• Published 1st Aug 2016
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Twilight we need To Talk - NightmareTRXY32

Flash Sentry was many things, Royal Gaurd to Princess Celestia, a Commander under Captain Shining Armor's orders, and the crush for Princess Twilight. That would all change soon when the truth would be uncovered by a small purple Dragon, named Spike.

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A web of Lies and Love

Nopony, not even the other two Princesses had suspected that Flash was actually a changeling spy. He had to keep it quiet no matter how much he wanted to tell them, especially Celestia. He felt conflicted deep down. If he told her of all ponies of what he really was, he was sure that she would of had him immediately executed for his actions.

"Take a breath,", he thought for a moment. He had to tell her, he owed Celestia that much as far as he was concerned. His heart was racing as he approached her personal chambers. As he knocked on the door, a voice beckoned him to enter.

"Ah, Flash? Was there something you needed?", Celestia could tell there was something worrying him, he looked like he was sweating bullets while in her presence.

"Yes, there is Princess. I need to know that you wont have me executed for what I'm about to tell you."She stared at him blankly as he said that. He had a hard time reading her expression right now.

"Of course, you have my word,"She could tell that whatever it was, was risky enough to ask her for her word. She got up from her desk and put a hoof on his shoulder, in an effort to reassure him.

"I'm a changeling your Highness.", despite telling her this, the Princess still held her hoof close to his body. Flash started a feel a bit uneasy despite her reassurance.

"Why are you telling me this Flash?", she seemed more concerned and disappointed then being angry. She was always like a second mother to the Royal Guard. She seemed sadder at this revelation than disgusted.

"Ever since i took this position i felt more of a connection to you then i had to Queen Chrysalis. The more i thought about it, the more i realized that I'd die for you. And i'd die to protect Twilight. I don't want anything bad to happen to any of you Princess." She could tell as he said this, that he was eliciting a number of emotions. She had always been taught that changelings were devoid of emotions. That they always had to steal those of others to survive.

As much as it pained him, he had to remain under cloak and maintain his cover as a member of the Royal Guard. He couldn't reveal his position, not even to another changeling that might be disguised and in the Empire as well. He had to maintain his cover at all costs, that was until he spotted Spike near a dangerous ravine and had to make a snap call right then and there. Should he rush over and stop SPike from falling to his death, or stay put and watch as Twilight's faithful assistant and adopted son fell to this fate, and watch how it affected Twilight. No, he thought, he wasn't gonna let that happen. He loved her too much to allow something like that to befall a mare of her stature. After finally making up his mind, he decided to do what he knew was the right decision. Maintaining his mask this long had drained half his magic stores, and he couldn't maintain it when he was so nervous about seeing Spike fall off the edge of the ravine. That and he hadn't fed himself since starting the night shift. He had drained the love from some ponies in a cafe earlier, but not enough to hurt them permanently, and not enough to keep himself going after this.

Sentry also began to doubt Queen Chrysalis as he rushed over to where Spike was. He had started to doubt her after the failed invasion of Canterlot, and even now when he was tasked by her to continue spying on Twilight. It's not like it was easy for him. Spying on the pony he loved felt wrong to him. He had spent most of his years undercover, keeping tabs on select ponies, and relaying the information back to Queen through contacts on the outside of the Crystal Empire. But this was something different. He had heard from another changeling awhile back that Chrysalis had recently considered assassinating one of the princesses and taking their place. Wait he thought.. ASSASSINATION!??!

It was after that memory surfaced that he made his choice, one he'd live with for the rest of his life. Plus being a changeling meant he could tell if there were any other changelings nearby better then any detection spell the most powerful unicorn or alicorn could cast. Another obstacle came to mind, he'd have to deal with Shining Armor at some point, something he was dreading to say the least.

When no pony was around he crept over to the side of the ravine and dropped his camouflage when he was sure no pony saw him, and flew over to Spike as the dragon's footing slipped and nearly sent him tumbling down into the ravine.

