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Fluttershy hears it. She hears it all the time.

Ponies always talk about Discord--they whisper about him, even when she and her friend are around them. Ugly, they say. They find him ugly! They think he's a beast!

It makes Fluttershy's heart ache. She's afraid their words are hurting Discord--that he may think he's ugly too, because of what they say.

So when she holds an event for pets in need of adoption, and the gossip starts again, can Fluttershy stand up for him?

And what in the world does Discord mean by "You'll figure it out"?!?

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

Chapters (1)

R. Sweetie Belle leads a fulfilling life―her parents love her and she has several friends that she can count on when times get tough.

Like today, for instance, when she wakes up with a lump on her chassis.

Preread by Waterpear!

Edited by Bradel!

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David Carrian can't help but be attached to his amazing, very expensive computer. As such, when a virus sneaks onto his system without his knowing, he puts all of his focus and knowledge into removing the threat that is screwing with his memory and CPU.

But he hears something coming from his headphones. A quiet, almost unnoticeable voice cries out from behind the computer screen. On one hand, knowing that the virus is playing such sickening sound effects drives him harder to fix the problem. On the other however, he stops to think after he finally makes out the words said to him...

"...Help me..."

This tale follows heavily on the Slice-of-Life and drama side of things, but sways towards adventure halfway through the story. As of Chapter 13 (treehouse.exe V1.31), we have not reached that point yet.

Episodes beyond season three episode two are ignored.

Click here to listen to a reading of the first chapter by Griffin Productions!

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Applebloom just wanted to spend a day with her friends, crusading for her cutie mark. Instead, she found something even deeper and more troubling about herself. Turns out she's not even a member of the Apple Family by blood. In fact, she's not even truly native to Equestria! She's an alien! An alien robot no less!

Now Applebloom will have to deal with the reality of her origins and try to cope with them and her newfound abilities as she moves towards her future; a future that just might never come to be if her new foes have anything to say about it. Decepticons are, after all, a monstrous cabal.

Now, it's up to Applebloom to light Equestria's darkest hour.

Cover image credit goes to Inspectornills

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They say a Cutie Mark is a symbol of a pony's special talent; a coming of age if you will; the starting guideline for a pony's destiny. Well, they got one part right at least...

What is the purpose of a Cutie Mark really, you ask?

Let's just say it's a lot less...cheerful than you think.

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Solitary Star has looked for a special somepony his entire life. He has been to more places and worked more jobs than most ponies would believe. No matter how far, high, or low he searches he can never seem to make that connection.

At his wits end he takes the advice of a co-work and contacts a specialist for help. While a pleasant enough mare, Lovey Dovey isn't like any matchmaker he has ever been to. He can't understand what good telling him, "Somewhere out there someone is waiting for you", does him.

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Set right after the conclusion of the episode "Maud Pie," Maud reflects on her life and how important Pinkie Pie was to her. She thinks of how she grew emotionally unavailable, and how hope can be beautiful as well as tragic.

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This story is a sequel to Dust on the Wind

The year is 2045 and mankind has taken to the stars. With colonies on mars and the moon, we’ve left the cradle of Earth behind.

It’s been 25 years since the ponies first appeared on earth. 25 Years since the fall of Discord. I was born June first, 2020. The day of the invasion, the day the ponies took back what was theirs. The day Equestria was freed, and I am the last. The last of the 5 score ponies, the last one cursed, and the Last to change.

And this is my story.

First off, I want to give a wholehearted thank you to Kitsy-Chan for her giving me the story idea, and for helping with the research to make this story work.

Cover art by Alkarasu It's AMAZING, btw!!!

Note: This is a Five Score Story in Dust on the Wind continuity. Reading Dust on the Wind is not required, but strongly encouraged.

This story would not happen at all, if it weren't for my pre-readers, Phenrys, Exsnaggerwes, and Kitsy-Chan. Thank you to all of you, your hard work and dedication has helped me to get farther along than I ever would have believed!

And awesome news, I now have an editor for Loopy's story. She's Purple Pegasus and she's been doing an awesome job!

Chapters (20)

This is the original version of the first story I've ever written, over the course of three months as a brand new writer in late 2014.

I'm including these chapters here as a record of how the story looked when it began. This was the prototype for what would, over many years, become Black Feather. The story has gone through multiple complete rewrites, but this was the initial version. Enjoy reading my clumsy first steps into the world of writing!

Note: I will make the chapters visible again after Black Feather is published to avoid spoilers.

Commissioned cover art by SilFoe
Special thanks to onlyanorthernsong for encouraging me to write this and helping to envision Pen Stroke's Nyx as an adult.
Extra thanks to Pen Stroke for permission to write the adult version of his character Nyx.

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This story is a sequel to Yeah, It Needed More Ponies

My name is Lyle Anderson, age 17, part time human, and all the other times I'm a (pony, griffin, zebra, breezie, etc.)

Why can I become so many fantasy creatures from a show directed towards little girls and bronies? Well, blame my friend, who happened across transformation spells while dabbling in witchcraft. I admit, it's been fun this far, and my life has gone as far from ordinary as possible right now... but on a school trip to Washington D.C., I realize Angela isn't the only one who can perform the spell. That someone wants to see the capital burn.

And all the while I'm wondering, "How the hell did I get thrown into the middle of this?!"

Rated Teen for the occasional cuss
Character listing for this story will update as more transformations occur, but not of specific ponies; Just species like Changelings or Breezies.

[Edit}: Has made Featured List at least three times... I think. I may have lost count.:twilightblush:

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