• Published 7th Aug 2013
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A Story for Spike - yodajax10

After Spike's rampage in "Secret of my Excess", Spike realizes he had one gift he forgot to open.

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A Story for Spike

NOTE: If you haven't seen the episode "Secret of my Excess", I reccomend doing so before reading this story.

Many events have happened this day, for the day before was Spike's first birthday in Ponyville. He received gifts more then he can realize, and he started to get a little greedy. Soon, his greed started to transform him into a huge monster, literally. He brought many destruction to Ponyville, but the love brought by his all-time crush, Rarity, transformed him back into his original form. Everything was now fine, everypony forgave Spike, and now Twilight had to talk to her little dragon.

It was now nighttime in Ponyville. In the bedroom of Twilight Sparkle's library, Spike was looking out the window, he looked a little depressed. Twilight peeked in her room and saw Spike.

"Hey, Spike?" said Twilight. "Are you feeling okay?"

Spike looked and saw Twilight. "Uh, yeah," said Spike. "I'm alright, it's just...it's just..."

"You feel bad of what you did?" said Twilight, referring to his rampage.

Spike nodded, still looking depressed. "I think I'm now starting to see why you don't bring me along on some of your adventures." He said. "Like when I couldn't go to the Best Young Flyers Competition, or when I didn't go to Canterlot to celebrate your birthday." He looked up to Twilight. "Am I really that bad to everypony?"

Twilight felt sorry for Spike. "Spike, come here." She said reaching her hoof out. Spike sat next to Twilight as she put her hoof on her shoulder.

"I understand how you feel, but things got better," said Twilight, patting his back. "Everypony forgave you, and you got another kiss from Rarity." said Twilight nudging him.

Spike blushed at that. "Yeah, I did." said Spike. He then realized something. "Twilight?" said Spike.

"Hmm?" said Twilight.

"Speaking of my birthday," said Spike. "Of all the gifts I got, I never got the present from you."

"Oh, Spike." said Twilight. "You already know what it is. Another book."

"That doesn't mean I don't want to see it." said Spike.

Twilight smiled warmly at Spike. She then used her magic to get the book and gave it to Spike. Spike pulled the ribbon off and looked at the book.

"There's something familiar about this book." He said. Twilight smiled at him. "I know this book!" said Spike, smiling while looking at the book.

A young Twilight Sparkle was walking inside her home with her foalsitter, Cadence. Today was little Spike's birthday, and Twilight and Cadence had a special gift for him.

"Do you really think Spike is going to like it?" said Twilight nervously. "I'm not sure."

"I'm sure that he'll love anything you picked out for him." Cadence said smiling at her.

They both opened the door and saw little Spike playing with his toys. He looked and saw Twilight and Cadence.
"Twilight! Cadence!" He said, happily. He happily ran over to Twilight and Cadence as they all shared an embrace.

"Guess what we got for you!" said Cadence.

"Whatcha get me? Whatcha get me? Whatcha get me?" Spike said, jumping up and down enthusiastically.

Cadence looked at Twilight and nodded. Twilight then nervously pulled out the present. "Wow!" said Spike.

"Open it up!" said Cadence.

Spike opened up the present as Twilight sweated nervously.

Spike was wide-eyed when he saw the present. "You guys got me a book?" Spike said happily. Twilight sighed in relief. "You really got this for me?" said Spike.

"Happy Birthday!" said Twilight and Cadence.

Spike jumped up and shared another embrace with Twilight and Cadence. "Thanks guys!" Spike said, happily.

"You really found it, after all these years?" said Spike.

"Yep." said Twilight.

Spike looked at the book and then smiled at Twilight. "Out of all the presents I got this year," said Spike as he then hugged Twilight. "Yours is my favorite."

Twilight got a little teared up as she smiled at him. She then wrapped her hooves around Spike, sharing a hug with him.

"Can you read this book to me?" said Spike. "It's been so long."

Twilight smiled at Spike. "Of course." She said. Twilight tucked Spike in his little bed and began to read the story. "Once upon a time," said Twilight. "There was a beautiful princess. Everything was nice and peaceful. But then, a ferocious dragon came around and kidnapped the princess."