The small dragon opened his eyes to find himself in the jaws of a changeling, and realized he was hovering over the ravine. As they got back to safety, he just stared at it. This thing could of let me die he thought to himself, but it didn't. This only prove one of Twilight's theories that maybe not all Changelings were bad. There was that one at Cranky and Matilda's wedding after all. And it turned out that Fluttershy had found that one in the woods nearest her cottage and decided to help it. It had even spoken to her and thanked her for her kindness. She had learned that not all of the Changeling Hives agreed with what Chrysalis had done and condemned her for her actions. It had even been stated that if she neared any of the other Hives seeking help, she was to be shunned immediately.

"I dont know what to say", Spike muttered, and it was true. The young dragon was currently at a loss for words. He turned around and hugged the changeling thanking him all the while. The next act was entirely Sentry's idea, this was the moment of truth. What he was about to do would brand him a traitor to the Badlands Hive for the rest of his life. But none of that mattered now, he knew that deep down it was the right thing to do, even if meant that Twilight would discover that a Changeling held true feelings for her. Even if that meant she'd never return them in kind at least she'd know how he felt about her all this time.

"I need to see Princess Twilight and Celestia,"He spoke in a buzzing and raspy voice.

"Are you sure, i mean that you want them to know a changeling's been in the empire all this time?", The way Spike worded it made Sentry pause in thought for a moment, before deciding to go ahead with it.

"Yes, I am sure." he said it with such finality that Spike nodded in agreement as the two of them walked back to the Castle. This was it he thought before allowing Spike to push open the Doors to the Crystal Palace.

Twilight was standing there talking to Celestia and Cadence when Spike walked in, with a changeling following behind him. Within seconds the Crystal Guards were upon him, Spears drawn as if ready to skewer him right then and there. He couldn't blame he thought. He'd of done the same if he were in their hooves, literally. Then the unexpected, well unexpected in regards to the other ponies in the room at least. Spike turned around and stood up from where he was briefly resting on the floor after what occurred earlier.

" Wait!", bellowed from Spike's mouth, " He just saved me from falling off the edge of the Ravine near the back of the Castle," he could see the anger in Cadence's eyes, start to soften as she listened to him. And with that she commanded the guards to stand down for now. That was one disaster averted Sentry and Spike both seemed to think at the same time. The thing that pained Sentry more was the look of utter shock and confusion on Twilight's face. He noticed she was also scanning the room for ..him, The pony Flash Sentry. What she didn't seem to take in at first was the way this changeling was staring at her.. with tears in his eyes.

In moments he was expecting to be engulfed in the aura of her magic and interrogated, he didnt know why, but that thought raced across his mind for a split second. And it never came to pass. He looked up to see her hoof extended out in a show of friendship. He took her hoof in turn and thanked her for the opportunity to become friends. Twilight, he thought to himself, this is just the beginning. He asked her if they could speak privately for a moment. Twilight turned to Cadene and Celestia and told them she needed to speak with the Changeling privately and that they shouldn't worry about her safety. The two of them walked out onto the balcony of the northern spire of the castle, and Sentry knew what he had to do.

"There's something i have to tell you, Twilight.", He was so formal about it, and yet there was something familiar about him when he said her name that way. It finally dawned on her just who was in front of her. And she decided it didn't change anything between them, in fact it solidified it even more because he was showing her that no matter what form he was in, he loved her with every fiber of his being. He loved her. It proved that Changelings could in fact feel, and not just feed off of emotions to survive. Whats more, she would learn that they did in fact have hearts, most were just cursed from ever being able to connect to them ever again, including Chrysalis. And the truth revolving around her would affect not only Twilight's faith in her hero Starswirl, but Celestia's trust in his memory as well. This was merely the first stone to be cast in a series of events that would not only alter their perception of Starswirl, but that of two others that Twilight knew of. One being her newest friend Starlight Glimmer, and the other being somepony that they'd thought they had heard the last of.

He was the Fallen King.
The Pony of Shadows.
He was Starswirl the Bearded.
The Crystal King.
His name struck fear into the Hearts of those who dared oppose his reign.
He was the vengeful one.
And his time would come again.
All fouls come forth in time.
whispers began to abound.

A Nameless darkness began to stir in the Northern Wastes of the Crystal Empire. A form grew out of the broken off remnant of a red and glistening Unicorn's horn. A shape began to form into a blackened wisp of smoke and what looked like a grin crept across its shapeless facial form.

They thought they were rid of me, they were sorrowfully mistaken.