• Published 1st Aug 2016
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Twilight we need To Talk - NightmareTRXY32

Flash Sentry was many things, Royal Gaurd to Princess Celestia, a Commander under Captain Shining Armor's orders, and the crush for Princess Twilight. That would all change soon when the truth would be uncovered by a small purple Dragon, named Spike.

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Leave it to Spike

"Spike!", Twilight yelled at the top of her lungs. that dragon was nowhere around unless she hollered to get his attention like this. It was always so .. frustrating at times, and yet, she was like a mother to him. In the last few months he even started saying,"alright mom," when she asked something of him. The rest of her friends thought it was very motherly of her to allow it. But this was not a today to get distracted. they had too much to do that just couldn't wait. Her, Spike, and Sunburst were heading to the Crystal Empire to visit with Cadence and Celestia. It wouldn't take long to get there, maybe a few hours by train, but it would be worth it in the end anyway.

"Yea, mom, what's up?" Spike had started to grow a bit, and was no longer the size of a baby dragon. He was still a few centimeters shorter then Twilight but it wasn't anything to fret over. He continued to stand there with those soft green eyes of his staring right back at her.

"You need to get ready, we're going to meet Sunburst at the Train station here in Ponyville before we leave for the Crystal Empire. Starlight had planned on coming to, but Trixie's back in town and they plan on spending the rest of the week together. I can just sense something more between them growing every time they spend more and more time together", she chuckled as Spike started to pack. Trixie and Starlight had started to realize as of late that there was something more between them then just friendship now. But that is a tale for another time she thought to herself.

Just for a minute, she pulled Spike over to her with her left wing, and hugged him. "You know that i'm proud of you don't you," she let slip.

" i know, mom", and he was right. Spike had been with Twilight since the beginning, she was the one that hatched his egg with her magic. She was his mother in his mind. There was no denying it. And he would always defend her no matter what. This wasn't anything that was part of his Dragon Code. This was something more. For Twilight, this was a mother's love. She understood now everything that her own parents must of gone through raising her and Shining Armor.

"All ready Mom," came the final call as they set out to meet up with Sunburst. This would be like any other morning Twilight thought to herself. Nothing could go wrong, could it? Those were the kind of words no pony wanted to hear right now. She kicked herself in the back of her mind as she said that. Of course something could go wrong. It's happened every time she's thought those specific words out loud or privately to herself. Then bam, instant dilemma. It happened when she worried over a non existent problem that her future self tried to warn her not to worry about.

"Ah, Princess Twilight, you made it on time i see", Sunburst found himself stuttering again. Every time he was with her he stuttered. Starlight thought that at one point Twilight was trying to steal him away from her until Glimmer realized that she didn't actually like Sunburst that way. It had taken awhile for the lilac coated unicorn to realize that she was in love with Trixie, and all it took was watching her new friend nearly kill herself during the stunt with the Manticore over a month or two ago.

As they boarded the train, the conductor shouted out the last chance to board for the Crystal Empire.


The Badlands

"What do you have to report Sentry?", A Changeling in obsidian clad armor asked of the one before him. Sentry had been a spy for the Changeling hive for all his adult life, and yet there was something clawing at his mind as of late.

"It's just as we thought," he said, a slight buzzing noise echoing from his mouth as his mandibles clacked for a brief moment. He had come to the realization that what he was about to be asked to do would hurt a certain pony he had fallen in love with. And that was something that was deemed unspeakable, especially in front of Chrysalis. Every pony had been given the impression that changelings didn't have hearts. What no pony, especially Twilight, knew was that at one point they did have hearts, but due to an event that occurred over a thousand years ago, and Chrysalis' minor part in it, they had been cursed by a powerful unicorn wizard. Unless the curse was lifted they'd never be able to feel real emotions ever again. Over the years there were moments where the curse had weakened on its own to where a few changelings could actually feel emotions again, but only a small number, including Sentry. Chrysalis on the other hoof, had been cursed to be a twisted husk of what she once was. The original Crystal Princess.

"Go on," the other Changeling told him.

"Princess Twilight and the Royal Crystaller Sunburst are returning to the Empire from Ponyville," Sentry concluded to his commander. His real commander, and not the one he had to report to when he was in his camouflage state. In the back of his mind he secretly thought of what this would do if the pony he truly loved, ever found out that he wasn't even a pony. What would that do to her sanity.

" Good, i'll relay this to the Queen," His commander told him, " you should return and keep up appearances, we don't want them thinking you've gone missing or anything," he told Sentry with a sly grin spreading across his face. If they could break a certain princess, turn her against her fellow ponies, Chrysalis could move right in and take over the Empire without barely lifting a hoof. What her commander or the Queen herself realized was that Sentry was in love with this "princess" and would do what he felt was right in the end, regardless of what it meant to his own life. And for that, if they did find out, he'd be branded a traitor and exiled from the Hive.

But what Sentry didn't know was that Chrysalis was preparing to replace all the Princesses, and the Element Bearers, with changelings. Or that a certain protege of Twilight's would tharwt her plans. He also didn't realize that there was another changeling living close to the Crystal Empire, or that he'd play a role in the Queen's downfall. But he would soon. This mystery changeling would also befriend Spike right after Flash had saved him from falling off that cliff. Spike ended up sliding down a hole in the ground, and stumbled upon this other changeling by chance.

The two of them had become friends, so much that even Twilight ended up vouching for him after being convinced that even Changelings can be good.

Author's Note:

Someone i follow on here gave me the idea for this one. Hope someone enjoys this. Im not gonna let the neigh-sayers on here keep me from wanting to continue writing. If you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all. Its not that hard. If all anyone can do is Negative reinforcement, there's something wrong with them.