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The fate of Equestria once again hangs in the balance. But it comes in the form of the deadliest organism imaginable. A super predator made to hunt apex predators. A form of life dedicated to the eradication of any organism born under a star.

Help however doesn't come from Equestria's God Princesses or The Elements of Harmony... It too comes from the stars... In the form nopony would ever suspect.

Chapters (10)

Introducing Hal Sleet, deejay, weather control worker, stormbreaker. This year, during the monsoon, his call up leads to more than he ever thought possible.

A Ponies after People Tale, originated by Starscribe, and set in Mixtape's 'Sin Never Dies' storyline. My gratitude to both.

Chapters (8)

Princess Cadance, just like everypony else, needs some time of leisure from her many duties. While Shining Armor is taking care of their daughter, Cadance enjoys her lone trips to the nearby Nephrite Forest, where she can be away from all of her burdens and obligations for at least a short while.

She was simply destined to get mugged eventually, wasn’t she? Why not by somepony who takes his job very seriously.

Also available in Mandarin Chinese (translation by keplebletbett) and Spanish (translation by SPANIARD KIWI).

Chapters (1)

Twilight simply wants to take advantage of a perfect night to go stargazing, and maybe even spend some time with one of her friends, that is until one of the stars starts to act in a very peculiar way. This is not a falling star or a distant airship, and it seems to be interested in her...

Crossover with The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Edited by Klamnei

Chapters (1)

An MLP/Warhammer 40K Crossover

The Iron Warriors 38th Company has landed in Equestria, entrenching themselves like a barbed hook. They hunt the aliens of the Tau Empire, intent on destruction and pillage.
A small squad is dispatched on a reconnaissance mission, only to find that there is intelligent life on this world besides the feuding space-farers.
Will these improbably adorable and friendly equine aliens turn the damned warriors of Chaos from their blood-soaked path, cleansing them of their dark legacy with the magic of friendship and harmony?

No, that isn't happening.

(Dark humor warning; limited grimdark themes)
(Cover art by Nicholas Kay)
(This series now has its own TVtropes page!)
(This story is a contestant in the Tournament of Canterlot, a charity event to raise money for Syrian refugees! Go here for details and donations!)
(Featured on Equestria Daily 8/20/15 :yay: )

Chapters (8)

Their chariot shone like silver, roared like thunder, and blew fire hotter than dragons' breath. And everypony knew the day had finally arrived. The Goddesses had returned.

But everypony had forgotten why the Goddesses had left them...

Chapters (2)

Angelic Chorus was an average young filly from her hometown on the edge of the Badlands. At least she was until her entire home was massacred by a necromantic blight leaving her a twisted wreck with little hope of survival. Yet due to the intervention of the incarnation of death himself she was saved and now lives only to avenge her hometown with the very powers that were used to destroy it.

Tags subject to change as chapters are released. Updates whenever other stories won't cooperate.

Takes place after Tirek but before Starlight.

Chapters (8)

I've always wondered what your kind looked like in your Golden Age.

How you survived hundreds to possible thousands of cataclysmic events, and yet still be standing stronger than before.

Yet when the time came and all your glory lost to time and faith:

You were the only one left of your deific people.


Cover art credited to x-ste-x.
An idea that was in my head, please give me your thoughts on this concept.
27 May -- 31 May this was on the featured. Thank you all for liking this fic.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The God Empress of Ponykind

A message rings through the Warp: "The Game is broken, only Destruction remains". Celestia hears it, fearing for the lives of her former subjects and those of her beloved ponies. Unwilling to sit idle, she has chosen a dangerous path: return to the Imperium, take up the mantle of Emperor of Mankind, defeat the coming storm, and save Mankind once and for all.

With Twilight Sparkle to aid her, Celestia faces new challenges and new enemies. Her forces are scattered, her people assaulted, and the enemies of Man grow stronger with each passing day.

The Time of Heroes is gone. Now comes the Time of Ending.

Sequel to God Empress of Ponykind. Reading that first is strongly recommended.
Rated T for 40K related violence, but that might change at some point.
Comments contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Chapters (58)

In the midst of a hectic life with a whack-a-mole board of problems, Derpy manages to tell her new journal a personal story about laughter.

Pre-read by Damaged, Petrichord, and the denizens of a workshop.

Chapters (3)
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