillars for over the last two and a half months since you became my Protege’. So I think you’ll be able to appreciate what you’re about to see.” Luna whispered to Trixie.

When the carriage stopped Celestia and Luna stepped out of the carriage. Taking a deep breath they closed their eyes and Trixie could feel the ambient magic in the air twitch and flow into them. The flowing increased into a physical breeze the played along all the ponies present. Then almost as fast as it started it stopped. When the Princesses, save Twilight opened their eyes bright rays of light shown from them and their bodies erupted into bright yellow physically, visible aura. Then light erupted from their coats shining them in a majestic white light sending a sphere of energy that formed a bubble miles out. Twilight gasped as these beings of pure magic reminded her similarly of when Cadence and Shining Armor defeated Queen Chrysalis.

The REAF Unicorns met it with the primary aura that the Princeses had, but without the final transformation. From the Princesses flew a fog from their horns that passed through the crowd and incapacitated all but the Soldiers, as it’s electrical charge temporarily shorted out their own signals and caused their bodies to enter a biological hard reset.

Twilight running commentary to Pinkie Pie and Trixie told them what was happening on a move by move level. She told them that the second form the Princesses were in, from what Shining and Cadance told her was physically tiring from the strain it put on the body. But the form the REAF were using was something Twilight thought was a simple spell. To know that it was a combative internal martial art was astounding. Although it explained how Pegasi guards could solid marble with their wings alone.

The Earth Ponies were trying to grab them by forming the earth to restrain them, but it slipped through them like a stone through water. While the Pegasi channeled their power to form bolts of lighting to rain from their hooves. All the while the Unicors through spell bolt after spell bolt at them. But each time they simply seemed to be there one second then not there the next. That’s when it entered hoof the hoof combat.

Luna went to the Pegasi first who descended upon her with a rain of beams of raw plasma, an attack called Rikusakeha [Land Ripping Wave] from two of them and blades of air from the rest. As she whipped them with black waves of the darkest night upon them. Being a Lunarmancer, Trixie explained that she was drawing from ambient shadows to dampen their blows while sapping them of their magic. Although the martial majesty and grace of the waves were awe inspiring as the Pegasi dropped like flies only to be caught in a white magical aura that setted them down gently.

Celestia went after the earth ponies being the stronger of the races. What most ponies don’t realize is just how intuned to the earth, Earth Ponies are, nor just how powerful their magic can be. Not even Earth Ponies know how they can’t just connect to the earth, but how they can shape to their will until they are shown just how far that can go. And Celestia having only been around Unicorns, and a lesser degree Pegasi magic workers for the last half a millenia had forgotten just how terrifying that magic can be. Even if used to non-lethally subdue an opponent.

Forming a circle a round her and joining hooves. Celestia saw the ground under her break and the air itself start to harden. As the formed a barrier of earth that would petrify anything in the circle. And even with the defensive strength of Yuanshi Shen she could feel the magic being ripped out of her and her body slowly solidify. It was when a Pegasus’s stray Rikusakeha hit her that her defenses already strained from the Earth Pony’s barrier spell fell. And her body returned to normal the Petrification took her. It was also at this time that Twilight who was attempting to use logic to keep cool snapped.

Luna looked for more challengers when she saw Twilight turn white, her eyes glow red, and her mane and tail burst into a towering inferno of flames. She went to Trixie and Pinkie Pie and wrapped all of them and the carriage in a protective bubble as Twilight went on a Rampage. Just as the bubble set the flames licked around it greedily, igniting the magic around the sphere before flowing like a tidalwave engulfing all before her. There was a blinding light and in a matter of seconds Twilight was unconscious with multiple burn marks, singed bald, and smoke rising from her body.

Off in the distance the tell tale signs of a mass teleportation could be seen, and the very magic in the air smelt burnt. But her sister was still in her stony holding cell. It was at that moment the strain of the form became to much and it shut down leaving an unconscious Luna in its wake.

Trixie had her work cut out for her. She had only just got the hang of healing, and now she was fixing two Deity class ponies. And making sure the other didn’t break on accident. Taking the ambient life energy from the earth, and her own magic she slowly reknitted what she could for Twilight, but the burns she received while healed, she could do nothing for her coat. Which left her a pink fleshy mold. With tattered wings. Those had taken her hours to get even the tiniest nubs of growth to form. But better an actual healer would have to help her. As for the fatigue. She remembered Luna’s special coffee.

With a summoning spell she brought it too her and saw that it was an already brewed black tar like substance. Getting a few table spoons out she put the gunk in a heap of water and set it to boil. She looked over to Twilight dragon that was holding her hoof with a worried expression written clear across his face, “Hello I never caught your name.”

“Whuh? Oh, I’m Spike. Do you think Twilight’s going to be ok? Please tell me she’s going to be ok.” He said tiny tears trickling down his scales.

“Of course Spike. Although I’m not the greatest healer, I did enough to keep her stable. But this brew is a special one from Luna and it has regenerative properties so it might heal her abit more than I was able to.” Trixie replied placing a comforting hoof on his shoulder.

“You know. I like you a lot more better know that you’re nicer, and thanks for helping Twilight it really means a lot.”

“Spike I want to ask you some things.” Trixie said sitting in front of him giving him her most serious look she could muster.

“Sure! What would you like to know?”

“What’s more fun, Pretend or Reality?”

“Pretend, why?”

Waving a dismissive hoof she replied, “I’m getting to that part. But I need to set it up. So What kind of story is more enjoyable. One where you get to make-believe, or one where you don’t?”

“Well that depends. But I guess make-believing can be fun more than having to always read serious stuff.”

“Well that’s what I was doing the first time I came to Ponyville. I was putting on a show, it was all make-believe until Rainbow Dash started insulting me, and taking away from the enjoyment of the crowds. And up until then I had always come to realize that there are alot of cruel ponies out there who want to tear you down, and ruin the enjoyment of others to make themselves look bigger. So I learned to integrate it into my show. To show them up while still giving the audience something that they could enjoy. With those cruel ponies.

