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This story is a sequel to Voidwalkers

[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives Equisverse β

A few short days ago, Vinyl, Lyra, and their friend Sherbert freed an ancient immortal being from his prison deep beneath the northern ice. Fortunately, Chemical Fire turned out to be quite friendly only wanting to spend time with Vinyl, whom he sees as an older sister, and play harmless games with friends.

Unfortunately, Chem was not the only one of his kind on Equis, and very few of his kin are peaceful beings. Vinyl, Lyra, and Chem quickly caught the attention of Hastur the Unspeakable, a Great Old One intent on ending all life on Equis as part of a business deal.

Thanks in part to Hastur’s greed, Chem’s cunning, and Lyra’s attempts to break a curse, the fate of Equestria now rests on a twisted parody of one of Chem’s games constructed by Hastur himself. This game is no more simulation. This game takes place in another world, one that is quite real. And the end of Equis is Hastur’s chosen prize.

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Book three of the Equisverse: Season two.

Chapters (18)

[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives [Equisverse Era 2]
Forty Two years after the return of Princess Luna, and twenty five years after the Elements of Harmony were broken, Equestria has entered a new age. The Bearers were forced to adapt, to change, and discover new ways to continue to keep Equestria safe. Thanks to the tools, weapons, and spells the Bearers have come to use over the years, Equestria, once famous for rejecting the majority of the world’s technological advances in favor of magic, has come to embrace the mechanical and the arcane in equal measure.

These changes echoed across Equestria, and traditions began to change as the average pony sought to do their part. Many by taking up arms to protect Equestria themselves as adventurers, wandering heroes, or vigilantes. Being a hero is no longer something a lucky (or unfortunate) few have to do on occasion. It’s a job. One which pays well. One which is extremely dangerous. One which might mean you only have to work one day a month. Or that you only go to work once, if you lucky (or very unlucky).

It’s a job that Orange Sherbert wants. But not for the money. Her grandparents did it before the new age dawned, as did her parents, aunts, uncles, their friends, and even acquaintances. Being a hero is her family’s business, but Sherbert is no hero.

She’s young, inexperienced, unskilled, and immature. But she knows this. She knows it and wants to become someone she feels is worthy of her family’s legacy. Someone who can save any day which needs saving. Someone who can right wrongs, and to destroy that which should not be.

To accomplish her goal, Orange Sherbet has chosen to travel to the country of Neighpone and train in the art of ninjitsu. To acquire skills, discipline, and personal growth all at once. But just what will she have to endure to achieve her goals after entering the ancient doors of Kōmoriakademī, Bat’s Academy.

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This story begins Series 2 of the Equisverse. Prior cannon is unnecessary.

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to Bat's Academy

[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives Equisverse Series 2

Thirty years ago, Princess Luna transported all of Ponyville into the Dream Realm to protect the city from invading daemons. Unfortunately she simply traded one disaster for another as the town became a haven for Nightmares, living dreams seeking but one thing; To find the person who dreamed them into existence, and make themselves real.

As a knight in Luna's service, Lyra fought to protect everypony in town, but at a great cost. Her worst nightmare found her, and Lyra didn't escape its clutches. The strange magic at the Nightmare's disposal warped reality itself, making the impossible conditions of Lyra's nightmare into reality itself.

After decades of exploration, archeology, study, and practice, Lyra has finally had a breakthrough. A specific arcane ritual that can forge a crystal made of the same magic wielded by Nightmares, one which may let her break the curse.

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Book 2 of the Equisverse Season 2.

Chapters (12)