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What Spike was doing in the episode "Stare Master". After Twilight leaves to go have tea with Zecora, Spike starts to worry when Twilight doesn't come back after a while. (NOTE: If you haven't seen the episode "Stare Master", I recommend doing so before reading this story).

Cover art belongs to TheDescendant.

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I like it. I've always found that scene where Fluttershy finds Twilight turned into stone kind of heavy. What if Fluttershy never found her? Spike could have lost his best friend/big sister/mother figure (whichever) forever.

Hmm, not bad! I rather enjoyed this, even a tear or two were shed...such a sweet story.:heart: Keep up the good work!:raritywink:

Beautiful and touching story. I am a huge Spike fan, and this put a smile on my face, especially with Twilight comforting Spike, and singing him to sleep to make sure he wasn't worried anymore. Great job man. :twilightblush::pinkiehappy:


It was going so well............. then they started singing! :raritydespair: Oh the horror!

Aw.. now that is a beautiful and heartwarming ending. That picture is beautiful too. FlutterSpike is my favorite ship. :twilightblush::heart:

What if Spike was like knighted?


Nice story, but you could improve

For example, when you change time periods, like when you change from Spike going to sleep at sunset and waking up at night try using something to separate the paragraphs.


Like this.

Another thing you should worry about is the pacing of the story and the words you use. When Twilight explain to Spike about being attacked by a Cockatrice it is very rushed, you'd think she would explain it a bit more.
If you don't want to do that, you could use something like:

And then Twilight told Spike about her encounter with a cokatrice.

Nothing THIS simple of course. But you get the idea


Given Spike's saving the Crystal Empire and getting his own stained glass window, he's probably a knight now. Even if that weren't enough Twilight being a Princess now and having hatched him would have probably given him a place as a Knight.

person, you've given me a new lullaby to sing thank you.

This is the second time I read something like this, but the first full story.

That picture was the perfect final touch. Liked and Fav'd.

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