But in the end. That’s all it was supposed to be. Me pretending and giving others a memory that they could hold onto that would make them happy. Don’t tell anypony this but I had a heart attack when those two foals brought in that Ursa Minor. Not just because it could kill me, but they could have gotten themselves and everypony killed. I came this close,” she brought her hoove together till they were almost touching, “To dying myself. If it wasn’t for Twilight I probably would have. But what they, both the Element Bearers, and even the citizens of Ponyville did to me was so much worse. But I forgave most of them. And I’m trying to move forward, but I was never truly mean. Can you understand that?”

“Yeah. I guess I can. I mean I would be angry too if I was being bullied like that. Well I’m sorry for thinking you were mean back then, and I am serious about liking you more than when you were pretending. And Thanks for healing Twilight, she’s the best big sis I could ever have.” Spike said looking at Twilight sadly.

“You’re welcome Spike, and for what it’s worth. I like me better when I’m not pretending.” Well let’s see how that coffee is coming along. She turned around and saw Pinkie Pie with the conversation mirrors, all of them full of familiar faces but three. Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, and the missing face of Rainbow Dash.

Bowing to the mirrors she addressed the Crystal Royal Family, “Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Shining Armor! I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to make it to your wedding. And I kind of lost the gift a few years back when Discord was first released.”

“Rise, and please call me Cadance.” Princess Cadance said in a warm voice, “And that’s quite alright, but if you don’t mind me asking why didn’t you make it to our wedding? It was open to the public and anyone could enter.”

Trixie glared at the ground remembering that part of her life, “Not when your me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I was personally tossed out for being a threat to the peace, and because they didn’t want me brining an Ursa Minor into the wedding. Was the exact phrase used. The wedding of a life time and the things that transpired in my first time in Ponyville, and from what Rainbow Dash said the further rumors she spread about me caused me to miss out on it.”

“What do ya mean further rumors?” Apple Jack asked, leaning in close to her mirror.

“Me and her talked and she told me that she spread some rumors to me to the higher ups in Cloudsdale Weather Corporation, and her co-workers. And they added a little bit of their own spin on things, but the end result is that it spread like wildfire.”

“Ah! That’d explain a lot. She’s been mighty depressed lately, and after Spike saying that he’d be angry if he was bullied too. Well she just flew off. Well Ah’m gonna head out and see if Ah can’t find her before y’all get here.”

“You know that Twilight told me that you were a good pony at heart. Even after the Alicorn Amulet incident, and me and my wife have been arguing over weather it was a good idea to let you into our borders. But ... after seeing you with my own eyes, and hearing you talk. Well I’m usually a good judge of character and I’ll be happy to see you get here. Although when things have cooled down I want to talk to you face to face to get to know my sisters friend a little bit better. And someday I’d like to see one of your shows. We over here in the Crystal Empire are separate from Equestria legally and will grant you amnesty. Although I wanted to warn Twilight that the REAF is mounting a large military force across the boarders.

“So you’re going to have to teleport when you all are ready. As for Princess Celestia, we can fix her when you get here. Just make sure that nothing happens to her in the mean time. We’ll see you when you get here.” With that Shining Armor and Cadance left. As they did, the kettle whistled, and Trixie got two cups ready for her sleeping guests.

Luna was the first to get her drink carefully poured down her throat. Her body rippled with lust shudders as her favorite brew of coffee coated her tongue. She shot up and looked around before the battle replayed itself in her head. She looked over as Trixie was just finishing giving Twilight Sparkle a cup and Twilight’s reaction to the brew. If it wasn’t for the fact that Twilight’s furless form was down right sad she would have laughed at her jolting awake and twitching with the shivers of raw caffeine coursing through her veins.

“What the frak is this stuff!” Twilight shouted, “And why am I cold?”

“Well you got a dose of Luna’s special coffee. I used it to try to heal you more since I’m out of juice, and you were unconscious so I thought it could help you out. As for why your cold. Well you bursting into fire wasn’t the best idea for your hair. You are hairless.” Trixie stated handing Twilight a Blanket.

“Sorry about that. I just lost it when Celestia went down. Luna!,” she said looking at the Mare she was addressing, “How in the hay did come there were that many Pegasi who could use Rikusakeha? That move is rare, not to mention crazy using it with civilians around. Were lucky that the stray bolt didn’t reshape the landscape. Where they crazy!”

“Yes they are crazy. In their eyes you two are being kidnaped and subverted if not worse. You forget that ponies can become quite insane over imaginary problems when they have a fear they want to hold onto.” Luna replied. Not quite getting the backhooved meaning of the statement.

“Yes. I know quite well ... but still we need to get to the Crystal Empire soon. I don’t know how much of this insanity I can handle.” Twilight said with a huff before cocooning herself with her blanket.

Trixie walked over to Luna and gave her a quick nuzzle, “I’ll talk to her. Save up your power for the teleport we’re going to need to do.”

Trixie trotted over to Twilight and lay next to her, “Princess Celestia is going to be alright. Between you, Luna and Princess Cadance I know you’ll be able to fix her up.”

Twilight wiggled herself closer to Trixie who wrapped her in a hug to warm her up more. Twilight was silent for awhile before she spoke in a muffled voice, “You know I had always loved Celestia, and I was always protective of her when I heard nobles say snooty things about her. But when we started going out after my Ascension that was the best day ever. She’s always been so strong, so powerful, but to see her taken down like that. It just makes me so angry. At least I sent them to the Canterlot Dungeons rather than the sun.”

Trixie chuckled softly onto Twilights bald head, “I bet I’d react the same way if someone hurt Luna. So I understand completely. You know Spike was really broken up about you?” Trixie murmured as she watched Twilight’s wings start to grow back at a snails pace.

