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In the grim darkness of the far future... THERE IS ONLY WAR!

It all started when I picked up that Bolter at the convention , the guy was dressed up as a rouge trader and I was looking for a weapon to go with my Dark Angel costume, my mate Sebaste was with me and he grabbed a Assault rifle that the Merchant had, next thing we knew, we're sent to Equestria! Now we're Equestria's only defense against the forces of the Covenant and whatever Xenos and traitors appear in the country.
My name's Sasha ( or rather Sebastian), and this is my story....

Warhammer 40,000 belongs to Games Workshop

Halo belongs to 343i

My Little Pony belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro

Rated teen for some mild gore and language

This story has been approved for the War of Shadows

Chapters (28)

Sometimes good things happen to bad people and others bad things happen to good people. That could be getting trapped in a computer game where one mistake could mean the end of your life altogether or going to a convention and getting dragged into a new world both will eventually end the same way. A lost boy and his mother looking for a way to find the people they care about, or even looking for the person you lost.

Our names are Daniel but now under the visage of Kirito whilst my mom, Helen is now Asuna and we will find the family we lost.

This story is based in the same universe as A Gamer in Equestria.

An SAO - MLP Displaced

All of the characters belong to their respective owners Kirito and Asuna to Reki Kawahara and A-1 Pictures and MLP to Hasbro.
I do not own The cover Picture that belongs to TobeyD on Deviant Art

Chapters (18)

My name is Lance. I was a young student who wanted to become a Graphic artist and also create characters for video games and comic books. One thing that I did not realize though is that I would soon become one of the favorite characters I would like to draw.

I went to a small anime convention in Los Angeles dressed up as the main character from Azure Striker Gunvolt. A 14 year old Adept that had control over lightning based powers. However, everything was going just fine until I ran into a merchant that resembled Xur from Destiny that was offering me something I couldn't refuse. Like the unknowing idiot I was then, I purchased what he offered me.

Next thing I knew, I wake up in a city called Maretropolis, where I was found by my breezie friend Lumen and another pony that fills me in on where I am. Now I'm in a world filled with ponies, magic, powers, and heroes. However, if they see me as one is another story

A Displaced story that is set in the universe of the Power Ponies. Also considered as an Azure Striker Gunvolt Crossover since the main character is dressed as GV.

Credits to everything shown.
MLP belongs to Hasbro
Azure Striker Gunvolt belongs to Inti Creates

Edit: Hit popular stories list on day of release. Thanks for your support everypony!
Gore tag added for content in chapter 3, Sex tag for sexual humor in chapter 16

Chapters (66)

This story is a sequel to Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki!

Home is where my heart is, now I just have to find it. You know in a Void of Infinite realities. This should be "Fun".

After defeating the evil Twilight, Loki now lost in the void. Unable to find his Equestria he is forced to travel though the void itself.

Can he make a difference as the newly titled God of Balance, or would he fail to live up to the name?

All in all with two voices in his head a least he wouldn't go bored.

Co-written with thunderclap

Chapters (14)

With the mundane amount of space in the world around earth, a man named Craig is ripped from his reality and thrown into a new. As he ascends to the soil of equestria he is magically gifted by an unknown source to create or replicate anything from his worlds entertainment system on a whim. Grasping the reality that is now his home, he lives and follows his new found friends into endless adventures.

Chapters (26)
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