• Published 18th Jun 2019
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A threat once again looms over Equestria, but it doesn't come from the past, it comes from beyond the stars.

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When the sun rose, Scootaloo was exhausted. Her armor was dinged and scratched in numerous places.The horde hadn’t abated not one bit, and her compatriots were begining to drop like flies. Admitingly, it wasn’t technically their fault, seeing as Bruce’s warning about siege monsters didn’t just mean the golem.

Said monsters were like nothing Scootaloo had ever seen. Colored in splotches that resembled the green colors of plant life, one’s eyes tended to skip right over them. The only weakness to the illusion were the eye sockets and mouth that were shrouded in darkness, forming a sinister face that seemed to stare unblinkingly from what should’ve been innocent plant life. The most dangerous aspect of said monster however was it’s method of attack. Unlike the other monsters in the horde, it lacked any appendages that could swing or scratch at anyone, they merely had four tiny legs supported an upright body. Instead, it would stalk it’s prey, sneaking silently until it was within touching distance. It then would hiss very loudly and explode! Leaving behind a crater that not only damaged the wall, but could kill a soldier if they were unprepared to bolt. Even worse, they came by the hundreds.

Scootaloo had seen more than a few of her fellows not pay attention, and get caught in the resulting explosion. Even worse, said monsters more often then not seemed to want to explode on the wall, causing cave ins and forming ramparts for other elements of the horde to charge up. They were so bad, Scootaloo taken it upon herself to solely snipe these “creepers”, often ignoring skeletons who were shooting at her to go for a creeper kill.

Scootaloo’s world however was turned topsy turvy when a creeper she had missed exploded under the section of wall she defended.


The wall crumbled beneath Scootaloo, causing her to stumble and fall.

“AAAAAH!” Scootaloo exclaimed, falling into the dirt below. “Oof!” Pushing her exhaustion away, Scootaloo scrambled to her feet and pulled her sword from her belt. Just in time to smack a zombie away from getting it’s hands on her.

“AIIIEEEEE!” a soldier must’ve tripped into the hole and landed behind Scootaloo.

UltraJimmy has fallen to his death.

“Bucking…” Scootaloo grunted, slashing the zombie in half. Looking up, she saw countless heads turned her way, all with malice. Scootaloo glanced around, looking for anything that could help her escape.

UltraJimmy’s sword lay on the ground beside his body.

“Sorry dude.” Scootaloo mumbled as she looted the sword off the ground, holding one in each hand. Then the next zombie was on her.

Scootaloo danced.

Using every trick she knew from riding around Ponyville, Scootaloo used her practiced agility to duck and weave between monsters, swords flashing. Duck. Roll. Vault. Vault. Stab. Slice. Roll. Scootaloo did nothing but focus on moving and doing what she could with her twin swords.

A creeper’s face was suddenly dominating her vision


Scootaloo stabbed forwards with both blades, pushing them right through the thing’s agape mouth, she then vaulted over the creeper and flung the still living monster forward, where it exploded amongst a group of zombies. She stepped sideways, avoiding a lunge from a spider. She rolled underneath it, slashing at it’s legs as she did. It howled in pain, but tried to stab Scootaloo with it’s stinger. Rising from her roll, Scootaloo blocked the blow with the flat of a blade, but swung the other sword, slicing off the stinger entirely. On the back swing of the slice, she blocked a crude wooden sword that was in the hands of a zombie.

Slashing across it’s belly, she left it to it’s fate and slid into the legs of a skeleton who was lining up a shot. Tipping the archer over, Scootaloo used her larger, muscle bound bulk to get on top of it and crush it’s skull with a blow from a hilt. Rolling off the suddenly limp pile of bones to the side, slashed at more legs from the spider, causing it to fall to the ground.

Getting up from the roll, Scootaloo ran up the leg of a fresh golem that had just stepped out of the jungle and had happened to be nearby. A zombie that was chasing her slammed face first into the leg as Scootaloo did a backflip over head. She stabbed forward, pinning the zombie in place, but accidently getting the sword stuck in the golem’s armor.

Cursing under her breath, Scootaloo ignored the flailing, but stuck zombie, and climbed up the newly decorated leg. The sword must’ve pierced something important, because suddenly the golem’s repetitive and smooth motions transformed into wild flailing.

Holding on for dear life, Scootaloo screamed. “Oooooooh geeeeeeeeeez!” The golem groaned as it’s weight shifted, giving Scootaloo an opportunity to climb higher onto a more stable portion of the golem.

That stable portion ended up being the head.

Cresting over the golem’s shoulder, Scootaloo stabbed her remaining sword into the golem’s domed head and pulled out her pickaxe. Beneath her, the golem began to spin it’s torso around like a top, but the golem must’ve been constructed in such a manner that it’s head could rotate independently of it’s body, because Scootaloo didn’t spin with it. Holding onto the handle of her sword, Scootaloo swung repeatedly at the head. The golem swayed back and forth drunkenly, heedless of it’s fellow monsters.

Before Scootaloo could weaken it’s head enough to rip it off however, she was stopped when one of the golem’s pincer claws reached up and grabbed her, brutally yanking her off.

“OOF!” she grunted as the air was driven from her lungs. Before she could react or try to escape however, the golem reared the arm that held Scootaloo back and punched the wall that was a lot closer than Scootaloo thought it was.

Scootaloo has been crushed to death by an Iron Golem!

Author's Note:


If you never figured out the "single" reference that these past few chapters have been dropping, well it's based off of


I recommend going to check out his stuff, even if "this" game is discontinued, he always as something silly going on.

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