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Just another guy passing the time creating stories and artwork. Im into headcanon and backstories of characters. and i cant wait to see what season 6 has in store for our favorite ponies. Live long :D


What if everything we thought and knew about Flash Sentry was a lie. What if the real Flash was killed years ago and the one we know now was nothing more then a plant, a spy put into place by Chyrsalis in case her invasion of Canterlot failed. And the perfect way to keep tabs on a certain Princess of Friendship. The Flash Sentry we know is nothing more then a smokescreen, ,a cover have you, for one of the Changeling QUeens' highest ranking operatives. A spy that's about to break the ice and make a decision that will ensure or doom the entire Changeling Hive in the badlands forever.

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Out of curiosity, did you get this idea from reading one of my blogs. It's alright if you did, just curious, cause I theorized that the Changeling might be Flash Sentry in "The Times Are a Changeling".

Again it's okay if you got the theory from reading my blog.

Is this gonna be a Changeling x Twilight Sparkle kind of fanfic? Because

This seems interesting. I've read a story or two were part of the backstory to changelings was that they had hearts but now they don't. But not with Chrisy being the previous Crystal Prinsses. It was that she used a spell to remove her heart so she would not feel the pain of a broken heart.

This has potential. I wish I. Oils give better feedback and some good constructive criticism to help you improve this story. Sadly though I'm not that good at CC unless there is a glaring problem. Oh well you have my interest. Now all you have to do is keep it. I look forward to the next chapter.


7444524 I did get this idea from that blog of yours. the moment i read it, i started on this right away . found it very compelling

I have a feeling, this is not over. I am hooked. Please keep going. Loved this chapter by the way, even if the ending kind of caught me a bit "off guard".

All the Princesses:

Me: What? Too soon?

This story needs to be edited. I have spotted several minor grammar errors. At least you had the descent to space paragraphs. That's my biggest pet peeve. It's so simple and only takes like a second to do while writing and if you have to fix it it should take no more then 5 min.

Also why did he drop his pony disguise to save Spike? I know you did it for the plot and all but why? He could have easily just flew over to Spike as Flash and still saved him without blowing his cover.

And at the end it just kinda felt shoe horned. It. I mean there was little dialogue, really this whole chapter lacks it but sometimes you have to look into a characters mind. But in the last paragraph when along with Twilight all he says is one sentence. Then it's all exposition. You just explain what happens next. That could....no should have been a whole conversation that you just simply left out. Plus while yes he did save Spile and it's been proven in the past that not all Changelings in the past are not like Chrisy. The princesses should still be wary of him at least a little.

I mean they just out right beleive Flash when he says the things he said about Starswirl. One of the most well known and respected wizard of all time. A literal pioneer of magic. Not to mention a friend and even a mentor/teacher to Celestia herself(I don't know it this is actual cannon or if it's just head cannon that makes it into a load of other fanfics).

Now I'm not saying this is bad. I'm not saying you should scrap this or anything. All I'm saying is some of these things are being sept under a rug when they could provided excellent plot points and make for a better and more interesting story.
I hope this comes off as Constructive criticism and all that good stuff. Because that is what I lent this all to be. Bringing some stuff to your attention to try and help you make a better story. So we can all enjoyed it better together.

Have a good day and if you have any questions about my coments just ask me.



To be fare, yes, a little more conversation could have been added to make the chapter interesting, but I have to applaud for having a creative mind about this.

As for the changeling dropping his pony form to save Spike. Well, perhaps, and they could add this in, having to stay in pony form, requires concentration, and when he was in the heat of the moment to save Spike, he could not keep his disguise up.

As for the Princesses being wary. Well, perhaps he lets them know of what Chrysalis plans to do, to show he's on their side, and perhaps later on they could talk to Starlight about how to go back in time to see how this came to pass about the whole Starswirl the Beared thing.

I mean one can be depicted as great in the history books, but that's only a fraction of the truth. There could be a darker side to Starswirl that we may not know about.