“I bet I’ve been with that little guy since I hatched him from an egg. While Celestia did most of the raising. I helped, and I think I’ve done a good job in help raising him up. You know, I really wish we could have been friends sooner. You really are a sweet mare at heart.” Twilight said while wiggling closer into Trixie.

Trixie coughed and was flustered for a second before blurting out, “I spoken for!”

Twilight and Luna laughed at the outburst and Luna flapped over to face Twilight front wrapping both her and her marefriend in wing hug. Allowing their combined body heat to warm up Twilight, “That she is. Don’t worry Trixie if you ever wanted to add a lover or two I’d be happy to oblige,” She said with a wink. Then looking at Twilight she said, “Don’t worry I’ll have my sister brought back to us in no time, just let me know when you are ready and we can get it underway. Then it’s to the Crystal Empire than to show those upstarts on the throne what it means to deal with an enraged Alicorn Princess.

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8:

It took some time, but eventually Twilight and Luna fixed Celestia. Although her body would need more than Luna’s coffee to heal her. A mixture of land reshaping attacks, over exertion of intense magical forces, and an earth pony petrification barrier made for one experience that Celestia would have loved to be able to forget. It angered her more that they got as far as they did because she was holding back to keep from incinerating them where they stood. Than it did that she forgot the full extent of Earth Pony Magic.

She swore next interation of Twilight, Luna, and herself ruling Equestria she wouldn’t dump all her magical studies and funding to only Unicorns. She was going to try that earlier with the while School for Mages, but in the end that was more to needle the nobles that it was to be serious. She just wanted to see there reaction.

And after hearing the story about how Twilight almost did something more dangerous than the Pegasi Gaurds using a heavily restricted weapon of mass destruction near civies was cause for her to me more stringent in her training her in the arcane martial magics. Although her stoic mood was lifted when Trixie and Luna recounted their little joke on Twilight, and with how violently she was blushing thought to herself that it might be something worth looking into.

With how much Trixie had grown, and grown on her. She was willing to work something out where they could share each other if they were open to it. Although the last time that her and Luna had been intimate had been decades before Sombra’s invasion, and was something that had been lost to all but the most bawdiest of drinking songs. Of course not to long after that there had been wars to fight, nations to save, and Luna falling into a depressive fugue’ that she could save her from. But now she was with a pony, and Trixie didn’t know how lucky she was since she didn’t share her sister with just anypony.

Asking if the collected ponies would excuse them for a bit. Setting themselves aside Celestia initiated telepathic communication.

I know that this may not be the best time to talk about this. But I think it’s important to discuss. Celestia said, a tense feeling like waiting for a hammer to fall rippled through Luna.

It’s about Twilight and Trixie isn’t it? Was the guarded reply she got.

And us. The tension built slightly, but enough that Luna’s body shifted uncomfortably.

Speak your mind ‘Tia. I’ll listen to what’s been weighing on your mind since you saw Trixie and me rest against Twilight.There wasn’t any of the frost from the talk they had months earlier when they talked about Trixie. And that was enough to loosen Celestia up.

I miss you, well us. And I’ve seen how you look at Twilight, and I know from that mischievous grin of yours that you’ve caught me looking at Trixie. And if they are open to it ... well ... it would be nice to be able to share more moments like we used to before those barrels of leeches broke us apart before your corruption and ever since you got back. Celestia asked. Luna could feel the pain that she missed before slither through her like a cloud blotting out the celestial bodies. She was about to respond when Celestia started back up again.

I never said it before but I never meant for your night, or those who practiced it’s arts to go on the wayside as they did. It was just that the night was always to painful for me, it reminded me of how I failed you. How I couldn’t be a better sister, or a better lover for you and if I had been there for you, you wouldn’t have suffered like you did. Then I learn about Trixie, and the Lunarmancer’s and how they’ve all suffered through prosecution the kind that hadn’t been in the open since the 3 tribes summoned the Windigoes by their hatred. And I tried to help you to too get together because I wanted you to be happy. And I’m sorry Lulu. At this point Celestia had stopped caring about her mask and was crying silently as her head rested against Luna’s shoulder.

I thought that you stopped coming to me at night was that you were ashamed of us. That you were through spending time with me. But we should have had this talk along time ago. You have done everything to make amends since all those months ago. You even were there to save Trixie from the mob who had descended upon her. Then you worked on helping me and Trixie get togeher, Luna gave a mental sigh as a weight she didn’t know she had been carrying lifted off her, If they are open to the idea. Then I’d love that, and ‘Tia.


I love you. With a deep nuzzle into her sisters reddening coat Luna stood up and walked back to Trixie.

“What was that about?” Trixie asked.

“Me and ‘Tia had a very long over due chat. And we talked about something that we’re going to talk to you as well as Twilight when the time is right.” Luna replied.

“With how red she is at the moment it must have been something rather interesting I bet. Maybe I should pay her a little dream visit.” Trixie said jokingly.

“A warning to you if you do. Alicorns have more vivid dreams, and it might break your mind to see into Celestia’s dreams if you arrive in there at the moment.,”Luna whispered in her ear. Trixie’s mind went through the various images that could mean and ended as red as Big Mac.

Punching Luna softly in the shoulder she replied, “You’re horrible, you’re lucky that your se ...wait I meant, you’re lucky that I like you. Now I need brain soap and to ... do something ... later.” The last part was 60% embarrassment and 40% awkwardness.

For a mare who was used to using her words it disarmed her how quickly that her marefriend could shut down her higher brain functions in a heartbeat. Although she quickly forgave her. For her first relationship in ages, and the only one where she didn’t have to worry about missing bits, or disappearing property. It was nice and she didn’t mind her being a letch. Now all she needed to do was wait until she had forty minutes to herself to scratch an itch that had been building for months.

