Our Love In The Sky


Chapter 5 (EDITED)

Dash continued to cry on her bed and let the time pass by. A few hours later, she checked the time which says '8:45', she realized she spent 3 hours crying in her room. She quickly changed her clothes, made dinner downstairs, did her homework, and went to sleep.

The next day she didn't even bother to wait for Soarin to walk with her so she walked alone, going to Canterlot University.

As Soarin was walking to the University, he noticed that Dash didn't wait for him. He sighed and just continued walking. He suddenly saw Spitfire and Fleetfoot, trembling in fear when they saw him. He rolled his eyes.

Then he saw Dash, walking alone and looking down. He wanted to go to her, but he hesitated.

"What if...she wouldn't answer?" he asked himself. He reached out his hand to her, as if like he would want to say something, but then he pulled it back and sighed.

Dash just walked to her first class which is Science. As she was walking, she noticed Soarin running to her. She walked faster so that Soarin couldn't catch up. She entered the class, catching her breath.

Soarin kept on running towards Dash, hoping he could catch up. Then he stopped when he saw her going in a room.

"Science?" he asked himself. He went inside, following her. Dash sat down, and he sat behind her trying to say something.

He hesitated for a moment, then continued.

"Um...Dash?" he slowly started. Dash raised her palm, making Soarin go silent.

"Don't say a word. I will not and never listen anyway. So please," she softly said and put down her hand.

Soarin looked down and just listened to the teacher. He really had his hopes up when he was going to tell her. But then he failed.

"How could I admit my feelings towards her?" he thought.
This went on for the rest of the subjects until it was dismissal. The students of Dash's last class and her greeted their teacher and Dash began to run at the rooftop of Canterlot University. She climbed up the stairs, opened and closed the door to the rooftop. She went to the back of the entrance of the rooftop, sat down and took out her geometry homework.

"Ugh.. I wish Twilight 'Egghead' Sparkle was my classmate and could help me. Too bad she's back in Equestria doing her royal duties," Dash complained in her thoughts.
Meanwhile, Soarin walked back to his home regretting his life.

"Ugh, why am I such an idiot?! I could've just told her straightly!" he shouted outloud. Then little raindrops start to fall causing it to rain. "Great." Then he ran to his home sighing.

He walked in his house, placing down his things near the door of his room, removed his shoes and laid down on bed thinking of his life.

Soarin thought and thought of what to do. Then he thought about an idea. He got a pen and a paper, and wrote it down.

"Dear Dash, I know that you must hate me right now, but please read. I'm very sorry, of what I did to you. I have proof that I never faked! Please believe me.


He went to her house, placed the note on the ground, and knocked. Then he ran away.