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My name is Reid X.P., and one day I woke up in a body that wasn't my own. That was a bit unusual. Even more unusual was the fact the body was pink. And female. I mean, I'd been a guy before!

Oh, also, I was apparently a pony.

Thus began my epic adventures with the body of Pinkie Pie, which would involve cross country trips, dancing librarians, and possibly the apocalypse. Trust me, waking up as a fictional character soon became the least of my worries...

Picture by Frankier the Seventy Seventh. Part of the Becoming Ponies collaboration.

Chapters (47)

Some ponies are called to destiny. Some ponies rise to new challenges. Then, there's me, who turned into a background pegasus and started flying around on a cross-country trip. Life really is picaresque sometimes.

Set in PonyEarthverse and uses elements from the Winningverse.

I highly recommend checking out both groups as they inspired this mad endeavor.

Chapters (33)

Click this to read about the hiatus.

We’ve all had nightmares, but do any of us actually know where they come from?

What if, one day, you woke up as the embodiment of nightmares themselves?

In an alley one night, Joseph gets fatally injured after saving a woman from her terrifying nightmares.

He wakes up somehow, but he quickly finds out that he isn’t in his own body. Instead, he wakes up in the body of one of Equestria's most infamous villains.

Joseph must adapt to a world completely alien to him, as well as adjusting to his new body while trying to figure out what, or who he is.

Featured 13/08 & 14/08/14
Update Feature: 4/10/15, 01/06/16, 17/8/16, 4/12/16, 30/1/17

'Sex' tag added for strong cases of innuendo.
'Dark' tag because this fic deals with morose themes.

Edited and proofread by:
Blue Blaze {COMET}
The Abyss
Twisted Code
Waffle God
Arcane Spirit
Updated as people help. Includes one-time favours and single chapters.

A/N: Tags will be updated as necessary. Constructive criticism and ego stroking are both welcome. Set both in a world where MLP doesn't exist, and after the events of first two episodes of season one. A show-accurate period of events is not likely.

Chapters (23)

Okay, I don't know if anyone can hear this, or read this, or whatever, but I'm trying my best to use Pinkie Pie's legendary fourth-wall-breaking powers to try and get a message out.

If you can hear this, I need help. I'm in Equestria, and man, this is strange. But I'm also stuck in Pinkie Pie's body, for some reason.

Yes, it's just as weird as it sounds. And now, I need your help... because all the ponies in this town think I'm crazy!

Chapters (19)

Curious about Five Score? Come check out the story that inspired so many side fics that FimFic had to make a rule banning any more of them!

Even though MLP:FiM ended a few years ago, my friends and I still loved the show. Stories, merch, fan art, I loved it all. Things started to get a weird though when I found myself with a cutie mark appearing on my leg. Humans aren't supposed to get cutie marks, so where the heck did this come from? And what's going on with my hair?

There is also a Mature rated version of this story. People who want to read the Mature version (which has more colorful language, nudity, and occasional light clop) may do so by clicking here. It's not a clopfic by any means, but it does have some explicit sex scenes.

Look what random people on the internet are saying about Five Score, Divided by Four

-Shadow Reaper

I'll probably never be able to clop again if this keeps up.
-Dash Attack

One of the best things to come out of this fandom.

This made me change how I think about fictional worlds, imagination, and even reality

The only story on FimFiction to have me literally shaking with excitement.

Five Score master editor:

Five Score proofreaders:
Comrade Sparkle
Rustle my Jimmies

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One day, I become Princess Celestia in the middle of Lunch at school. A year of testing, spellcrafting, and preparing later, I end up in Equestria, thanks to Discord. Now, I get to meet Celestia, Luna, and others of Royal Company as I troll the shit out of everything. Maybe I'll learn some new tricks too.

Thanks to Blazing Archangel for pointing me to this picture. It fits perfectly!

Chapters (15)

WARNING! This fic has a strong centre on pregnancy. If you do not like reading about pregnancy, do not go further.

I was a normal 22-year-old brony, with a job, who wrote and read mlp fanfictions whenever he could.

Like most bronies, I've always wondered what it would be like to go to Equestria, either as myself or as a pony.

However, never in my wildest dreams did i think i would go to sleep in my bed and wake up in Equestria as a cream-yellow Pegasus.

not only that, but, apparently, I've got a surprise my new body is yet to show me

Rated teen and Sex tag for sexual references

Images from here, here and here

Featured 25/4/2014

Chapters (8)

Prince Blueblood's 21st is approaching, and with it, his ascension to the throne. The only problem; he's a stallion. All of Equestria's leaders have been female. As have all their children, but for some reason Blueblood was born a male. Celestia thought she could overlook this by finding and teaching a suitable pupil, but Twilight Sparkle has created her own Empire in Ponyville and has no interest in moving back to Canterlot. So the sisters are left with one option if they ever want to retire; turn Blueblood into a mare.

Oh he may protest and hate the idea at first, but he doesn't have a choice, now does he, if she's to rule Equestria.


This is a "work on it when I feel like it" story, so there isn't regular updates.

Chapters (3)

So I got in a car crash and the hospital put me under for surgery. The next thing I know, I wake up as a small pony with wings. And I can't see. And it's freaking cold up here.

At least I've still got my smokes.

(Got the idea from the funny picture. Rated T for language and tobacco use.)

Chapters (17)

On May 23, 2015, I woke to find myself transformed into some kind of horned alien horse, and everyone else has vanished. I searched for survivors and I found one; however, she is much younger than I was prepared for. She needs a parent and the only one who can fulfill that role is me, just not in the role I had originally envisioned.

I already found one survivor, so maybe there are others out there. I just hope they’re not all children; I don’t get enough sleep as it is.

Part of the Ponies after People Universe

Update 10/08/15 New Cover art by PaintSplotch
Note: 12/15/16 Apparently Mandatory Motherhood was in the featured box at some point? I just found it in the featured community folder.

Update: 4/20/17 SevenSerenity has joined the team! Expect chapter art from her soon!
also I finally saw MM on the front page in the featured box today! Thank you all so much everypony!

Chapter 1 edited by Canaryinthecoalmine Pre-read by Westphalian_Musketeer, Starscribe, anonymous, Stablestahl, secondVendetta, Baileyjrob, Nitrous Rainbows, bluemoon1996, as well as two FimFic users I don't have user names for.

Chapter 2 edited by Canary and Musketeer.

Chapter 3 edited by Musketeer

Chapter 4 edited by Holyme, anonymous, and Musketeer.

Tags will be added as needed.

Chapters (8)
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