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Every rising star must eventually fall. Rainbow Dash is locked in a struggle against her own past, and with the help of Twilight is about to make a discovery that will change the way she flies forever. But what will she lose in the process?

Massive thanks to Furor1 and Nyuuchandiannepie for the ridiculously awesome artwork, you should really check them out on DeviantArt if you've not already.

Dedicated to Donald Campbell and his Bluebird, for chasing his horizons for no other reason than the fact that they were there. Also to Steve Hogarth and Marillion for writing Out Of This World, the song that inspired this story.

Chapters (45)

After finding her assistant missing again during her court duties, Twilight finds Spike with none other then Fluttershy and learns that the two have been a couple for a while. After overcoming her shock, she is told the story of how the two, unexpectedly, found comfort in each others embrace...

Chapters (10)

Sometimes, bad things happen to good ponies. A year following a tragic incident, Twilight Sparkle returns to Ponyville to visit what she has been missing - her town, her memories, and most importantly, her friends. But will everything be as she remembers it?

This story has a sequel titled "In History, Maybe".

Chapters (1)

After a horrible accident, Twilight Sparkle falls into a deep coma. Will Twilight wake up? Will anything ever be the same?

Chapters (11)

At first glance, Princess Luna's charioteers might appear to be little more than Royal Guards dressed in festive apparel for Nightmare Night. However, there is far more to the story than that - the Night Guards once played a pivotal role in the history of Equestria, and have sacrificed more for their beloved princess than most ponies are even aware of.

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For Fluttershy it was suppose to be a normal day: meet up with Rarity for their weekly get together, get some apples from the market, then go home and tend to her animal friends. Then a dragon attacks the town and her life is changed forever.

She walks away from the attack, but not unchanged. She now has the ability to walk through fire without getting hurt, her hearing and eyesight have greatly improved, and she could speak a language that nopony, not even Princess Celestia, knows.

Dertermined to find out what happened to her, Fluttershy, along with her friends, head north to find a pony who could give her the answers she needs. Will she find what she was looking for? and if so, would she want them in the end?

Rated teen for some violence, some strong but not gory detail.

Constructive Criticism is greatly appreciated please.

Warning: Avoid comments because of spoilers.

Cover image is by spontaneouspotato on Deviant Art

Now reviewed by Not Worthy

A Spanish version of this story now exists thanks to the efforts of Spaniard Kiwi, which you can check out here https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Last-of-the-Dragonlords-Spanish-1-23-845359064

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Spike is a kind, loyal, selfless dragon. To many, he's not only Twilight's number one assistant, but rather an assistant to the entire town. Tragedy strikes when the adolescent succumbs to a fatal illness. It hits the townsfolk hard, especially Twilight Sparkle.

Sulking in her own despair, the faithful student asks herself the same, fruitless question: 'How does one cope with losing their only son?'

Sadness Porn at its smuttiest. You've been warned.

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