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Wallace and Gromit go to the moon for a picnic. They find a lonely pony, a lovestruck robot, and an incredibly cheesy life-lesson.

Rated E for Englishness.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of 22nd January 2014!

Saw some Wallace & Gromit pony art. Then this happened. Enjoy!
Thanks to Mr101 and Craine for pre-reading.

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Huzzuh! It's out!

I feel ashamed that I never thought to do this before, kudos to you my friend.

Luna's face in that cover art, tho


That is now my new avatar.

ALL OF MY YESes. :pinkiehappy:

Original, clever, and overall, a good story.
Upvoted and favorited.

Oh my god I love Wallace and Gromit! Thanks for making this fic!!

I love Wallace and Gromit. I love My Little Pony. You must do more. MORE.

Yes. Just... Yes. :yay:

On a side note, I think this deserves a sequel... Maybe some other characters from other franchises visiting the moon and meeting Luna?

Didn't think it was possible, this kind of crossover.

All my yes! Why didn't Luna ask for a ride? And what happened to the skiing the robot wanted to do?

I was thinking about this not an hour ago, and suddenly here a crossover is. There needs to be more Pony/Wallace and Gromit work; but I like your interpretation of Wallace's accent. And I can fully imagine Wallace with a cup of tea, moaning about his foot, whilst Gromit continues the work downstairs. I wonder if that's what he was doing whilst Gromit was welding...


/shameless plug.

I have only one response. :rainbowlaugh:

Why has no one sent this to Nick Park yet? :moustache:

This... this is the best idea since someone said "you know who we should get to do this? Lauren Faust."

Nice to see the Wallace & Gromit love! My childhood thanks you.

3261860 3262194

Heh, thanks! I just saw some cool art just like that on Derpibooru, and realised, to my horror, that I have never once seen a crossover of the two. Obviously, this had to be remedied.



You're welcome! Lots of fun to write. Especially Wallace. Cracking stuff, is that accent.


Sequels? Hm... Good question. I don't have anything planned. I wouldn't like to force two franchises together unless I could make it seem natural. This one works because, well, the moon and stuff. I'm generally not a fan of crossovers, anyhow. More W&G is always welcome though.

...Well, there was one other franchise that made me consider a crossover. We'll see...


What kind of crossover are we talking about?


Those are good questions. And also ones that I don't have a proper answer for. I would have had the skiing thing in, but then a friend gave me an amazing idea, and I scrapped it in favour of LunaBot shipping. I regret nothing.

As for why Luna didn't take a ride... For some reason, I never thought of that. I figure she either wanted to serve her punishment, or she actually couldn't leave the moon at all.

...That's how I justify myself, at least. :twilightblush:

Thank you for reading!

lol you replied to my comment twice :D

3262194 Nicely done. A perfect recreation. :eeyup:

HNNNG! Used to have all three of those shorts memorized, back in the day...

Cracking crossover, lad. :twilightsmile:

3262710 :rainbowderp:Wallace & Gromit + My Little Pony.

3264195 I had all three of them on VHS and watched them quite a lot. Though for a time I thought "The Wrong Trousers" was before "A Grand Day Out". Ultimately I think I loved "The Wrong Trousers" better for the funny moments when the chicken takes control of Wallace's invention and the chase scene on the miniature railway since I loved trains so much.

3266615 I say a close shave is the best one

3266640 That one's pretty good as well. Especially the plot twist with Presstin. Plus it served as a launch pad for what ulitmately became the kids t.v. show "Shawn the Sheep".

I love this story and i fave it

I love this story but I find it a bit hard to believe that wallace wouldnt offer luna a rid back to earth.

Wonderful theme for a wonderful series.

Ooh, Wallace and Gromit! :twilightsmile:

Goodness, this brings back wonderful memories!

and then, a hundred years later, Luna got some MORE visitors:

I have all of the three original shorts on DVD and i watched them and the curse of the were rabbit

I was grinning ear to ear while reading this, I've been imagining a crossover between Wallace & Gromit and MLP in this fashion, and it's just perfect from every character interaction and description!! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

I don't always fave before reading, but when I do, it's because the concept is worth a favourite alone.

So much yes!:heart::rainbowkiss:

Words cannot express how glad I am to see someone write this. Thank you! :heart:

So I was going to sing praises to this story for being a short but fun adventure, but then I saw your profile picture. Where'd you get it from?

Suddenly, a flash of brilliance: he searched her pockets and pulled out a ten pence piece.

Um, I think you mean his pockets, right? RIGHT? :rainbowderp:

I am going to read the s:yay:t outta this :pinkiehappy:
Edit: that was most cheesily glorious! Have a fave :twilightsmile:

Oh god the childhood! Love this!
Damn you! Now I'll be whistling the theme till next week!

3261870 Not anymore it isn't, heh heh.
3825854 Looks like he changed it.

This was cute... Now I want to watch Wallace and Gromit again

Me gusta Luna :trollestia:

I am so glad this is a thing! Nicely done.


>MFW Equestria Daily

My body was not ready.

Th-Thanks guise :twilightblush:


My current avatar? I think it may be in the deviantArt folder on my Fimfic userpage somewhere but I'm not sure.

(I'd link it to you directly but I'm on my phone atm)

Best. Crossover. Ever.
I laughed out loud so many times, ugh this story is just perfect!

Great, now I'm always gonna picture Luna as made of putty... Somehow that makes her cuter :trixieshiftright:

Luna in the unaccustomed role of the Token Sane Mare. This was something that needed to be done but that no-one knew had to be done! An insight of genius! :pinkiehappy:

This is the fic I never knew I wanted until it happened

"A talking moon horse! I wonder if it likes cheese..."


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