The arrival to the Crystal Empire while rushed went a lot more smoothly than they could have hoped. With the warning from Shining Armor, and all the heavy hitters in the Carriage charged up, they made to inside the boarders with the Crystal Army keeping the REAF out of their land. And long enough for them to get the spells on the carriage recharged to speed to the Empire’s Capital where the Element Bearer’s, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, Discord, and a squadron of Crystal Guards greeted them.

All the while Dragon Mail rained down on their heads, as the Cadance was being pelted with demands that they hand over the criminals they were holding, and release the kidnaped Princess Celestia. As well as other bits of Equestrian Legalese that equated to the same thing as well as a proclamation of war if they didn’t. Cadance looked at the mass of letters and laughed heartily at the mass of stupidity that was Equestrian Nobility, “You don’t even have to ask Auntie. Both of you, and Twilight have a yes vote from me.”

Trixie drank in all the sights around her as they made their way to the Crystal Tower. The hate and open hostility that she was used to wasn’t present here. Having lived with it for so long it felt both alien and cathartic all at the same time. Leaning into Luna she was happy that Celestia, and Twilight not only stopped her from ending her life both times. But that she had for the first time such wonderful friends as these that even at her worst, well almost worst, still loved her and treated her like a living pony rather than as a monster to pin all their misgivings upon. But at the same time she was torn on the primal herding instincts of her genes and the modern view of one love to one pony. She truly loved Luna, the incarnation of her only real friend growing up and the only pony to never really abandon her.

But there was Celestia who saved her when she was about to end her life from those who would have done the job for her without really caring. Who she caught looking at her flank from time to time, or whose sight trailed her body when she was lost in thought. Similar to how she looked at Twilight albeit with a lot less heat, but the spark was there. Then there was Twilight. The only real innocent pony in Trixie’s past anger and misgivings. Had never judged her, never helped fuel the fire that Trixie had going against her, and gave her back the past things that meant more to her than her own life. All without asking anything in return.

She was bound and determined to talk to Cadance about it later, being the Goddess of Love, but for know. Even with her herding instincts wanting to gather as many suitable mates as possible, and be close like an extended family of lovers, and friends. Right now Luna was good, and even if she could only have one Mare in her life she was content and happy with Luna, and the others when she had enough alone time to clop. Just like she would want Luna to do if she wanted to have happy time thoughts about others to knock the edge off. Although things were way to soon to be going that route in real life. In one’s fantasies as long as they stayed fantasies than it was all fair play.

It seemed like no time at all she was yanked out of her revelry by Luna nipping her behind the ear causing Trixie to lean further into her before giving a shuddering sigh. Turning her head to return the favor she saw that they were inside the tower proper. With a giant crystal heart spinning around rays of light and love flowing off of it. Without thinking she asked, “How come the Changeling’s never came here? This would be a buffet to them.”

Cadance gave her an odd look before simply answering, “I don’t know. But your right, it’s something we’ll have to look into later I suppose. Now everypony but Discord, Shining Armor, Trixie, and Spike gather around the heart. We’ll do the spell once the Element pour there power into the heart.”

For the rest of her days Trixie wouldn’t be able to fully describe the beauty of what she saw that day. The rainbow wave of power flew from the Bearers into the heart as Cadence, Celestia, and Luna there eyes growing bright white with raw power cast a spell into the heart. It spun faster and faster distorting the rainbow like an oil slick distorts light. Before a mighty blast of power exploded outwards. In the epicenter of the spell she could almost feel the minds and lives of all living things on the planet. She could feel the hate, prejudice, and corruption that had taken root. As well as the love, friendships, and closeness that fought the invading taint of the world.

She witnessed the spell cleanse as much of the taint as it could before going into the minds of all sapient beings. severing memories, knowledge, and experiences from their minds. Taking all things tied to them and ripping them over to the tower. She saw a warehouse with seething with untouchable taints, inconceivable energies, and fates bound to things far in the future, past, and worlds unseen. Then as the spell worn down she saw all the wealth that had been made by the Royal Sisters actions and decrees siphon off into a place deep in the Everfree. Even the parts taken by dragons over the millenia were taken back. And technology, achievements, and things that had been created over the last few millenia were reverted to their original form. Save a few small settlements near the Everfree. As the spell regressed civilization back to the time before the founding of Equestria.

As the spell wore down the heart slowed its spinning, the rainbow left the bearers, and they looked around as if in a daze. It was Rainbow Dash who asked the question on everyones mind, “What was that, and why do I have the feeling that anypony outside this city isn’t going to remember diddily squat?”

“The short answer is that it was a regression and memory spell of epic proportions. It removed any technology, science, and knowledge that happened while we ruled Equestria. And they will remember family members, and important events, but anything dealing with anything else will be a white haze that they will never remember. And the things that did have them made or written will be either in the tower, or the old location of a holding spell for dangerous artifacts.

As for the city. It was built as a spell form, and power amplifier. But all those ponies here are immune to certain types of spells done here. There’s a reason the Crystal Empire effects all of Equestria just by existing.” Celestia answered.

With that she asked everypony to rest up and they would have a busy next few weeks with the backlash from everything that spell was going to do. As well as the nobility finding out that all their wealth and property had vanished from beneath their hooves. Since the Extended Royal Family being node for the spell let them know what happened to their wealth. Even if they weren’t able to locate anything they still would know that the Princess took back the wealth and prosperity they gave the world, returning it to a time far before the modern era.

Luna looked at Celestia and said in an annoyed tone, “We’re going to have to make another “How Equestria was Made” story now. Those are always so tedious to do when we eventually take back the throne. As for all of you present me and my sister will be lowering the sun for the last time the Ponies of Equestria will have to figure it out, and we are going to be making runs into Equestria’s boarders to gather your family members. Well those who wish to come,” and with that was off with her Sister.

