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I love to write ,I am a crazy F.C.Barcelona and Leo Messi fan and I love Soarindash!


Cloudsdale High is going to participate in some friendly games vs Canterlot High....but when magic is exposed, things take a different turn

Cover art by Lucy-tan

Chapters (4)
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I feel like making a Star Wars reference.

Can't wait till next chapter!!:rainbowkiss:

Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, Rapidfire, Wave Chill, Misty Fly, Blaze, High Winds and Fire Streak

There are only 9 names here.

Other than that, I can't wait for the next chapter!

This seems very similar to friendship games…
But, nonetheless, it's enjoyable

6867396 it was inspired from the movie but I have very different plans for it

Mm sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to future chapters!

Although, the lack of a "romance" tag is a little disappointing.

And suddenly, SHIPPING!

Amazing chapter- I'm intrugued(id think I spelt it right) but anyways well done:pinkiehappy:

So Cloudsdale High is essentially another CPA?

I'm interested to see where you take this. But I do have one piece of advice to make this story unique: For the love of god, DON'T MAKE IT A COPY/PASTE OF FRIENDSHIP GAMES.

Also, are you almost done with my commission for Red Letter?

:pinkiegasp: I'm intrigued...
In all my years of reading Soarindash fanfics....I've been preparing myself for this....SOARIN WILL STALK RAINBOW!!!:rainbowkiss:

Also, I saw the cover art on DA, I was wondering who had commissioned it. Seems like you're well prepared to take on the task of a fanfic 0v0

6869718 yah I commissioned the artist,I really am going to bring my everything in this,expect more art in the story :raritywink:

Wait....Is this the story you asked me to edit?:rainbowhuh:

6871013 Oh, sorry! :twilightblush:
I'm really looking forward to it though! Even more after reading this story! :heart:

This seems AWESOME... but I like how it's not straight out blackmail WHILE HER BROTHER WATCHED, but more of like a strategic approach. This is interesting, I can't wait for more!

6866379 My exact thoughts while editing this chapter.

Help me, Soarin; you're my only hope.

Now all we need is to put Principal Shade in a white cloak, and we've got it.

Omg this story looks so interesting can't whait for the reast :pinkiehappy:

Is this a sorindash story

6890011 thank you, and yeah it will be some Soarindah, but I still haven't dicadet if to make them a couple at the end,that's way there isn't any romance tag

OMG !!!!! I love it , it's amazing . Please Continue .

Omg can't wait for the reast Gona......explode :pinkiegasp:

Pls update soon, I just hate when a story catches my interest then later I find out that the author cancelled it!

6910199 I'm not going to cancel this story, be sure of that, I have already started the next chapter and have 751 words, It will be done in a day ore so,the biggest wait for it will be the art and editing

6910217 ok, and this story is amazing, your a really great author :pinkiehappy:

And then the shipping commences.

This is awesome!!!! I NEED MOAR! :pinkiecrazy:

*muffled screaming*

*screaming intensifies*

Oh mah god. I just found this out and hey! This is gonna go to my list of favorite stories! Great story, btw. Love the idea!

Reading your new chapter 2 days earlier makes it even worse to wait now :raritycry::rainbowlaugh:
Anyways cool chapter! :twilightsheepish:

6911935 Thank you!If you like the story can you hit the like button?

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