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From An Enemy To A Friend... - Sunsetsparkle129

Cloudsdale High is going to pertisapate in some friendly games vs Canterlot High....but will that be all?

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Chapter 1:A New Challenge

From An Enemy To A Friend...
By:By Soarindash959
Ch 1:A New Challenge

Students were running all around the halls of Cloudsdale High. As the bell rang, signaling the students that their classes had ended and they all began preparing for the next one, so did two certain individuals.

"So, what do you think it'll be this time?" asked Fleetfoot.

"Beats me..." answered Spitfire as she picked up her books from the locker and closed it. She turned around, facing the other girl. "...but I doubt it's going to be that different from last time, Fleetfoot," she said as she took off down the hall.

Fleetfoot followed closely after. "I suppose... But I sure do hope that it'll be some actual competition this time, Spitfire," she said as her friend released a small chuckle.

"Heh, yeah... Those 'Griffins' aren't as tough as they may seem," she said as she stopped in front of a big door.

"Well, it looks like we're about to find out," Fleetfoot said as she walked in, Spitfire doing the same a second or so after. When they entered, they found themselves standing in a huge and dark room. The room had a stage in the front and seats for the audience that were almost all full. The girls immediately started searching for the rest of their friends: Soarin, Rapidfire, and Wave Chill. But, unfortunately for them, the three boys were nowhere in sight, so they decided to pick some seats for themselves and save three for the boys when they came.

"Attention, students," a voice called out. It came from Cloudsdale High's principal, Principal Shade. She was a tall woman with blond hair and yellow eyes. "I'm sure you all know why I asked you to come here," she said as she started walking in a circle on the stage. "We have been challenged. And it's by none other than-" She was cut off as the door sprung open, revealing three teenage boys.

"Uh... haha... Sorry, Principal Shade!" Wave Chill apologized as he started to look for Spitfire and Fleetfoot. "We'll just go sit.." He then spotted them. "Over there! Come on, guys!" he said as all three of them sat down in the seats the girls had saved for them.

"As I was saying, this time we are challenged by an old nemesis of mine... Canterlot High! But! I am confident that we can defeat them, as a lot has changed since our last game," she said, stopping before she continued, "The events themselves will remain unknown; it shall be a surprise. But as usual only ten students will participate! And those are.." she took a folded piece of paper from her pocket, unfolded it, and began to read the names of the ten students: "Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, Rapidfire, Wave Chill, Misty Fly, Blaze, High Winds,Lightning Streak and Fire Streak. The ten of you are dismissed for the rest of the day so you may prepare; meet me tomorrow in front of the school at ten a.m. sharp, that's when the bus to Canterlot High is going to come to pick us up. As for the rest of you, you will retain the same school schedule and take regular classes. The games will last one week, so while I'm gone Vice Principal Silver Lining will be put in my position. That is all," she said, releasing the students.

Everyone got up from the seats and began heading for the door. "Soarin," she called out.

He stopped and turned back to face the principal. "Yes?"

She motioned with her head. "We need to talk; come with me," she said, walking past him and through the door.

Principal Shade brought Soarin to her office.

"Please, sit down," she said to him before doing so herself. "I called you here because you are my most trusted student, and I need you to
help me with something," she said as she opened a drawer and pulled up some files. "I am afraid to say that Canterlot High may not be as easy to defeat as I first thought... for it seems that they have developed somewhat of a reputation. Test scores are up; grades, even athletics are on the rise, and these are the ones who made it happen," she said, handing him the files.

Soarin opened them. There were six files, each one had a picture of what seemed like a girl student of Canterlot High and alongside it were their grades and records.

"These are Canterlot High's best students, whom I'm certain will participate in the games, and apparently, earlier this year, they gained Crystal Prep's star student as well. And that is horrible. When it comes to sports, I have no doubt we will win, but... there will be other games too, and those we might lose."

Soarin looked up from the files. "And what can I do about it?"

She laughed softly. "Soarin, you are my best student; you can help us win those games, but I'm afraid there aren't any other students who can back us up, so... we need to have a plan B if things aren't going as planned."

Soarin raised an eyebrow. "You want us to cheat?"

She shook her head. "No, of course not. I want you to study these students, or more specifically learn their weaknesses - we shall use them just in case... and I want you to pay extra attention to this one," she pointed to a file, "This one, is by far the most dangerous, so please, Soarin, don't disappoint me." Soarin looked back at the file, which seemed to have a rather interesting rainbow image.

"...You're our only hope..."

Author's Note:

This chapter is just to get things going,the rest will be a lot longer I promise!:twilightsmile:

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