Trixie slept for the first time is three days. And was met by a vivid dreamscape much more shaper than anything she had ever witnessed as three days worth of sleep filled her mind. She stood at the cliff that she once stood at contemplating her demise. But now she no longer felt that pull as she looked over the edge she said to herself, “I want to live. I’m never going to stand over here and contemplate death when I finally have a life worth living. Well I might as well try to summon my marefriend and see if we can finally have our date.”

“There’s no need. I’m already here, and I’m proud that you finally freed yourself of this burden. As for a date, I do believe that one is finally in order. Although if it’s a dream does it count?” Luna said standing at her side.

“I’ve always had lucid dreams, and if you’re here and I’m here. And we are going out then it doesn’t matter if it’s a dream. It’s real enough for me.” Trixie said.

“Then I have the perfect place if you don’t mind.”

“I’d love to see where you have in mind.”

The world around them blurred out of focus and when it cleared Trixie was sitting on a spiraling cloud made out of rainbows. The setting sun making her surroundings glow in a multitude of shifting colors, below her a beautiful forest lay below them. After the shock of sitting on a cloud wore off, and she started doing little bounces to feel the comfort of it’s softness while music played softly in the background with no discernable source she asked, “What is this place.”

“Well when my sister was in charge of making Rainbows, once a year she’d make these and Pegasi would take their special somepony to them. It was considered the greatest romantic thing to do. Since I wanted to make our first date memorable so I decided to take you here. Then a little dream hopping for some romantic adventure, and then we’ll take it from there.”

As the sunset, magic within the rainbow fire cloud trapped the sunlight and as the moon rose made it look like they were sitting on glowing, rainbow filled crystals. Slowly a cloud of fireflies rose from the ground below them and in a double helix rose. A faepony with butterfly wings came out from the clouds and served her a steamed, honey glazed tomato with shredded dill leaves, with candied lilacs on a thinly sliced asiago cheese bread. With a side of cinnamon apple chips, with a light cream icing dipping sauce and a glass of spiced sparkling grape juice. Luna had the same thing, but with moon pies rather than apple chips with the sauce.

“This looks delicious thank you. By the way what is this song?”

“It had no title when it came out, but it was made by a qilin named Zanarkand. Over in I think it was year 130 in the first era. She made a few of my favorite songs, but I don’t know if you like Neighponese. So I thought we’d go with an instrumental piece to set the mood.”

“You’ll have to introduce me to the music sometime. But this is beautiful. Thank you.” Trixie said with a blush as the Fire flies finally made it up to them and gave mood lighting that added onto the magical lights from the cloud they were on.

“I’d love to share that music with you someday. I’m glad you like it. While I’m no longer the Mare on the Moon. Do I live up to what you thought it’d be like?” Luna asked.

“More than I could ever imagine. When I was at the darkest part of my life you were one of the few only ponies to lift me out of that, or even cared enough to do so,” She stated passionately, “I’ll admit that I was sad when the Mare on the Moon was gone at first, because she ... well you, were the only friend I had for the longest time. And when all others would leave or betray me for a quick bit. You never did. I could always count on you. But then you were gone ... but then I learned the truth and I was happy for you. But I was worried that you wouldn’t recognize me so I never went up to you. But then you came into my life, and just like when I was growing up, you were there for me. So no matter what happens next, well my dreams have been exceeded.” She gushed.

Luna had a smile on her face that went from ear to ear, “Well I’m glad that I was able to do so. Now let’s see here next up is a movie. I think Pinkie Pie is playing some music videos and a few matinee’s. Although we should steer clear of her nightmares. Those things are almost as strange as she is herself.”

And with their meals finished and without further ado they were gone.

The inside of Pinkie’s dreamscape was industrious to say the least. It was a twisting three dimensional Labyrinth of intertwining staircases were where a wall would be another labyrinth of staircases. Somewhat akin to MC Escher’s Relativity, but taken up to 11. But that what was strange was that ever four sections of the walls, floor and ceiling would be constantly moving at spins, spirals, and inverted loops at regular intervals. While the spaces between the sections moved like a giant conveyer belt moving a proverbial city of pinkies as well as Luna and Trixie around between the areas. Each Pinkie seemed to be doing one vital task or another. To sum things up. It was mind boggling.

“What is all this?” Trixie Asked hesitantly worried to know what the answer to be yet unable to prevent herself from wondering out loud.

“Well that’s a hard one to answer really. You see this is what my mind usually looks like both while I’m awake and asleep. All these Pinkie Pie’s are a fragment of Pinkie Pie helping Pinkie Pie sort together what ever she needs work on. It’s also why you outsiders think she is random, mostly because the filing system is still being worked onto more readily store all the information she has ever received, will receive or in some cases will yet to have receive.

All of us are working together to make a more efficient, and industrial mind in the service of Pinkie so that Pinkie’s will can be done. Now if you’ll follow me I am Pinkie and I will be your guide.” With that the Pinkie Pie that greeted them led them through an intricate and insanely complex series of stairs.

“So you are all Pinkie?” Trixie asked.

“Yes. All are Pinkie and All are one.”

“So you’re like ants?”

“More like analogous sentient programs that are part of central program that connects us.”

“Ah!” Trixie stated, less because she fully understood, and more because it was easier than to grasp how a mind could function in such conditions.

Eventually they reached a city sized Movie Theater held within the many vaults that was Pinkie’s mind. Trixie looked over at Luna and asked something that she wanted to know the second she saw Pinkie Pie the first time, and even more so know that she was in her mind, “Is Pinkie Pie ... you know ... well ... A real Pony? Or is she some kind of magical creature from beyond the stars? No offense Pinkie Pie.”

