• Published 25th Aug 2013
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Two Moons - TheGreatEater

TrixieX???? Random Shipping Fic contest entry. Trixie had almost given up on her life, and the lie she's held for so long. When Princess Celestia and Luna save her. Trixie has to come to terms with who she is and who she can become.

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A Very Important A/N

Originally I was going to run this through an editor, but he is having some IRL scheduling problems. Since while he did offer to let me change editors I'm not the kind of person to say (directly or indirectly) that their lives are less important than my story. That plus he seems like an alright person so if he needs to take time, then it takes time, but I'd not be able to make the deadline so here's the plan.

I'm putting down the story that I have saved here for almost a month now. And I have the Gdocs being edited in a Gdocs folder so when all the files are done I'll post Two Moons: Rewrite. So those who want to read the original thank you for your time and giving my story a go. Those who wish to wait I thank you for looking this over.

Y'alls comments, criticisms, and thoughts are welcome.

AU tag:

Alicorn's after my head canon Great War that I mention in Journeys. But rather than all but two Alicorns being gone for good. Things went slightly differently.

Just like my head canon thoughts on Cadance [was born [just like the Cake Twins were from recessive genetics]], there was an original rush of Half Blooded Alicorns, from an Alicorn parent and an Non-Alicorn. With a different world history from Canon, and a custom canon for this universe.

Atlantis: Different from the Atlantis me and FrostMane made in the Comment section of this blog. In that it was made from the Alicorn descendants and other races. It is mentioned in some detail later on although it doesn't show up in this fic.

Martial Arts: While I love 3 Pillar Martial Arts and in my head canon 5% of the populace masters it. In this story Guards have access to some of it, giving them access to Super Powered, Pony Martial Magical Arts.