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The world ended.

That, at least, is what it sounded like. Screaming, howling, and then deathly silence.

A month later, Cheerilee and Scootaloo emerge from their shelter in search of food. As they search among the dead bodies of their friends, only one question comes to mind:

Where are the unicorns?

Cover art by MirAmore on Twitter


Written for the Quills and Sofas Cheerilee contest.

Featured on May 18th, 2021!

Chapters (27)

Each night I’m trapped in the dark, immobilized. I hear whispers as they operate on me: they say I shouldn’t be alive. Twilight refuses to tell me about the operation. Sometimes she can’t look me in the eye. What did they do to me?

Nothing used to scare me: I kicked a dragon in the nose, defeated gods of chaos and hatred, and control the weather. Now I feel broken. My memories have shattered, I feel wrong, and I’m afraid to tell anypony how scared I am.

I can’t even do the rainboom anymore. Who am I? I’m no longer the best flyer in Equestria, yet everypony assures me I am. Why won’t they tell me the truth?
↓↓ Credits

Special Thanks:
Dreampaw the artist. Best cover art.
ArgonMatrix - Fixed 128 errors in chapter one alone.
Animus - who is awesome and for hire.
BronyWriter - The only author to punch Celestia in the face, and live.
Jaestring - Artist, Editor, and Female all in one.
Abcron - European editor, which means his time zone and my actual sleep schedule are aligned perfectly!
The Parasprite. Need I say more?
Selbi - If your editor isn't German, you aren't trying hard enough.
OctaviaHarmony - His avatar is as sexy as his editing.
RenegadeTimelord - Doctor who?
Akumokagetsu - Awesomesauce.
(Wow, a lot of editors came and went.)

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Ponified Without Consent

In a world without bacon, five humans find themselves trapped... grazing on mother bucking dandelions. To get home, they'll need to learn that friendship is magic. Too bad none of these jerks are friends.

To make matters worse, the show attempts to censor their attempts to act out of character. They're stuck as fillies no pony will listen to, and the only adults of the bunch are the alcoholic Berry Punch, and the eccentric Blue Blood.

A sequel to finish the great story we had planned to tell in our collaboration that was cancelled in 2013. The original is a quick read and sets up the characters, and the authors and editors deserve some love.

Edited by Neko Majin C

Chapters (3)

After a day full of excitement, and a sleepover at Rainbow's, Scootaloo is brought above Canterlot to witness the princesses lower the moon and raise the sun. As Rainbow shares how she first came across the perfect vantage point, Scootaloo is yet again reminded of what she lacks. Her feelings, bottled-up throughout the years of frustration and envy, finally explode in a nervous breakdown.

It's up to Rainbow to remind the filly just how strong and awesome she really is.


Cover art by the insanely talented Chiweee.

Chapters (1)

"All my life, I've wanted to fly
But I don't have the wings, and I wonder why
I can't break away..."
Most pegasi figure out flying easily enough. Heck, most of them figure out how to do it before they even get their cutie marks.

But not me. I couldn’t do it, no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t even hover. Not for more than a few seconds, anyway. And not even Rainbow Dash, the greatest flier in Equestria, could seem to help me. We tried everything, and I failed every time. Day after day, I tried – and day after day, I failed, until finally I was ready to just give up. I’d never be able to do it. Nopony would ever be able to help me to fly...

...until one day, somepony did.

Chapters (1)

Twilight is very excited to have perfected a new transformation spell. While trying it out on Cadance, however, an ill-timed sneeze turns everypony in the room into cats, including Princess Celestia.

Stuck in the form of a tiny (and adorable) kitten, without access to magic, Twilight has to find a way to fix everything, all while dealing with her growing feline instincts, the hazards of a pony-sized world, and a Princess Celestia who seems to have forgotten she ever was a pony.

This story was commissioned by DbzOrDie. It features cover and interior art by the talented Elbdot.

Chapters (1)

Bored out of their minds and a sudden rainstorm ruining their plans of destruction—er, search for new Cutie Mark ideas, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to sneak into Rarity's attic and find a few things to keep them occupied.

A fun fic I made that won first place in the Cuteness Overload first group contest! So expect, well... adorableness!

Inspired from the cover of one of the MLP Micro Series comics.

Chapters (1)

It is in the moment of our greatest need that we become the most susceptible to change. But sometimes, what you have to offer, might not be enough, even if you are a princess who has seen more suffering than any other pony in this world.

When a young life is in danger, it is up to Luna and Rainbow to help overcome what is the result of their own shortcomings.

Proofreaders: Kevinltk, twilight-the-pony. Thank you so much!

Image by Famosity

Chapters (1)

He had it, everypony's dream. But what happens when fate delivers a blessing and a curse in the same breath? What is given is taken away, leaving one young colt to pick up the pieces. After the death of his father, he travels from town to town in search of answers and a way to repair his father's last gift to him. According to his out-dated map, the next stop in his journey was a small, unimportant town. A town by the name of Ponyville.
[Set Before Season 3]
Co Developed with the authors: Metal Pony Fan and theRedBrony
Editor: bahatumay
Credit to Fixing Original Concept Idea: theRedBrony and also thanks to Bad_Seed_72 for extra help on details in certain chapters and scenes.

Credit for Story Art Goes To: Kyro King
Credit for Bonus Art Goes To: Metal Pony Fan

Chapters (20)

A certain farm mare finds a young pony in the orchard. He’s clearly starving, has cuts and bruises all over him, and claims to have lost everything. Naturally, she wants to help, but how does one heal from losing everything?

This story was inspired by the numerous “human turned foal” stories out there.

Chapters (20)