“Well honestly that is a tricky one to answer. I can honestly say that you’re going to have to ask Celestia about that one ... but she does have family of sorts. Let’s just say that Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie and very few entities can meet Pinkie’s innerself and not crack from the truth. Let’s leave it at that for now, trust me. Some things ponies are better off not knowing. But I will say the form she’s taken and the things she’s done are to make others happier.”

Trixie nodded and walked through numerous rooms. Each with their different labels before stopping at, The Princess Bride. Even though it was filled with Earth Ponies, with the only two unicorns being the old creepy couple that lived in the woods inside that secret tree. She still found it hilarious, and funny. Especially the part where Westley fights the outlaws on the Cliffs of Insanity before beating the Vizzini in a game of wits. By the end of the movie Trixie was winded from having such a good time.

“So what do you want to do now?” Luna asked.

“Surprise me.” Trixie said nuzzling Luna.

Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

Luna took Trixie to a place that none since her and her sister were together had been. Now a lot of ponies in this modern day and age might see incest as wrong, and in most cases they were right. But when you have two deity level beings who outlive entire nations, see civilizations rise and fall, and friends, extended family, and loved ones turn to not but dust in the ground. Forever becomes a mighty long time and another immortal there who knows you, is close to you already, and loves you even when you make mistakes. Then it isn’t that strange for romance and a deeper love to bloom. Which is why when Luna thought her sister was done with her in that way she fell as hard as she did.

But as far as first dates go she couldn’t think of a better way than to wrap it up here in her most special of places. Her dreamscape. The sky shone brightly with Three Moons, an indigo one representing herself with her cutie mark embellishing it, a yellow one with Celestia’s cutie mark, and one of a light blue with Trixie’s. The night sky they swam within had the living, sentient versions of the constellations that the mortals couldn’t see, and refused to be bonded to. Other than that fallen ones who fell during her time as Nightmare Moon, Hydra, The Ursa’s, Lupus, Scorpio, and Saggita. Of those only Saggita was ever sealed away by Celestia being a Celestial Weapon.

The constellations danced, and interacted, and communicated here with her as well as each other. And below them was tranquil indigo sea with tiny specks of baby stars that formed an almost cloud like substance that encircled her dreamverse. Off in the distance there was the Hall of Dreams, the Hall of Memories, and a Castle that held all the things she worked on, created, and studied. And where the Celestials could come to her with their supplications. It was also where she helped sculpt solutions to other ponies nightmares and imparted Lunar Rights and Blessings to those who wished for such things. Although the later had been eras since it was accomplished.

Trixie looked around in awe. When she was younger, after she left home and was thinking about what to do with her life. She learned of the Constellations and would name them off when she saw them. But to see them as living breathing things was truly a sight to behold. A few of them she knew of as creatures that stalked the Everfree Forest, but the others she always thought of as just stars. To see them as Luna knew them, and see how much more alive and peaceful it was. She was awestruck that nopony ever noticed sooner, or cared to learn of such magnificence.

Then to see that she was important enough to Luna that she’d make a place in her dream’s sky for her was enough to stop her breath and her heart to skip a beat. After all even though they hadn’t dated officially, all the little moments that she treasured, and all the love and support that she received from Luna over the months were as good as any date. Even if they would have been farther than if Luna had taken the leap sooner, or if she had the courage and tenacity that she had before the events that lead to her becoming her Protege’.
“Oh buck it! Luna?” Trixie looked over at Luna looking at her. The tension that had been building up for ages now was to much, and her having her special time before she passed out hadn’t done anything to alleviate things.

“Hmmm?” Luna asked. Just then Trixie wrapped her hooves around Luna’s neck and pulled her into a kiss. The feeling of a static electrical warmth filled her mouth, and her body shuddered with enjoyment of her first kiss with Luna. But where Trixie had little experience in the department, Luna was more than happy to show her how things were done. Even though she was going to stop at kissing for now since there was always time to go further later. She was going to fully enjoy the moment.

Laying her down on the nebulous cloud, Luna wrapped a wing and a foreleg around her bringing their bodies close together. Her wing making tiny circular massages on Trixie’s back like the caresses of many satiny fingers. As their bodies floated on the cloud, their bodies entwined, their world fell into the joy of their tongues dancing upon each others. Trixie’s body tried to buck itself closer to Luna involuntarily as tiny moans of pleasure creeped out of her throat. Their vibrations in Luna’s mouth felt like a symphony and she returned in kind. For a brief moment Luna contemplated loosing herself to the Mare she was sharing herself with, but decided against it. Withdrawing from the kiss, their nostrils touched as they shared each others breath for a few short moments letting their hormones cool down.

“There’s time for the bigger stuff later, but that was enjoyable. The pleasures of thee kisses are worthy of a bard’s song.” Luna languidly said as the emotional high left her with a sensual buzz.

“Right.” Trixie replied breathlessly, “First dates and all. Wow ... I didn’t even think it was going to be this good when I rubbed on off this evening ... Damn dreamscapes making a pony speak their mind!” She yelled the last part out as she was stuck between burying her head in Luna’s neck to hider her embarrassment, and wanting to die from the same emotion.

“Don’t worry about it, I understand the temptation of being with a pony as wonderful as I. That and you’ll receive no judgments from me, after all I deal with all the things that happen under a night’s sky. And I’m no stranger to the needs of the flesh. Although I’d like to know what things you saw us doing together someday?” Luna said in a mix of understanding and teasing.

“And your sister.” Trixie blurted out.

“Ah! So you are open to the idea after we’ve had some time to bond ourselves?”

“After I joined the castle I saw some bit novels. And they were ... well rather thick with what they called Princest, and well your offer kind of got me thinking about them. And yes, we need time for us first before I open up the offer to Twilight Sparkle. But as for your original question you are better than I imagined.” She said moving in for another kiss which lasted much longer and much more passionately than the first.

