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Cloudsdale High is going to participate in some friendly games vs Canterlot High....but when magic is exposed, things take a different turn

Cover art by Lucy-tan

Chapters (4)

Soarin Skies and Rainbow Dash have been friends since childhood. For Soarin, he doesn't know that Rainbow has a crush on him. For Rainbow Dash, she doesn't know that Soarin has a crush on her. Will they confess each other's feelings? Or they will stay friends forever?

Proofread by: Godson
Chapters 1- 6 (so far even though there is already 7 and 8)
Proofread by: MLPLover852

Chapters (10)

Rainbow Dash is know for her athleticism and rough and tumble attitude. She's fearless and not afraid to take on any challenge. But what most ponies don't get to see is her soft side. A side that loves to love and be loved. Even more unknown is a side job where she gets to do just that. The job of a professional snuggler. But how will she cope when a new client sends her into a realm of emotion that not even she thought she had?

Chapters (1)

After the Equestria Games tryouts, Spitfire and Fleetfoot decide to take Rainbow Dash out for a few drinks to apologize for giving her a hard time. Soarin' decides to tag along as well (Why not get free drinks and an implied apology as well?). As the night carries on, the four pegasi swap stories, produce some fantastic belches, and take flight through a beautiful, moonlit night.

(Yes, this is a SoarinDash fic. Armed with that knowledge, you may proceed at your own discretion.)

Chapters (1)

Sweet Apple Acres has finished a long expensive building project and a bright future is ahead. Too bad Thunderlane was careless and crashed into it, toppling it completely. Now he has to work to pay off the damages, but will he even survive two minutes in the Apple family work environment? Better yet, can the rest of the Apple Family keep Applejack from working him too hard? A story of accepting and carrying responsibility, and of knowing when to share the load. Stress can drive one to not act like themselves, and a little extra help can make all the difference.

Featuring fan art by: Angel Blossom, shad0w-wo1f!, and PhonicBoom

This story has not been fully edited yet, i apologize for anything sloppy.

Chapters (9)

Ah, Easter.

A time for the fillies and colts to go dress up in dresses, bunny ears, and other things and have fun Easter Egg Hunts.

But Rainbow Dash hates Easter.

Rarity always forces her into a dress, Pinkie Pie straps bunny ear headbands on her head, and the others just gush over how much of a "lil' darling" Rainbow looks like.

But Soarin may just be the one to make her feel better.

This is my entry for the SoarinDash fanfic contest that Harmonic Brush is holding.

Wish me luck!

Chapters (1)

There's a few rules to being Rainbow Dash.

- You gotta be the best flier in Equestria.

- You gotta be cool.

- You gotta be radical.

- You gotta be awesome.

And most importantly of all...

- You can never fall in love...EVER...

- ...Unless you fall in love with a Wonderbolt. Then it's totally cool.

- ...Even if he's already got a marefriend; still totally cool.

- ...Right?

A SoarinXRainbow Dash ( SoarinDash / Rainin ) fanfiction.

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash had always dreamed of the moment when she would be able to enter the elite academy for Wonderbolts. But when she finally gets there, things don't work out as she expected.

Even more difficult to deal with is her developing feelings for one of the Wonderbolts...

SoarinDash romance!

Chapters (4)

Rainbow Dash decided to practice some of her flying tricks late at night. When Soarin, the love of her life, come by, She tries to impress him.

This was a contest entry for something on deviantART

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Piercing the Heavens

BEFORE YOU READ: This takes place in Calm Wind's Wonderverse, after Piercing the Heavens. It was started before PtH was finished, so some events may turn out different.

Everypony has life goals.

In Spectrum's case, it would be following her parents' hoofsteps and becoming a Wonderbolt.

Unfortunately, life doesn't seem to agree with her. With loads of stress, unwanted attention, an extremely tight schedule, terrible school projects, not to mention an annoying little brother who literally gets in the way of everything she does, can Spectrum Skies overcome all those obstacles and emerge with triumph? Or will the pressure drag her down before she meets her goal?

Written mostly in 1st-person POV

Cover art done by me

Chapters (9)
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