• Published 1st Aug 2016
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Twilight we need To Talk - NightmareTRXY32

Flash Sentry was many things, Royal Gaurd to Princess Celestia, a Commander under Captain Shining Armor's orders, and the crush for Princess Twilight. That would all change soon when the truth would be uncovered by a small purple Dragon, named Spike.

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Shadow Rising

North of the Crystal Empire winds were blowing, the cold kind of wind. Winds that had not seen the light of day for nearly a thousand years. Yet still harbored centuries filled with the hatred that had once dominated half of Equestria during the time of the Three Tribes. And the one place a bitter and dethroned King could find some allies. Something slept here that the ponies of Equestria had forgotten about, and more then even that. A lonely spirit dwelt here, long forgotten by her friends and loved ones that had passed after her long ago.

Even Luna would of been stunned that a fate such as this had befallen a pony that she had deemed such a close friend. How this pony's body had gotten this far north though was a mystery that had been lost to the annals of time. Not even famed adventure pony Daring Do would of been able to solve it. But that didn't matter. Not to Sombra.

Soon they'd all be giving into their worst fears, and if he played his cards right, they would be giving into more then just their fears when it came to a certain Princess.

She'd give into the night once again.

And a Nightmare would once again be set upon Equestria's doorstep.

The spirit of a small pegasus filly that had found this place long ago and took up refuge in its icy caverns. One that found a way to stay in the world of the living when it should of moved on to the light long ago. She haunted the caverns of ice that Sombra was now walking down. He had lost it all again, coming back after being banished over a thousand years ago, and at the hands of Luna no less, gnawed at the corners of his mind. He had offered them his advice on protecting Equestria from future threats, and they repaid him by stealing his kingdom out from under this hoof the first time, and then handing it to that usurper, Cadence the Princess of Love.

Grrr, I will make them sorry they ever crossed me, he thought to himself. He would get them back, both of them. But mostly he'd return the favor to Luna. He still swore she'd of made an excellent queen in his mind. She was far more fit to rule then that wretched sister of hers. Even all these centuries later, and he still believed it to be the truth.

"Hello... who's there?" a small bluish white pegasus filly stammered.

"Somepony that wants to be your friend," Sombra found himself choking on the word before spitting it out there, he hated himself for even uttering that 'word'. One thing that struck him as he stared at her, waiting for an answer, was how translucent she was. He was after all speaking to one that was in most senses dead. And it made sense for the Spirit of Winter to be a pegasus, they had controlled the weather for thousands of years after all.

"A..a friend? I haven't had friends in so long,", she spoke solemnly, and as much as Sombra hated it, he could actually take pity on her. He had a friend once, but she betrayed him and his confidence to Princess Amore. She looked up at him with seemed like hollow eyes, after all, even in death she was still rendered blind. How cruel of a joke to be denied the one thing you were never granted with, even in death.

Her voice was like ice through his heart. Her words were like a flood that rendered him speechless. She used to have friends, but that was over the course of a thousand years before she had been trapped here. She was lonely and she knew it. Having another pony here to listen to her was such a joy.

"She seems lonely," Sombra thought to himself. As much as it sickened him to say it, he almost felt sorry for her. That somepony like her had been stuck here for as long as he had existed was something that he could relate to. She looked at him as he turned to face her.

"I use to have a friend, but she hasnt visited in forever. I really miss her. We used to go on long walks together and enjoy her beautifully crafted nights. The more i spent with her, the shorter my life seemed to get. I never understood why."This friend of hers interested him.

"If i may ask, who was this friend of yous," He feined interest to make it seem like he actually cared about what her thoughts were.

"Oh, her name was Luna," Ahh, he thought so the PRincess of the Night was once friends with this ghost pony that haunted the Northern Realms. He decided that he'd pay Luna a visit here in a bit. Just enough to slide the knife in as it were.

As they walked to a spacious cavern, Sombra caught something glint off the ice, just from the corner of his eye. The Winter spirit took notice of this and asked if he wanted to see ' it'. And of course he responded with a resounding yes. As she took him over to what was glinting off the ice, Sombra took notice of something else, something a bit more disturbing. He froze in his tracks when he saw the body of a bluish white pegasus encased in ice near the other object that had caught his attention. The Winter Spirit could only stare at what was once her own body, now frozen and entombed in this place for eternity. She had come here in her final days of life, only to end up alone and frozen here.

"Oh...", the spirit commented," It's been so long since I was encased here,", again the feeling of pity and remorse returned to the fallen king. Maybe it wasn't too late to make one friend, he thought. At least they'd have each other in the coming troubles ahead. They finally turned to what he had originally come here for. Not that having her by his side wasn't a bonus. He even knew of a resurrection spell that Twilight didn't have in any of her books.

There in front of him, also frozen in ice, and long forgotten by time itself, was the ancient Runeblade, Frostmourne, along with the crown and armor of one of the most powerful beings to ever exist. Along with this find, and his new 'friend', and the other allies he'd make, he'd take his Kingdom back from those usurpers. The king of Shadows, the fallen unicorn King Sombra, would make everypony that had ever cheated him suffer for as long as he deemed it fit. They'd learn what happens when you betray one of his power.

Ever since his revival, he felt a draw to this place he was in now. It was as if something was calling to him in the deepest recesses of his mind, crying out for vengeance, for an escape from this place. Looking back at those bones and pieces of dried flesh and matted strands of what were once a soft white man, Sombra could tell that this spirit must of been here for as long or longer then he had been around.

Before the two of them walked towards the entrance of the Cavern he turned to his new ally with his spoils in hoof, and asked her a simple question.

"What's your name small one?", he might as well find out sooner rather then later.

"Oh, that.." she paused, " My name was Snowdrop," she spoke.