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King Sombra Returns

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After the Canterlot wedding Princess Luna begins to feel anger towards her nice and nephew. She begins to see flash backs of her old friends. And it does not go away when King Sombra is defeated. Although when she looks deeper into her past she reveals to herself the Truth about Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis and Discord.

Prince Shade, Princess Papillon, Genaral Mantis, Baris Alan, Queen Amothist, King Rubyis.

Other: Princess Amore, Princess Celestia, Cadence, Shining Armor, Changelings, Crystal Pony's, Nightmare Moon, Starswirl the bearded, & Clover the Clever.

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When Twilight starts blacking out and sees a figure cloaked in darkness she starts wondering who or what he is when she seeks help from Cadence she looses control and almost hurts her, with dark magic no less. Twilight doesn't dare go to Princess Celestia for help, Celestia wouldn't understand so she turns to the pony in her head. When she does, she sign's her soul to the King of Shadows, King Sombra. Her old enemy becomes her teacher and makes her do things to others she never even dreamed about. Twilight has gone off the deep end can her friends save her before it's to late?

Chapters (8)