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A spell miscalculated and the most unexpected results. Now thrust into a situation I find myself in a world seemingly bound for conflict. To control my future against various beings wanting to use me for their own purposes what will I be willing to do?

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In the red/blue version of pokemon it says this about haunter: "Haunter can pass through solid walls. It is because of this that it is believed it is from another dimension." A fact I can confirm for you, personally.

Check out this story's sister fic.

This is part of the 12 days of christmas, head over here to keep track of all the cool stuff coming down the pipes. If you want to ensure I can afford to keep doing stuff like this, consider backing me over on Subscribestar or Patreon.

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“Please look after my children.”

Pear Butter’s last words were spoken to the stranger who found their crash: the cruel, otherworldly siren named Adagio Dazzle, who sees in her death a golden opportunity.

What starts as a plan to raise willing minions for sustenance and protection goes… a little differently than Adagio had in mind.

Cover art by Uz Naimat!

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All at once, I lost everything in my life, and was swept away to a new world in the body of this small... horse... thing. What now? Will I be able to find new meaning in this new world? Will I be able to get over the loss I've experienced? Will I ever confront that deep dark secret that I keep even from myself?

...and will I ever get used to not having hands?

Wooo my first fic ever! Always been a big fan of HiE fics so decided to give it a shot myself. Hopefully it isn't too depressing at the start, I have some cute ideas for some wholesome moments later on.

Edit 4/16/24: 250 LIKES!!! I'm running out of ways to say thank you!! But THANK YOU!!!

Edit 3/17/24: 100 LIKES WOWWWW

Thank you all so much for all the support so far!! I wouldn't have ever thought that a little story I made on a whim would grow so large this quickly! I'll be trying my hardest to get new chapters out for you all >:3

Note: Tags may update as I continue the story. I’ll add tags as I introduce important characters.
Also, do note that this fic will contain transgender themes. If that bothers you, please leave.

Inspired by Greenhorne's Trust Once Lost and Boopy Doopy's Beyond Me.

Cover by Fireglow!

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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: The Mobian Era (Season 3)

After defeating Eggman on Sonic's Birthday, Twilight, Sonic, Sunny and their friends have all been enjoying their time of peace. But all of that is going to change when a new threat comes to their situation, things are gonna get a lot more troubling. Especially when she tries to take all magic for herself, and eliminate anyone who gets in her way. What will happen? Find out in the 4th Season of the Mobian Era.

Freedom Fighters:
Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles "Tails" Prower
Amy Rose
Cream the Rabbit & Cheese
Ben "Mutt" Muttski
Maria Robotnik the Hedgehog
MC the Fox (My own OC)
Truemen the Bear (OC created by MLPMekarm)
Nicole the Holo-Lynx
Silver the Hedgehog
Blaze the Cat
Marine the Raccoon

Part-Time Freedom Fighters:
Sally Acorn
Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette
Antoine D'Coolette
Rotor the Walrus

Freedom Fighters in Training:
Sunny Starscout
Hitch Trailblazer
Izzy Moonbow
Zipp Storm
Pipp Petals
Misty Brightdawn (Undercover)
Dulcy the Dragon

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke
Joshua and Guard Armor belongs to jkreader

Chapters (12)

So many resets, so many changes; all just to blur together after a while. The void became, well, not my 'home', but not quite not a home either. I was content with the nigh nothingness I experienced while I waited for Frisk to reset, only to suddenly end up somewhere else entirely.

I'd seen all kinds of humans, all kinds of monsters. A muscular seahorse, a talking bowl of water obsessed with cleaning. What I didn't expect was an entire world of talking pony people who, despite being the only human there, they treat with kindness.

But, once again, the happiness didn't last; it never does.

Now with a reading!

*Takes place after the events of season 2 but before season 3.*

*This is an undertale crossover fic, but you do not necessarily need to know anything about undertale to enjoy it.*

Huge thanks to Phaoray and DekaSkittalz, and Reily for helping with editing and proofreading!

Currently looking for a dedicated illustrator!

Cover art done by one of the best artist I've ever had the pleasure to work with! I am eternally grateful.

Featured: 6/10/21 onward. Thanks so much! I wasn't expecting anyone to like this story.

Chapters (41)

She was just someone normal, wanting to fill the void with something when her favorite show ended years ago.
Until an app was suddenly downloaded unknowingly on her phone, that is.

Suddenly opening the mysterious app out of curiosity, multiple texts appeared in the blackness of her screen, explaining that this was a game, an AU based on the start of the show of MLP, and how the main story had gotten out of wack and needed her help to fix it.
She, despite all the red flags, somehow chose to continue by pressing the button that suddenly popped up with the words [I'll help!].
Big Mistake.


I just like Twivine, though I didn't design the character. So if you wanna know about the creator just click the link: The Link

Oh and I created the cover, if you wanna know.

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On that fateful night on the moon, the princess of night is truly no more, and from those ashes, rises a new entity that is forced to take over her mantle, all her good and her sin.

Destiny weaved by the harmony itself laid before her. A part of the grand story, to be a tutorial villain, to be an exposition giver's sidekick, and to be slaved away beside the golden throne, then retired to a hut in god knows where, lost in history.

"Fuck that I'm out"

And so begin a new tale.

  1. Half of "dark" tags are there as precaution because i will skimps over a bit but very rarely. for example Non-consensual will be use one time on no-name one-time oc character in a flashback. as far as i planned currently.
  2. This is my first time writing a long novel. I promised to post the full plot outline somewhere if I somehow unable to finish it.
Chapters (31)

Ranma chases a potential cure for his curse in Equestria, which — unsurprisingly — goes awry.

Now there are two of him, one male and one female, and the latter has to come to terms with it and forge a new life.

I commissioned the cover from Crowne Prince.

Chapters (7)

After buying a railgun prop Zoe finds herself in the land of equestria as her favourite android from the series murder drones, will she be able to adapt to her new life?

Or will she fall to those that want to harm her.

Find out in this story.

-while tagged undertale there will be no undertale displaced, only the Canon characters (and maybe some AU's).-

Chapters (10)