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Project of C.S.N.P. (Creative Students, New Potions)

Name: Love Potion

Made By: Sunset Shimmer

School: Canterlot High

Principal: Principal Celestia

Description of The Potion: This potion makes love and can create true love in a girl and a boy.

Antidote: A true love kiss between the couple. (Note: It has to be on lips.)

Side Effects: Using the potion for a long time can cause love sickness and even if the potion gets out of body, it can make love of the other person stay in heart forever.

Ways to Heal the Side Effects: There isn't any way to stop the side effects but the best way of prevention is to get the potion out of the body before one month is passed from the first day of using.

Was This Potion Tested Before? ■Yes □No

Name of the People: Rainbow Dash, Soarin Skies, Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry.

Ingredients: Heart desire flower, Mistletoe, Magical rose petals, The moon sprinkles, Five feathers of a love bird.

How to use? Add string of the girl's hair to the potion. Then add boy's string of hair to a separate love potion. Let a heart appear inside of the liquid. Then give the potion with the girl's hair to the boy and the potion with the boy's hair to the girl. After drinking them, they'll fall in love.

Thanks For Participating In the Competition

With the best regards

Moderate of C.N.S.P.

NOTE: People in the story have wings and magic. Their magic comes out from the tip of their fingers.
It may doesn't have an EG tag but it's mostly the EG except from the Twilight from Equestria and wings and magic.
Coverart by: Moonlightprincess002
♡Happy (early) Valentine/Hearts And Hooves Day!♡

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Is this a Soarindash story?

SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! :rainbowkiss::heart::pinkiehappy:
Following you was on of my smartest decisions...:DDDDDD

“And since this year none of us signed in for the king and queen competition, then it can be only one person,” said Applejack. With this, everyone turned to Rainbow and stared at her.

What? You said none of them signed up for the competition. How did RD got in???


This... is... 20% cooler than any other shipfic I've read! (tbh I haven't read that many but whateve)

Comment posted by Harmonian deleted Feb 6th, 2016

6908305 Yes it is. SOARINDASH 4EVEEEEEER!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:
6908426 Aww, thanks.:twilightsmile:

6908444 I meant that she did but I guess I forget to write it. Oops!:twilightsheepish:

6908759 Not me, my OC. (If you meant it on the story.) but if you meant on the Fimfiction, yep it's me.:twilightsmile:

I have a problem with the ingredients. Mistletoe is POISONOUS!

6909135 Well, other ingredients make it nullified.

I am totally enjoying this!:yay:

Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the AWESOME WORK!!!

(OH THE FLASHLIGHT AND SOARINDASH FWUFF!!! SO MUCH!!!:pinkiecrazy::raritystarry:)

And Rainbow… she’d definitely if she say that she didn’t like the hug

Hmmm... Definitely what?

6909789 :pinkiehappy:Thanks. But you might have to wait a little longer for it.

6909813 As always, I forgot a word. It was supposed to be 'lied'. Sorry. I'll edit it now.:twilightsheepish:

Idiot eggheads and their huge brain,

This Soarin is like Applejack.

The two always start an squabble.

He chuckled. “If it were up to me to choose a love for myself…” he said before walking away but at the last seconds Rainbow clearly heard him saying, “… I would have chosen you…”

I would say the same to Rainbow. :rainbowkiss:

Applejack, as always, doesn't help.

I see. . . Heh. Hehe. Hehehe. Muahahahahahaha!

Oh boy, this'll be fun.

6912029 I look forward to seeing how things go in the future. Though if this turns out to be a love poison, I'm laughing my ass off.

6912031 Well... I can't say anything.:pinkiehappy:

6912051 Of course not. Why ruin the surprise.
The sarcasm is strong with this one.
Shut up Eclipse.

I am going to explode!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm head over hooves in LOVE with this story!!!! AHHH it's so amazing!!

I really look forward to future chapters! Please update soon!

6912277 Okay. Next chapter will be out tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words.:twilightsmile:

Well, time for news report.


Twilight Sparkle from Canterlot High open a box of chocolate from Flash Sentry, who claims that he didn't put any potion in it. The same goes to two more students, Rainbow Dash and Soarin,looks like these two lovebirds can't get enough of each other and put a box of chocolate in each other's locker. They claim that they did not put anything in it, instead they claim that it is from Sunset Shimmer and Bluey Shine. Until next time, signing out, Sofea.

“Let me think…” said Bluey. Then she grinned and looked at Sunset. “Um… no.”

:rainbowlaugh: that is so me!!!
BTW does this mean you will be updating daily now??? Please say yes! :fluttershysad:

6913457 They really are some breaking news.:pinkiehappy:

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