Loyalty; Generosity; Laughter; Honesty; Kindness; Magic;
These are the pillars upon which Equestrian society stands. Upon these principles, Harmony is maintained, and civilization flourishes.

But there are other magics in this world. Intelligent life requires three things:
Wisdom, to decide upon an action.
Courage, to go through with the action.
Power, to carry out the action.

An individual with Wisdom, Courage, and Power... can change the world.

Evil unlike any Equestria has ever seen has come to the Everfree, and through proximity, Ponyville. The Mane 6 must attempt to overcome the darkness they are faced with; it will not be easy.

But they will not face such evil alone.

The Hero has come.

A Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and MLP crossover.

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Now with an amazing YouTube reading by the equally amazing AShadowOfCygnus!

During its two year search for Shepard, the lone Geth traveled across the galaxy, exploring worlds both known and unknown. After a blind FTL jump to escape from an Alliance patrol, it found itself in a previously undiscovered system, a system without a mass relay and completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy. It touched down on one of the worlds, a garden-like planet, with the intention of gathering data on any flora and fauna that may have been present.

Instead, it made a remarkable discovery.

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NOTE: This story takes place years before the Return, back when Twilight was just a filly.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and Electronic Arts.

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After a pickup mission gone wrong, a Huragok (Called Engineers by humans) crashes in the Everfree Forest. Witnessing the crash-landing and her curiosity getting the better of her, Apple Bloom finds the little gasbag. After a traumatic first encounter, she takes the biological supercomputer home. While she and the other ponies try to figure out what a Huragok actually is, they are completely unaware of the danger it poses to them.

Note: This story takes place sometime after the Halo novel The Thursday War by Karen Traviss

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Aku thought he had finally done it.
A portal torn open in time, the foolish samurai cast far into the future where Aku could never possibly be defeated.

Aku was feeling pretty good about himself, right about then; at least, until something decidedly un-samurai like came back through the portal.
Something with a hankering for chaos and chocolate milk.

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There's a story behind every Magic card, but they probably don't have quite as many ponies in them as these do. Set throughout Equestrian probability space, each of these stories was inspired by a card chosen through Gatherer's Random Card function. As such, categories and characters will vary.

Done for One-Shotober.

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One Doctor has just had himself removed from his universe in order to save it. The other is traveling alone after a disagreement with his wall-eyed companion. They are in for just a bit of a surprise when their TARDISes collide in transit.


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Collected here are the various omakes, bonus chapters and any other extra content from the Dresden Fillies series.

All of the following are non-canon to the Dresden Fillies series, except 'Ditzy Dream' and 'Obsidian Journeys' which are companion pieces to 'The Dresden Fillies: False Masks'. All stories containing spoilers will include a disclaimer.

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The Songbird, protector of the lamb of the flying city of Columbia was thought dead. Though as it would soon discover, his charge was not the only being able to open the mysterious tears. In the forest of this new land, he finds peace with the native animals. However, the urge to protect something, anything, would soon drive him to respond to the cheerful whistling of an equine with a penchant for protecting creatures like him, no matter how foreign they appeared.

No game spoilers, and the chapters that may contain vague spoilers are marked with a *
Contained within are the following characters from Bioshock Infinite: Songbird and the Luteces.

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Kirby is an unknown phenomenon. His powers confused the inhabitants of Dreamland and foiled the plots of evil masterminds. Over all, he's a super tough, pink puff.

After a warp in Kirby's spaceship, he is rocketed into Equestria, where he must adapt to the strange land and find a way to fix his ship, but not before shenanigans ensue...

Cover Art:
Fimfiction: KlutzJellyfish
DeviantArt: http://daschnookle.deviantart.com/

A/N: As Kirby is an enigma, I will be placing it as either 3rd person Kirby, or 1st person for one of the main six. POVs will alternate.

P.S. I'm basing this off of the show "Kirby: Right Back at Ya'!" and "Hoshi No Kaabi"

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After that last poker tournament, it was only natural that you'd accept the invitation to the new one. Time for four more suckers to lose their earnings...
Only one question: Why is it in some place called "Ponyville"?

Starring Rarity, Mr. Foster (of Killing Floor), Medic (of TF2), Strong Bad (of Homestar Runner), and YOU, the Player!

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