7450298 ive always like the idea that Starswirl became corrupted by dark magic and thus became SOMBRA. Im doing a one shot where Starlight learns to she's directly related to Starswirl. HE up and disappears the day she's born. And it was why she was powerful enough as a unicorn to combat Twilight as an alicorn. Studying only got her so far.

7450782 Starswirl becoming Sombra wasn't a thought that crossed my mind before, but I can't say I don't see the possibility.

Now, I have a headcanon that is shared by some like Voice of Reason on Youtube.

Starswirl was trying to work on his unfinished spell to Alicorn immortality, but, because he did not understand frinedship, like his fan Twilight Sparkle, the magic for the immortality malfunctioned and took a "chaotic" turn. Thus giving us the "Lord of Chaos" we all recognize, Discord.

I mean, look at Discord's chin. Then look at depictions of Starswirl, and tell me you don't see a resemblance to one another.

One other Headcanon I do have is that Sunburst may be Starswirl the Breaded himself. What with the cape, and the little beard he's started.

Who knows, maybe both headcanons are connected. Then again, Celestia never mentioned Starswirl being her lover, and it does seem that Discord has a bit of a secret love for Celestia. The little gimic with Fluttershy is mostly because they're good friends.

I could name off more headcanons, but the list would go on and *See's Pinkie pie with her party cannon.* Party Cannon! Abandon Ship! *Jumps of Luna's balcony into the pool below.*

7450298 Thanks for the well thought out reply.

Okay even if that does happen they still should have at least some weariness twirls him. Changelings are by there nature deceivers. They kinda have to lie to live.
Then again I could just be taking this way to seriously. But I do agree with all of what you said.

Thanks again.


7450991 We won't know til the episode airs. And thank you.

7451000 Ah that's right this story was conceived because of that clip from the new episode that has yet to air. I forgot about that. Still this story and that episode are not the same and will go down different paths. Well I'm still enjoying this story at least.


Well, you do have to think for a moment.

We haven't seen Flash Sentry since "Three's a Crowd", where Discord has a cold. This subtracts the EQGverse Flash of course. Since "Three's a Crowd", all the way through season 5, and up to this point of season 6, there is no sign of him anywhere. Didn't that seem a bit odd, since it seems Twilight and him "sort of" had a thing going with their crushes for each other. I know not everyone's a fan of the pony with no depth to his character, except for being Twilight's crush, but one has to consider the possibilities, for those who are curious where he went.

7451165 I hate how you can only have 5 tags -___-, then i could add Sombra's tag on this if we were allowed to have a total of six you know. I think this is one of the few stories thats had this much back and forth feedback O_O

7453653 Is that good..... or bad? The feedback I mean.

Also, I know it's a changeling story mostly, but as a suggestion, perhaps take out Flash and the changelings tags, and replace them with OC and Sombra. Just a suggestion, you don't have to.

Also, what did you think of my head canons?

7453833 It all depends on if people keep it civil and dont turn into the moron from CinemaSins. I hate that channel. i dont care at times how analytical people are. just be mindful of others.

7453875 Okay.

And what did you think of my head canons I mentioned?

7453899 not bad, atm im rewatching Alex Side's reaction to Cupcakes by Ed+ XD. Have you watched it?

7454089 Nope, not yet. but I have to head to bed now, so I'll watch it later.

7454153 When you see this, i took your suggestion on the tags :), Cant wait to see the new episode XD. Our head Cannons will probably be shot to hell. Im gonna start on the new chapter soon.

7457449 Yeah our headcanons will probably be shot down in a glorious fashion, can't wait to see the next chapter.

Better than my story at least.

Oh dear. This is gonna be chaotic.

7445250 due to the Season 6 finale being leaked early. I now have more material to add to this. >:), While Sombra plans his invasion, I have Chrysalis and a small number of supporters planning something special for those that brought about her downfall. and there may be the deaths of 2 characters. I havent decided who as of yet.

7444524 Due to the Finale airing early in the UK, I have incorporated parts of it into this story. >:)

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