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Rainbow Dash is know for her athleticism and rough and tumble attitude. She's fearless and not afraid to take on any challenge. But what most ponies don't get to see is her soft side. A side that loves to love and be loved. Even more unknown is a side job where she gets to do just that. The job of a professional snuggler. But how will she cope when a new client sends her into a realm of emotion that not even she thought she had?

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I thought the title was Smuggler for Hire at first glance XD Was not expecting this much fluff!

6283058 Well, I hope you liked it still. Thought the title was at least clever myself.

That was so cute! :pinkiesmile:

<----- Sucker for snuggles right here! This is going on my "read it." :heart:

Well that was a pretty cute tale indeed. :P

This is a really nice story, I feel warm just reading it. :twilightsmile:

It's been a while since I've read a story about intimacy and physical closeness that didn't involve sex in some way (and I know you made mention of it, but you still get a point for this in my opinion). With all the shipping Rainbow gets caught up in, it's always refreshing to read something simple and clean like this.

Rainbow's character was pretty well done too, trying to keep a professional attitude during the whole thing when she really just wants to grab onto Soarin and never let go. The conflict was believable, but it didn't stop me from yelling "KISS HIM YOU FOOL!" at my computer screen at the top of my lungs (in the middle of the night, waking my neighbors). In terms of storywriting, I think that's a good thing. :twilightblush:

Overall, nice work. I enjoyed it.

- Erised

That was adorable, I loved it <3

6285008 Honestly, this made my day. I really appreciate all of this. I had a lot of regret writing this and even worried that it would go over poorly with the concept and worried that characterization and the overall story were poor. Not gonna lie. But it's good to know I did well and puts all of that at ease.

didn't stop me from yelling "KISS HIM YOU FOOL!" at my computer screen at the top of my lungs

Funny enough, I was going to have Rainbow kiss Soarin instead of hug him in the end but decided it was sweeter the way it ended up.

Too cute! I can't believe this story has 6 dislikes! It's probably the wall of text. You might want to get that fixed.

6287476 Thanks. I actually write all of my stories that way and they don't rack up this many dislikes because of it. I think it would be more for a ship people don't like or something. I hardly get complaints as it is for how my stories are set up.

6287502 Huh, maybe you're right. Still, I think it'd be a good idea to get rid of it just in case. Love the story though, wouldn't change a thing! I'll check out what else you've written.

6287502 Oh, my goodness, bro! I just realized you write Star Wars Stories! That's TOTALLY UP MY ALLY! I think I'll follow you, sir. You have peaked my interest. :trixieshiftright:

6287577 Cool. Right now, it's just one but I hope you enjoy it and anything else that looks interesting. And thanks for the Follow.

I'm actually going to keep the story set up the way it is as, like I said, all of my stories are like that and that's my preference when writing stories. I want to stay consistent and to change one would mean I would have to change at least a few other stories to the same set up and it's more trouble than it's worth.

6287606 Meh, if you say so. Good luck!

It's a very solid story, cute, loving, adorable, well written characters.

My issue is that you never really go into why they're different, what is Dash attracted too, it feels like the only real thing they have in common is being lonely, and if that's the case, you missed the interesting part were they learn how much they really like the other and why they do.

6311126 Thanks for that. I don't really know how to write romance stuff at all and I knew I was missing a things or could have expanded further on some things. I think part of the issue is a bit of my inexperience in writing romance and perhaps even my own view on love and a relation. But thanks for pointing that out.

It does help but I'm not sure I'll be doing any more romance type stuff at all. But I'm sure I can use this advice in another story that might include love interests.

Why didn't I read this earlier? It made me tear up, it was so good.

6608898 Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

I rarely smile, or feel this touched by a story. Although the ending was a bit fast, I can't deny that I loved the story.

I love the idea of Pony society having invented snugglers. I wonder if orphanages or old folks homes ever hire them? Charities might hire smugglers, or they could even take well vetted volunteers.

Actually, the general idea off snugglers may be even better than that.

Oh... and the overall story was good, even if I would have liked it to end on them agreeing to go out for a serious date rather than declaring undying loved or whatever.

7049283 If I remember right, there is an actual job in Japan where people can hire someone to platonically sleep with them. Don't recall the video I saw it in but that was where the idea came from.

But I do appreciate the thought still and thank you for the input.

Not being 100% original does not make the idea less cool though.

You are quite welcome.:pinkiesmile:


7092594 Well thanks. Glad to know I did well.

Super adorable.

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