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Adam is a good friend of Princess Cadance, and has been for the past year.

But when the Crystal Princess finds her request for snuggles denied, her mind breaks and she quickly kidnaps him for nefarious reasons.

He never stood a chance.

Uploaded at 10.20 AM. Written in about twenty minutes for April Fools, Enjoy!

Chapters (1)

The Battlefield Friends are sent to Equestria by an explosion, instead of respawning on the same battlefield they've come to know over the past years they end up in Equestria.

Chapters (2)

The Battlefield Friends all download the Equestrian DLC, but find out it holds a whole 'nother world. The Equestrian DLC allows players to fully immerse themselves into a gigantic open world. With two teams RU and US, players can have huge battles, small skirmishes or firefights. With the upgraded player count engine with now 64 players and Frostbite 3's levolution engine, the Equestrian DLC is an awesome map pack that holds a little bit more than just your average multiplayer content. See you on the battlefield.

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When Russian scientists recieve a signal from another dimension, a Spetsnaz unit is deployed into the strange new world to investigate. But things don't go as planned. The sole survivor of the unit must adapt to his new surroundings and save his new found friends from the rising evil. An evil over a millennia in the making. Let's hope they have vodka in this place.

Please Note:
1) This story's time line is set mid season 3.
2) This IS NOT a crossover. I just needed names and discriptions for the story and the Battlefield 3 russian team fit the bill. Hope you can understand.

- Dima is BASED (not IS, just based) off of the Battlefield 3 (BF3) russian assault class. And his name is borrowed from one of the campaign characters from the same game.
- Kiril's look is based of the BF3 russian sniper class. As for his name, Same story as above.
- Vladimir's look is based of the russian engineer class. Same story for the name.
- Borris' look is the support class without the helmet & balaclava. His name how ever, is after a friend of mine.

Chapters (6)

This story is now participating in the Tournament of Canterlot! This is a fundraising competition to help global humanitarian relief efforts via donations to Oxfam, a leading organization for helping others. If you want to donate to the cause, then go to your favorite story participating in the competition and donate. It would help a lot of displaced and needy people, and you'd be making a big difference. Thank you ahead of time for your support!
Tournament of Canterlot
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During a traumatic event, an outsider finds himself flung violently into Equestria. His physical form is warped into that of the inhabitants but will his mentality follow? And even more importantly, will anypony truly accept him for who he is? Take a journey alongside this inexperienced youth as he finds himself in a strange new world with very different customs and tries his hardest to find a place for himself where he didn't before. A pity he can't even remember his name...

Okay, the basics. It's first person almost entirely. Very, very long chapters. I try to wrap them up around twelve to thirteen pages but a few slipped over that, especially towards the end. I'll release them slightly stagnated, as I'll be making final revisions as I go. Character tags are NOT final. I'll add more main characters as they show up in each chapter. Expect an update one or two times a week, probably. I adore reviews and structured, constructive criticism. Even if you just want to say you like it, that's fine too. :) I write stories to entertain peoples, so any evidence I get that it's working will encourage me. I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapters (17)

It's a well known fact that each and every member of Equestria's top flyers, the Wonderbolts are idolized all over Celestia's Kingdom. Of course, that means special attention is drawn towards the female members of the group. So, when the Wonderbolts need to drum up some support, Soarin, possibly thinking with only his male hormones, gets the idea to start up a Wonderbolts themed calendar. With this act, Soarin may have just shot up to being more idolized then the rest of the Wonderbolts in the minds of stallions everywhere. Spitfire meanwhile, along with possibly the rest of the female Bolts just want his head. But is there a different reason on why she doesn't want her body shown off...?

Rated teen for frankly obvious reasons along with language. Contains Spitfire/Soarin friendshipping, but possibly could be thought of as romance. Takes place in the same universe as "Dash's Worry, Twilight's Reassurence"

(Thank you to ardail for the cover art)

Chapters (1)

Princess Cadance wakes up to care for Flurry Heart in the middle of the night, but notices something. She's growing. This makes her realize her little baby isn't going to stay little for very long, and thinks ahead to all of the wonderful things yet to come.

Cover Art and Inspiration by the Magnificent Ravvij

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1662371

Chapters (1)

History is written by the victors and the Equestrians excel at winning. Far to the south of Equestria in the Badlands, the region that separates the Equestrian frontier and the unknown lands of the long forgotten Humans, lies an ancient citadel of knowledge. Generations of magic, both well versed and obscure, holy and ghastly. Its reinforced walls still stand though the tomes and coveted secrets were purged after years of warfare, degradation and abandonment. Despite the armies, bands and packs who tried to finish what the Equestrians started none were able to breach the gates of the Lost Archive. None aside from the few faithful to the old ruler and Lord Hierophant have ever entered. His reign was cut short because of the same people who gave it to him and his followers, though misguided and few in number, would see fit to restoring his former glory even if it's more myth then legend.

Current cover art by Echira Sorin.

Chapters (13)

Candy Heart knew she wasn’t a normal pony. Between her unmatched intellect and unshakable ambition, she knew she was destined for greatness. She was destined to be the best, and once the incantation was complete she truly would be: everything holding her back, from loneliness to regret to remorse, would be gone. She’d be free, and she’d be unstoppable.

Except that isn’t what happened.

Instead, two more ponies came into being. This is their story.

Takes place prior to Season One
Full-cast reading by ajvasquezbrony28

Featured on Equestria Daily
Edited by Dubs Rewatcher
Cover art designed Novel-Idea

“… It's just an amazing story, however you slice it, and I hope everyone will take a moment to go read it right the heck now. Highly Recommended: Top Fifteen” — PresentPerfect

Chapters (6)

For the longest time, you had a crush on the school's most well known and most attractive girl, Rarity. Seeing as how you both share a third period with one another, you've been trying your hardest to make sure she knows that you're intelligent. After all, if you can't be interested in fashion or be friends with her friends, seeing as how you can't really talk to them either, then the next best thing is hope and pray she likes smart guys.

But after one of the longest nights you ever had doing homework, you soon discover that this next assignment may bring you both closer than ever before...

This is a collaboration between me and Miss Dr. Aqua Light. Most of this story was based on the title picture above.

Rated Teen for swearing, some sexual innuendos, and more to come.

Chapters (3)
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