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The Idea of a song. Is to place the staff within the key. As the song of the vorlon sings to you. Oh for the end of the Shadow war is but a taste John..Just a taste. How it works is pain.B5

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This story is a sequel to Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless

Totally not a spin-off to "Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless"; it is a sequel.

When an old, Ancient enemy resurfaces in the world of the Blue Bomber and his heroic friends, craziness ensues when they try to stop him that ends up sending everyone to a whole other world.

Stranded far from home, Team Sonic must make new allies and attempt to fit in in this new world while also trying to gain the trust of its inhabitants and reclaim the Lost Crystal of Power before their foes do.

Will Team Sonic be able to balance a life of their typical heroics with going to school? Will their new friends be able to show them new powers they'd never imagined were real before? Will Amy finally get her new snakeskin boots? And will Sticks eventually stop messing with the author?

"Don't count on it."

Find out in this, the ultimate crossover of awesomeness!

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninjas: The Movie

The turtles and their ninja friends are back in Equestria, where they're going to the School of Friendship to make new friends and teach important lessons of what it truly means to be a ninja.

However when three enemies return looking for revenge it'll take all their strength, skill, and teamwork to overcome them and keep Equestria and the School safe.

Takes place during the events of season 8 and will eventually lead up to the finale. If you're not caught up in all the current events in season 8 I would suggest you do so because there will be spoilers.

Chapters (10)

Fizzlepop Berrytwist, the mare once known and feared far and wide as Tempest Shadow. But before that, she was just another pony like you or me. As much as she's been wanting to avoid it, not everyone can run from their past forever. Has a way of catching up to you like that. And now Tempest has to face hers, and she returns to her home village to see just what became of her fillyhood friends. And perhaps, just perhaps make a few amends.

(Featured on 1/10/19)

Chapters (1)

Uncle lives a very fulfilling life at his antique shop. It's peaceful and quiet for the most part, just how he likes it. Of course, he's a skilled chi wizard, so he knows better than to actually let the universe know that he's content. So he complains.

A lot.

Then one day, a basket containing three infant magical ponies arrives, and his peaceful life goes out the window...to be replaced with, perhaps, something a little more than contentment.

The universe, apparently, is smarter than he gave it credit for, because now he has "Three More Things!" to complain about to hide just how much they mean to him.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

First chapters take place approximately 10 years before the events of the first episode of the show.

Edit: Cover Art put together by Shadow Bolt
Edit 2: New Cover Art by Swan Song. Link to his page in image source.
Edit 3: Level Dasher commissioned an image of the CMC with their new Cutie Marks from Katakiuchi4U over on Deviantart. Here's the pic!

Chapters (198)

A few months before, the Battle of Neighvarro ended with the destruction of an Enclave flagship. These events lead to the rise of the Progressive movement in the Enclave, and to sweeping changes in thought to ponies across Equestria.

Caught up in these waves of political change is Winter Breeze, a schoolteacher turned politician who was selected as the candidate for the new Progressive Party. But she must face her own challenges to make sure she survives and can make the Enclave better.

This is her story.

Set in an alternate universe of my fic Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt.

My 2018 Christmas special, I know it doesn't seem like it but it is.

Written with the help of the always amazing LittlestofPips, who helped come up with many of the ideas here as well as writing a character in part 2.

Chapters (2)

A Kirin remembers the Joy, Happiness, and Love that the Stream of Silence has robbed from them. They cannot even bring themselves to touch or hug the one they hold dearest in their heart. How has this cooling of their emotions truly affected them?

Editor: Mr Numbers

Artwork: Screencap from Season 8 Ep 23

Chapters (1)

Dragons are not hot! Or at least Twilight keeps telling herself. Seriously, what's wrong with a little meddling in transmogrification magic from time to time? It's not like there can be any... 'unexpected' side effects, right? Tried and tested, completely safe! That is, of course, if there's not somepony with a secret crush also involved.

Featured: 12/4/18

Edited by: Emtu
Cover art created by: xWhiteDreamsx

Chapters (11)

On February 19, 2016, Joe Velloti find himself changed into a red and white pegasus. Deciding he cannot survive in his hometown of Nanuet, New York, when he finds out about Alexandria, he decides to head there. It's a whole new world out there. Can he and others he meet survive in it long enough to join up with others?

A Ponies after People side story, as started by Starscribe.

Chapters (12)

The School of Friendship has new Teacher Assistants!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been welcomed into staff on a probationary basis in order to assist their sisters (and Rainbow Dash) with their classes. Today just happens to be the day for the School Trip to Canterlot Castle for a certain group.

When things go wrong and our characters are flung into the Void and come out in one of many worlds at war, what kind of challenges will they have to face? And if they survive... what will they bring back with them to Equestria?

Many thanks to Petrichord and GapJaxie for their feedback and assistance.

Chapters (9)

Check out the custom-made theme music created by The L-Train here!

Have you ever kept a secret from somepony?

How about an entirely different life?

Twilight Velvet has definitely been less than honest with her family and friends, but now, so many years later, somepony stumbles upon the truth. Adventures long done, friendships that have withered to the barest of sparks—what will resurface as Twilight's true life is uncovered?

Rated Teen for blood, profanity, suggestive themes, and violence.

Volume 1 of
Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion

A subseries of the revised Modern Equestria Project.
By Seriff Pilcrow and AdmiralKew.

Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion is a fanfiction series that aims to breathe new life into a once popular headcanon: that Twilight Velvet—Twilight Sparkle's mother—was directly involved with Daring Do and her adventures. Travel with Daring Do and Twilight Velvet across Equestria and beyond as the discover treasures of old, battle dangerous foes, and unearth the knowledge the world’s past has to offer. Drawing inspiration from real-world archeology, locales, and cultures; auxiliary MLP material like the IDW comics and G.M. Berrow chapter books; and standard action-adventure fare like Uncharted and Indiana Jones, Daring Did combines all of these elements into a witty, yet deep narrative that captures a spirit of exploration and exhilaration.

Editing and long description by Dreams of Ponies.
Preread by Edukas, Hubristic Lee, Magic Step, Nailah, pertinax, and Sparkle Cola.
With feedback from PonyJosiah13, I Thought I Was Toast, and Wing.
Cover art by VanillaGhosties.
Chapter art by Tillie-TMB.

Featured on March 19, 2018; April 23, 2018; June 25, 2018; August 27, 2018; October 8, 2018; November 19, 2018; and January 28, 2019.

Chapters (12)
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