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Rainbow Dash is moving house and school. From Cloudsdale to Ponyvile. Cloud High to CHS.
Shes feeling quite sad and bored.
Looking back into a book, she remembers times with a guy.

Based off some thoughts and situations i was in... :raritywink:

Art By: Rainbows-In-Reality (Me)

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Yo. Feels really? Leh Royal British Egg.... CHU LIED 2 MEH!!

Very cute :rainbowkiss: It was hard finding a new Soarindash story that didn't relate to the newest episode lol


Yeah! XD Really liked it? Awee! Thanks! I love ya stories as well! ^^


I wish I could...


I havent seen


yet. Maybe in a week or two. He said he can meet me then so... Yay! ^^ :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::raritywink:

I really like the story. :) Very realistic
When you said " The pain felt nice, for some strange reason." I couldn't agree more. I just moved one month ago and I found that to be soooo true. It would feel so wrong for it not to hurt when you have to leave your best friends.


Yes, it is VERY realistic, because this story is based off well... My experiences.

And thank you so much. It is really hard for not feeling pain in the experience. :twilightsheepish:

Yes, and it's a constant reminder of what you have lost. I hope it lasts a long time, I don't want to forget about them, move on, or find replacements.

She hovered her had over the picture of Soarin. Her heart hurt.


How did you manage to slip TWO sex jokes in an E-Rated story???

Where is the next story where she seens soarin again ?

Please tell me that there's going to be something where Dash sees Soarin again! This is a sad cliffhanger.

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