Cadence was on the floor, reading the book to Twilight and Spike, who were both snuggled up with her. "But while being captive, the princess soon saw, that the dragon wasn't all mean, he was actually really nice." "Like me!" said Spike. "Yes, like you." said Cadence, smiling as she gave Spike a nuzzle.

"As time went by," said Twilight. "The princess and the dragon became closer, and closer. And soon, the princess made a vow, that she would protect the dragon from any harm, as he did with her."

"And so, the princess and the dragon lived happily ever after." Cadence finished. She then saw Twilight and Spike were both asleep. She smiled as she pulled a blanket over them and gave them both a kiss on the forehead. Spike snuggled with both Twilight and Cadence and said silently in his sleep. "That was the best story ever..."

"The best story ever..." Spike said, drifting off to sleep. Twilight smiled at Spike and kissed him on the forehead. "Happy birthday, Spike." She said, quietly as she then got in her bed and fell asleep.


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Comments ( 20 )

Not bad but not good. Kind of so-so. :applejackunsure:

Very sweet, but not really anything else. I don't think you're a bad author or that this is a bad story—but it is so short and doesn't really have any plot development, so I can't write much of a review. :/

Another heartwarming and beautiful story with Spike and Twilight. I am glad she was there to comfort him after his rampage:twilightblush:. This was a whole lot better than the show's ending, because she didn't even walk up to Spike as she sat on the bridge, no pony except for Rarity, and although that was sweet of Rarity, it was kind of cold of Twilight and the others not to go comfort him. :fluttershysad:

I like it... as long as Twilight is not his mother.

I like it, but it could have been fleshed out a bit more, also I advise you wright the flashbacks in italics and remove the word flashbacks, as they're kind of distracting

Congrats, man.
Your story is on the top of the popular stories list, as of 1:30:pinkiehappy:

He brought many destruction to Ponyville,

"Much" not "many"

Twilight peeked in her room and saw Spike.

"Into her room", not "in her room"

I never got the present from you

Not sure if grammatically incorrect, but still an awkward way of saying "I never opened your present."

Many events have happened this day, for the day before was Spike's first birthday in Ponyville. He received gifts more then he can realize

same as before, not incorrect, but awkward way of saying " had happened today". Although if the events happened on spikes birthday, and that was yesterday, it needs to be changed to show this. "then" needs to be "than" and "can realize" is still correct, but doesn't mean what you intended and should be "he could imagine" or "thought possible" or some other form like "could hope for" since its refering to a past event.

Twilight as she put her hoof on her shoulder.

not sure if you meant she put her hoof on her own shoulder or "his".

Twilight got a little teared up as she smiled at him

Awkward way of saying "Twilight teared up a little." Could also say "Twilight got a little teary eyed as"

"Of course." She said.

comma not period after course.

But while being captive, the princess soon saw, that the dragon wasn't all mean

the second comma is not needed and messes up the message. Could be changed to "wasn't mean at all" but that's just nitpicking.

"Yes, like you." said Cadence,

comma not period after you.

"And so, the princess and the dragon lived happily ever after." Cadence finished

comma not period after after.

sleep. "That was the best story ever..."

comma not period after sleep.

Happy birthday, Spike." She said,

comma not period after Spike.

A nice little vignette.

An excellent little story. My biggest piece of advice here would be to ignore the people who are saying its too short. One if the beauties of pieces like this is that you can get a heartwarming little vignette that you can read through in a couple of minutes and move on past. The story is all there, it makes you feel good reading it, what more do you need.

Fine work, mate.

:moustache:This should have been the very last scene of the episode... So cute!:twilightsmile:

Hey, what's the source for the cover art on this story, by the way?:twilightsheepish:

Needs editing, but the core is sound! Really like how you flipped a gag from the show into something more meaningful. :twilightsmile:

While the pacing and description could be improved, this is a very cute idea :twilightsmile:

I notice about your stories in general, the actual writing could use touching up, but you have some great ideas!

He brought many destruction to Ponyville

Many destruction. Such writer. Very Engrish. Wow.

3006063 BOOOH- Well actually, i guess you're right.:applejackunsure:

D'aaaaawwww.... too cute!:twilightsmile:

I loved the story! :twilightsmile:

This story is so cute and lovely. It is a good short story.

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