After their passionate embrace they lay next to each other gazing into each others eyes. The warmth of their bodies dancing between one another. Luna rested her head on Trixie’s neck and with a blaze of Lunar magic made a Rose with the color of the three moons, and a moon-silver, thornless stalk, with silver green leaves. Setting in her ear she whispered, “For when you wake up.”

As Luna said that Trixie woke up, before the days events, and more better the night’s events rushed to her. Reaching up she felt something and with her magic brought down the rose Luna gave to her in the dreamscape. A smile lit her face since the farce that was her previous profession that had brought her fans and adulations had come tumbling down. Feeling the heat beneath her tail she reached down and felt something that would need to be dealt with before she left for the what ever time of the day it was.

After taking care of business and taking a much needed bath so she didn’t smell like a mule on a bad day. She, with the guidance of some Crystal Staff ponies, and the flower braided into her hair walked into the meeting room where most of the other ponies had already woken up. Twilight grinned at her and waved her over, while Celestia commented on Trixie’s appearance, “Well it’s good to see some pep in your step. So I assume that you and Luna had a good first date.”

“Most definitely. Luna really is amazing.” Trixie said with a goofy grin as her back legs subconsciously quivered from the memory of her kiss, she looked dreamily at Celestia as she sipped her tea, her grin widening, “Did Luna and you talk about what me and her talked about last night?”

Celestia’s spit take, followed by her heavy coughing into her cup had Luna rolling on the ground laughing, and Trixie fighting to hold back a laugh of her own. To the confusion of everypony else in the room. Twilight looking at Luna, Celestia, and Trixie with a bewildered expression finally asked what was up as Luna cried that she couldn’t breathe and her ribs were hurting between uproarious bouts of laughter.

“Trust me, that’s for Luna and Trixie to talk to you about later. For now ... let’s just say it’s as embarrassing as it is a good thing. But it isn’t for me to say.” The blush gave her away, but Twilight accepted it with a nod. Knowing Celestia wouldn’t keep any more big things away from her after their talk about secrets a week after her Coronation, and the shocker that the other Element Bearers were effected by her ascension spell, needing only wait for their transformation at an unknown time, was a good start as far as keeping things in the open between them.

“Well Trixie I guess I’ll catch you up on everything,” Twilight said getting into her lecture mode, “We gave the ponies of Equestria the Levitation Spell to raise the sun and moon. And if they can’t do it, Celestia and Luna are going to be changing things once every few weeks or so. The climate can survive without one or the other for at least three months before the land starts dying off so a few weeks should be alright enough. The world outside these boarders has descended into chaos, and it should take up to six months from what Celestia and Luna have told me about the previous three eras of Equestria’s history.

The technology, art, music, and other things brought to Equestria under Celestia and Luna’s reign have been moved by the Crystal Ponies to a secret island where the Alicorn’s came from apparently and holds the Alicorn Museum. By the way Celestia you promised to take me there for a date next month. Anyways, everything that needed to be stored is stored where it needs to be. And things that needed to be sealed away are well ... as sealed away as they’re going to be.” The last part was said with a nervous shifting of the eyes, “But anyways. It’s not like a large wave of unholy terrors from or ancient, ancient past are about to be unsealed and descend upon Equestria and we may not get to them in time. No not at all. Let’s change the subject shall we? So Trixie how are you liking the weather?”

Twilight’s inability to lie, and the ability to freak out non-withstanding Trixie thought that it’d be good to help her get back on track, “Nightish. Now, what are these era’s your talking about?” She asked noting that almost everypony plus spike, and except a very Discord who knew the story, in the room didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Oh that’s right! I keep forgetting that the things I learned from Celestia after ascending I haven’t told you all yet. Well a long long time ago when Celestia and Luna were half our ages their parents left to finish the Great Alicorn War, and they, that is Celestia and Luna, wandered the land. Eventually they came across our primitive ancestors in Equestria. As well as a few of the offspring that were Alicorn of the Alicorn and the mortal races. This was a long, long time ago. About four thousand, five hundred to five thousand years ago. After beating discord with the artifacts their parents entrusted with them, telling them that when the time was right, and they proved their mettle they would help them. These of course were the Elements of Harmony.

“After Discord was defeated they seeing how far behind ponies were decided to hand them all of the Alicorn Knowledge and Technology and in the end it was too much for ponies. Another Race War broke out and the founders of Equestria used their knowledge, the Crystal Heart, which was the heart fire shown in the Hearth’s Warming Eve tale. And a few Spells that Celestia and Luna could do being of Alicorn Blood, added with the Elements of Harmony, did what you just saw yesterday. Now this didn’t get rid of the very few Alicorns still around at the time, few who were mortal, a few who died later of damage received in combat, and the rest either are at the Museum as its caretakes, aren’t part of this plane of existence, or were sealed away for crimes against nature.

“Which brings me to the next Era. With the memory of what happened removed they set up their Kingdom and knowing that Alicorns helped somehow, elected these Half Alicorns to rule them. They in turn built a floating island that merged Cloud, land, and sea together in city called Atlantis. They and a large group of ponies moved to there and while the Crystal Empire was still the magical hub of all of Equestria with it’s Crystal Heart filling the land with love and friendship. Atlantis soon became the hub of all knowledge, and the Royal Sisters having stepped down from the thrown to attempt to be foals rather than rulers, didn’t see the horrors happening until it was too late.

“In an attempt to harness and control the very nature of the universe they created 12 magical constructs out of some of their Alicorn kin, that were not only symbiotic in nature, but had more control over their providence than they ever had before. On top of that the few left over introduced magical genetics through engineering their city denizen’s dna. This introduced a whole new level of Race Wars since it wasn’t about just race, but about who was augmented with new genes and those who weren’t. Which led to the creation of the living weapon, Lettum the Annihilator. Who took control of the 12 beasts and formed them into 9. Don’t ask the significance I don’t know the purpose that 9 stood for. Anyways he used them and his great powers to reshape Equestria, and splitted the two super continent that we were connected to was into the world we know today.

