• Published 18th Jun 2019
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A threat once again looms over Equestria, but it doesn't come from the past, it comes from beyond the stars.

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Lunchtime was simultaneously Scootaloo’s favorite and most hated time.

Favorite, in that Equestria’s education system supplied students with free lunch, which was a godsend to the filly who seemed to be starving most of the time. But not today though for some reason…

Most hated, because it left Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon free to torment the CMC.

A casual toss of a bread crust, which landed “conveniently” on Sweetie Belle’s head, and war was silently declared.

It was subtle, unlike most of the times interactions between the two groups happened. No pony wanted to draw the ire of the earth pony marm who took this opportunity to take some painkillers with her own lunch, and have a much needed break.

Applebloom’s rebuttal was equally subtle, a quick swish of her tail, and an apple seed bounced off Diamond’s tiara.

Now irked, Diamond “accidentally” slammed her juicebox a little too hard in a heated albeit friendly discussion with Silver Spoon, causing a fair amount of pear juice to land on Applebloom’s yellow coat.

With Applebloom now panicked and dabbing at the stain, hoping to wash the stain off so her sister didn’t smell pears, Sweetie Belle, used a faint spark of her budding magic to yank violently on Silver Spoon’s tail.

In pain, and furious, Silver would straight up use a spoon to launch a bite of pudding. A bold move, but Silver Spoon didn’t mess around using her spoon.

Now it was Scootaloo’s turn. A quick stretch of her wings, and the pegasus intercepted the inbound missile. Pretending it was her own pudding, Scootaloo then made a disgusted face and flicked her wings, as if wiping them with a provided napkin. This also had the effect of splattering pudding all over Diamond’s face and tiara.

Recovering from her panic and now mad, Applebloom would start to wag her tail back and forth, launching repeated barrages of seeds at the CMC’s mortal foes.

Diamond Tiara had at this point developed the most awful eye twitch.

Then Cheerilee rang the bell on her desk to signify recess.

Giving each other glares that could melt rock, the two sides put on their respective winter clothing and marched outside.

“THAT IS IT!” Diamond screeched when she thought Cheerilee was out of earshot. “AAAAAAAAGH!”

With a furious war-cry, the pink filly full body tackled Applebloom, who genuinely was surprised at the pure aggression. What followed was a cloud of kicking hooves, punches, a few mane and tail pulls, and an orange feather that drifted lazily to the ground.

Cheerilee, well aware of the, until this point, silent battle then marched out of the school house, looking like she wanted to eat all the painkillers in her bottle. Stomping through the snow irritably, passing by Snips and Snails who watched the fight with unnatural interest, she reached the dueling fillies.

“What am I going to do with you five?!” She exclaimed, pulling Diamond out of the melee by her tail. “Can we go a DAY without something happening?!”

Diamond snarled something and did her best to get stuck in again.

Rolling her eyes, Cheerilee lifted her head, pulling Diamond up by her tail, leaving her hanging over the ground.

“Yew fo’ fullo m’” Cheerilee grunted through Daimond’s tail, gesturing to the remaining four fillies.

Now that Diamond wasn’t agitating everypony, the fight mostly petered out, with Scootaloo sitting on, and pulling on Silver’s leg, Sweetie under Silver, blocking access to her face, and Apple bloom being pulled partially out of the pile from when Diamond was grabbed.

Blinking owlishly, the four separated quickly, and followed the elder earth pony with hung heads. Cheerilee then lead the group back into the schoolhouse, gesturing the four to stand in front of the desk.

Spitting Diamond’s tail out, and causing said filly to fall to the floor with an eep, Cheerilee sat in her chair and rested her forehead in her hooves.

Silence reigned for several minutes, causing each filly to fidget anxiously.

Finally Ms. Cheerilee looked up, and sat back in her chair with a creak.

“Who started it?” She asked bluntly.

Scootaloo pointed a hoof towards Diamond.

“She did.” The orange filly stated simply.

“Lies!” Diamond lied loudly. “How dare you accuse ME of-“

“Give it a rest Diamond…” Ms Cheerilee stated, rubbing the bridge of her nose. “I saw you throw the bread first, AND the fight stopped only after i pulled YOU away.” She sighed. “And now you’re lying. Frankly, I don’t know what to do with you all.” Cheerilee now addressing all five. “Day in and day out its something.”

“Buh Ms. Cheerilee, we’d didn’t do-“ Applebloom started.

“Didn’t do anything?” Cheerilee interuppted “Then why were all three of you Cutie Mark Crusaders ALSO throwing food?”

The mentioned CMC shared nervous glances.

“But how-“ Sweetie started.

“How do you respond?” Cheerilee finished. “Why not come to me to stop them? There is no rule saying its wrong to get food thrown at you. But you didn’t, and chose to respond inappropriately.”

“Um…” Scootaloo mumbled.

“There are no if’s and’s or but’s here. All five of you are in the wrong today. And I for one am getting tired of giving these kinds of talks.” Cheerilee huffed. “So instead of assigning an extra essay to each of you, as they clearly have not been working, I will be delivering each of you personally to your homes this evening and giving each of your families a letter explaining the situation. And I do EXPECT said letters to be returned to me by TOMORROW with each of your guardian's signatures.”

Scootaloo’s blood ran cold, even despite the warmth she was mysteriously feeling. She had no family, no guardian. All she had was a milk crate and whatever she managed to scavenge from the trash.

“Yes Ms. Cheerilee.” all the others mumbled sadly.

The mulberry pony sighed. “Now that you all understand, I’ll let you finish recess, but if any of you so much look as at each other funny, you’ll also be getting an essay. Am I being clear?” She squinted.

A series of halfhearted agreements followed, but Scootaloo remained silent, inwardly panicking.

“Good.” Cheerilee dismissed them with a wave of her hoof. And the five marched back to the door silently.

Diamond didn’t even have a snarky remark to say as they split up outside, each going to the opposite sides of the playground.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the class were waiting by the door and windows, acting like they weren’t eavesdropping while still clearly eavesdropping.

However no one was brave enough to approach the two groups and ask what happened. Which left the CMC undisturbed.

“Aw ponyfeather’s…” Applebloom cursed. “We’re up the creek without a paddle.”

“My SISTER IS GOING TO MURDER ME.” Sweetie squeaked.

Scootaloo was still panicking on the inside.

What am I going to do?! I can’t let Cheeriliee know I don’t have a home! What will she do?! Write a letter to Family services so I get shipped off to an orphanage?! Away from Ponyville?!


What if I can’t be part of the CMC anymore?! Then how am I going to get my cutie mark?! How will I remain friends with Sweetie Bell and Applebloom?!

“Scootaloo!” Applebloom shouted in Scootaloo’s ear.

“Gah!” Scootaloo shouted, jumping nearly as tall as an adult pony.

“Ah know what yer thinkin’, an’ we ain’t gonna let it happen.” Applebloom stated firmly.

“Yeah!” Sweetie squeaked.

Scootaloo fought down tears, only letting a few drops of moisture escape.

“Thanks guys… But how?!” She exclaimed. “It’s not like I’m going to find a home and family by the time school lets out!”

Both Applebloom and Sweetie put a hoof to their chins.

“Well, we still have all day to think of something…” Sweetie mumbled.