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[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives

In a world shaped by the powers of magic and steam, where every nation is ruled by immortal god-kings and god-queens, there is an era of peace never before experienced by mortals and immortals alike. People grow, live, and die all without ever being attacked by bandits. Major wars are a thing of the past, with only small local skirmishes occurring in more primitive sections of the world. International trade allowed wizards and engineers to tame the world so all may experience a little luxury.

To many, life couldn’t possibly be any better. For those living on the far northern borders of Equestria, that peaceful world is but a fantasy. In the northlands, wild animals still roam the woods, even venturing into cities and towns. Farmers whisper of crop-destroying monsters lurking in the dark. Local sheriffs keep a wary eye on the sky, ever watchful for the first sign of a griffon hunting party. Wizards regularly ward the area around local communities, fearing the dark magic cast within these lands long ago might one-day resurface.

This is the world Tractor Pull grew up in. This is the world the young stallion longs to escape. To the southern lands of peace and plenty. All he needs is a chance. A chance which unknowingly comes to him when he meets a mare in a snowbank one frigid winter’s night.

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