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Prince Sombra had seen more than his fair share of war, loss, and betrayal. He locked himself away in his crystal castle to keep out the world of pain and grief. This is, of course, until a mysterious maiden by the name of Luna comes into his life.

AU one-shot and is non-canon in every way possible. 날 고소.
Not very dialogue heavy either.

Chapters (1)

What if everything we thought and knew about Flash Sentry was a lie. What if the real Flash was killed years ago and the one we know now was nothing more then a plant, a spy put into place by Chyrsalis in case her invasion of Canterlot failed. And the perfect way to keep tabs on a certain Princess of Friendship. The Flash Sentry we know is nothing more then a smokescreen, ,a cover have you, for one of the Changeling QUeens' highest ranking operatives. A spy that's about to break the ice and make a decision that will ensure or doom the entire Changeling Hive in the badlands forever.

Chapters (7)

When Twilight starts blacking out and sees a figure cloaked in darkness she starts wondering who or what he is when she seeks help from Cadence she looses control and almost hurts her, with dark magic no less. Twilight doesn't dare go to Princess Celestia for help, Celestia wouldn't understand so she turns to the pony in her head. When she does, she sign's her soul to the King of Shadows, King Sombra. Her old enemy becomes her teacher and makes her do things to others she never even dreamed about. Twilight has gone off the deep end can her friends save her before it's to late?

Chapters (8)

As a young Flim and Flam travel the countryside, they must make ends meet however they can. A particularly good opportunity knocks when they stumble across a family reunion in the middle of an apple orchard.

Written for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Contest.

Chapters (1)

When Applejack and Fluttershy are summoned by the Cutie Map to Las Pegasus to solve a friendship problem, Applejack thinks they are here to help the acrobatic and animal act to become friends again while Fluttershy tries to help Flim and Flam become friends again, but after Applejack over hears one of the directors say the acts would be better off some where else beside here at Gladmanes, Fluttershy agrees and suggests they get Flim and Flam to help. Now, Applejack and Fluttershy are working together with Flim and Flam to stop Mr.Gladmane from taking over Las Pegasus with his unfriendly ways. While they are their trying to stop Gladmane, Applejack is deciding whether or not she should tell Flim her feelings for him. After what had happened in Ponyville, Applejack is not sure what the outcome may be for the two. Will being able to work together bring the to two closer? What is going to happen between the two? Does Flim feel the same way about Applejack?

Chapters (3)

After 1000 year of not knowing true love King Sombra finds it in a unicorn filly named Lucina who is the youngest daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor.

Base made by Dark-Kirara

Chapters (9)

"Three's A Crowd" endcap. In which Discord hates his life, Cadance is a bit of a troll, and Twilight learns an important lesson about friendship and the concept of negative vs positive attention. Also, a draconequus makes a tolerable kite when necessary.

Progress Bar at my writing journal.

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Twilight Sparkle receives an urgent letter from Princess Celestia, asking her to go to Canterlot. Before Twilight knows it, the purple unicorn finds herself a fugitive, wanted dead for being a threat to Equestria.

Eventually, she finds herself making the most unlikely ally and starting the revolution that spans across 1000 years of suffering and two kingdoms.

Chapters (4)

Today, King Sombra is reviled as one of the darkest and most evil beings to ever blight the face of the world. When the Crystal Empire was freed from his grasp, the people of Equestria were more than happy to forget him.

But Sombra was not slain, and he has not forgotten. He alone knows the truth behind his tyranny, the reason for his fall.

And he will be remembered.

Featured by Equestria Daily on Saturday, April 12th, 2014.

Runner-up for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Fanfiction Contest.


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Click below for two different audio versions of this fic.

Five choices that Twilight made in the show. Five ways she could have made them differently. Five sets of consequences. Five sets of regrets. Five points in time. Five things that never happened.

Featured on EQD - 15th April 2013

[Utilises an old fanfic challenge that can be found here.]

Full cast audiobook now available here.
Or if that doesn't float your boat, a regular audiobook version is available here.

Fanfic Review video by Emerald Comet can be found here.

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