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In the darkest hours of Equestria, due to an entity unknown, hundreds of innocent ponies and creatures turn from their innocent selves into mindless monsters. Survivors left and right are scattered, and all hope seems dead.

With unlikely allies, friends turned to foes, and danger lurking in every corner, is Equestria’s fate salvageable, or is this truly the end?

It started with a scream at midnight.

A story about the "Learning with Pibby" corruption in Equestria.

If by chance you don't know much about the original idea, then feel free to click here to see the original source: https://youtu.be/Btu0O47u3rY

(Credit for glitch texture goes to someone on YouTube, JimmytheDrawer. No, he doesn't make MLP content or is even a fan of the show as far as I know, just giving credit where it's due)

Chapters (21)

Sweet Sauce was once a Stallion of renown and stature, a pony others respected and admired. Unfortunately for him, all that success eventually turned to pride, and ended with a sentence of banishment from Equestria.

There was no term to his sentence--but Sweet Sauce was not the kind of pony to surrender. He had centuries to reflect, to reconsider, and to gather power for his triumphant return. But perhaps he should've spent a little more time.

His incredible spell worked, returning him to the world of his birth. But instead of his own powerful body, he's now a small, useless earth pony, in a world that has forgotten he ever existed. Sweet is determined to make up for his mistakes, and to prove to the princesses of Equestria that he is a changed pony.

Too bad he looks like a homeless little colt without a cutie mark.

Updates Thursdays until complete. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Coverart by Solder Point.

This story was written as a Patreon reward for Boopy Doopy.

Chapters (23)

To save Scootaloo from her own mind, Spike must discover what he has in common with her.

They'd both prefer to figure it out before the answer becomes "everything".

Written for the 2022 Jinglemas event as a gift for The Iguana Man.

This story is complete except for some editing. A new chapter will be published each day (...or every other day, disability sucks) until it is finished.

Chapters (4)

Ponyville is filled with strange citizens. Enigmas such as the mildly psychotic Lyra, drama queens Roseluck, Daisy, and Lily, as well as Pinkie Pie, the reality-defying party pony are all welcome in the quaint little town.

But there is one new arrival that stands out among the rest, an individual with a tale so horrifying as to shake this blissful village to its core.

Is it possible to heal any wound? To regain something lost that may never have been there in the first place? Does there exist any hope for a soul that has been so thoroughly broken and betrayed by the world?

In the bright and happy land of Equestria, is it possible to bring such a victim back from the brink?

This is a story that's been on my mind for a while, so I figured I'd finally mollify my creative muse's demands and get it out. One of my very favorite things to read about__indeed, perhaps my most favorite subject__is those who so desperately need it getting the help and therapy they need. I like to think that in Equestria, where the common citizen is so much friendlier than us humans, such help is likewise more plentiful. I know that there are some individuals here on earth that are past the point of complete recovery, indeed, past the point that we have tools to help them. But I sincerely doubt that Equestria is bound by the same rules, and thus I've been wondering if there's any individual that's beyond help.

Strap on in folks, this one's gonna be rough.

(P.S. Just to clarify: The title is Libero as in the Latin word for 'liberate', not the volleyball term.)

Chapters (22)

Starlight had prevented the rainboom once again. To make matters worse, she also followed through on her threat to destroy the time travel spell. Now with no way to reset things back to the way they were, Twilight and Spike will have to seek out each of their friends in order to help them earn their cutie marks. However, manually putting history back on track is a lot messier than it first seems.

On hold for a few months while I work on another project. Don't worry, I haven't lost interest/motivation in this one.

Edited by: Nebbie

Additional Editing/Proofreading by:
-Knight of the Raven and Berry Delight (Chapters 1-3)
-IAmADeliciousPotato (Chapter 7)

Cover Art by: Me (and Frown Factory for the Spike vector)

Chapters (7)

It was actually supposed to be a normal day as Celestia raised her sun and Luna lowered her moon, until a blinding flash of light engulf all of Equestria and Crystal Empire.

These two nations suddenly find themselves in a strange new world filled with war, chaos, and disharmony, how will they survive?

Let's find out!

This story is inspired by 'Summoning Japan'.

Author's note : I want to let you guys know that this story suffers stagnation and decline, each new page takes longer to upload, this is because both the Writer (Me) and the Editor (Flowbux) have a lot of real life matters such as School and college that keeps both of us busy and having difficulty in finding a free time to write the story.

BUT, this doesn't mean this story will be cancelled, I made a promise to finish this story and give it the ending it deserves!, I just hope that one of you will volunteer to help us complete this project, you will be given the freedom to influence the storyline and even adding characters you might want to add to the story.

So if any of you are interested in helping you can always contact me.

Chapters (17)
by Kkat

After a mirror portal field trip being conducted by Luna goes terribly wrong, Ocellus finds herself trapped in a strange palace far from home. That palace, once abandoned, is now infested with a hive of love-starved changelings intent on using her only way home as a means to invade her world.

Otherwise, Ocellus appears to be alone.

At first.

The story is inspired by, and a homage to, my favorite game of the last decade. However, this story is neither a crossover nor AU. This story is set after "The End of the End" (but before "The Last Problem"), and is purely a My Little Pony story. Warning: rudeness and intolerance are not allowed in the comments, but spoilers are. Exercise discretion. Remain polite and on-topic. And please enjoy the story!

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Izzy Moonbow has always felt alone. Bridlewood was quiet, and its people quieter still.

Then one day, she comes across a moonlit garden, hidden deep amongst the trees. Its caretaker is a strange mare who speaks of the days of old when friends were plentiful and the nights were beautiful.

Her name is Luna.

Received an Honourable Mention / Judge's Pick for the 2022 May Pairings Contest.

Rated Excellent by Mike Cartoon Pony!

5/5 Stars from Loganberry's Louder Yay!

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio. Stay tuned!

Now translated into Chinese!

Edited by VoxAdam, proofread by The Sleepless Beholder, SockPuppet, Bicyclette, and Grace. Thanks, everyone :twilightsmile:

Cover by Plainoasis.

Featured on 25/06/22-31/05/22, reaching the #1 spot in the Featured Box on the first day.

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When the young PI, Ryan Black is on the case, it stays priority one until it’s done. That is, unless he starts noticing changes to his body like mysteriously-appearing tattoos on his legs and a new hair colour. But, his latest case is simply too important to drop. For the sake of the girl that has been taken, and her family, he can’t stop now.

A Five Score-verse story. Contains coarse language. Reader discretion is advised.

Special thanks to vonsnootingham and Tensemasterhalo for helping me out!

Chapters (7)

Princess Twilight, ruler of Equestria. Yet she feels unsure how to rule her new kingdom. She has her friends, she has Celestia, Luna and Cadence, even Discord to give her advice, but it still doesn't seem to be enough. Until one day not long after her coronation, she received a letter from the unknown with an offer to meet others who might give her the confidence she needed. From who else but her selves?

This tale is a mix of homages to some of my favourite MLP Fanfiction and other ideas of my own which I'm not quite sure if I could write a full dedicated story about. There will be (possible) spoilers for both the other fics and possibly some of my own if I proceed to follow up with them.

Reader's Discretion, this Fic contains spoilers to several other Fics listed:
Change Series by tom117z
NegotiationsVerse by Rated Ponystar
Past Sins by Pen Stroke

Other stories referenced:
Bride of Discord trilogy by DisneyFanatic23
The Color Goddess by MuseScript
Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen by vren55
A Tale of Blue and Red by Stratocaster
Steel Soul by Masterweaver

Chapters (19)