“That in turn got the other ponies to get Celestia and Luna and they in turn ended the second era by Sealing Lettum, all if not most of the tailed beasts, and the Followers who were in the city when they personally sealed away Atlantis, the only way we know of tales about it is that it wasn’t fully their reign when it happened, and the stories from the survivors survived in word of mouth until they could be recorded. Then of course Sombra, Nightmare Moon, and this whole mess was Era 3. We are now headed into the fourth Era when they take back the throne when ever that happens.

“And that is everything I can think of. At least that I can tell you. There are a few mysteries that even I wish that I never knew.” And with that Twilight left lecture mode to the sight of jaw dropped faces as they had their world view shattered then ground into dust.

“So what do we do now?” Cadance asked.

“Well for now we wait, get those ponies we care about out of Equestria, and wait until they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Either that or an actual war will brew. I just hope that the Unicorns listen to me when I told them to send a Celestial Maiden for the joining of the Maiden’s Day. Now that their are more prominent Martial Arts than the 3 Pillars, I told the various head masters of the Martial Art’s schools whom don’t believe the poppycock the Nobility were spreading to begin with a letter to start up Bìyòu Tournament. Also known as the Divine Shield Tournament they are going to need it for the ages ahead and we can use some loyal fighters for if things get rough.

“Until then we wait. We take a much needed break, and we’ll see what we’ll see.” With her speech over Celestia whisped something into Twilight’s ear that got her to leave in a hurry together. And the others left at their own pace soaking up the knowledge that they just absorbed. While Discord went off to do his service to Celestia by pranking the new Equestrian Ruling Class as much as he liked within the boundries that she had set before him months ago when she started to allow him to prank others to keep his powers channeled in an appropriate manner.

“A lot to to take in isn’t it?” Luna said draping a wing over her.

“It is but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I just hope that things get properly fixed in my lifetime.” She replied as her head rested against Luna’s neck, “But at least I’ll be spending those days waiting, spending my time with you and I’m blessed.”

Moving her head over she nibbled on Luna’s neck eliciting a shudder as she slowly worked her way up to Luna’s mouth. Even if they never got past this part for a while, the sweet taste and the electrical sense of pleasure from Luna’s mouth was enough to satiate her appetites for now. And the last logical thought she had before loosing herself in their shared embrace and the feeling of Luna’s tongue dancing passionately within hers was, I could get used to more days like this.

Friendship Reports

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Dearest Luna,

Twilight told me how much her Friendship Letters and the Letters of her friends helped as well as were appreciated by Celestia. And yes Twilight is glaring at me for being loose, but we’ve always been informal and I’m going to keep it at that. Well I’m going to be opening this letter as you can tell in my own hornmareship rather than let somepony else do all the work. And we need to show Twilight how to take a joke, but seriously I jest.

If you were to tell me a year ago that I was going to have my life destroyed to the point of being broken, would be saved by the Princesses, and shown true unconditional love. I would have laughed. But it did, and it taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. We aren’t shaped by our ancestry any more than we choose to be. Even if those shadows stretch long, and the ones who cast it do so unintentionally. We, with the strength our loved ones and friends give us can rise up from the ashes of our past. From the crumbled wreck that our lives, and reshape our life to a better tomorrow.

I never truly appreciated friendship, or even thought about love in a serious manner. But having met you, Celestia, Twilight, Pinkie Pie ,who are going to tell me who she really is someday, Rarity, and Fluttershy. If I had to do everything else just to have this perfect moment with all of you. Then I would in a heart beat.

- Love Trix.

Hello Luna,

I’ll admit that when I first met Trixie I felt self-conscious, nervous, and even a little intimidated. Although the reasons for those were wide and varied. And not in a bad way. But I was sad that I was never able to help her when she left, and when she returned it was like nothing I had expected.

But she has grown, and through her trails has taught me something important. If you have a good cause, and the chance to help somepony then you should try to do so because you have no idea what those seemingly small acts of either kindness or neglect could lead to. Also tell Celestia that Trixie and I talked and while I’m not sure about weather I want to do that. I give my blessing for you and Celestia to have fun, and someday maybe I’ll be open to seeing how it goes.

- Twilight Sparkle

Hi! It’s Pinkie Pie here and I learned that you shouldn’t judge a pony if you don’t know the whole story. Otherwise you could end up hurting their feelings and making them a Saddy McSadderface. Then they need not one, but two amazing Princesses to save them, and one as a benchwarmer for when that pony gets really, really sad. Like a ruined first date by evil usurpers kind of sad. That and don’t insult ponies who have Alicorn powers if you want lips or the ability to breath. On second thought, insulting ponies is bad anyways since it only hurts their feelings and never goes well for those you hurt.

Well everypony is telling me not to take up ten pages like I did the last time I wrote to Princess Celestia about the importance of a Suborbital Party Canon. So I’m heading off.

- Pinkie Pie.

Hello Princess Luna,

This is Rarity and Fluttershy. I learned that standing up for friends is important, but so is not putting other ponies down while doing it. It takes a special kind of pony to try and turn ridicule into a source of inspiration to help others. One I must say that I need to learn to do now more than ever. When I first met Trixie, I’ll admit that my views on her were biased. But after I learned about Trixie the pony, not Trixie the showmare. I learned that even more important than the ability to turn struggle to success, or not putting others down. I learned that even in the most extreme of personalities there is a chance to find a friend in that pony if you both are willing to work at it. And that friendship can be just as beautiful as gem.

Hi this is Fluttershy, I learned that even if a pony might seem scary and mean. If you take time to know them they might not be as bad as you thought at first. And might actually be a really nice pony.

-Rarity and Fluttershy.