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This story is a sequel to Message in a Bottle

For numberless eons, Equus hosted primitive civilizations, ignorant of the proud achievements of their ancient race. In their simple lives, ponies and other creatures could grow without fear of alerting any of the terrible forces that grew in the galaxy beyond. All civilization had been extinguished by forces beyond comprehension. If they made too much noise, Equestria would be next.

Then came James Irwin, with the truth the Harmony superintelligence that maintained the vast Niven Ring had already known: the galaxy was safe again, and probably had been for many centuries.

Once the truth was revealed, Equestria again longed for the stars. Surely they could not be the only survivors of that galactic Red Tide that had swallowed all intelligent life. Their searching bore fruit: radio signals from a nearby system.

Felicity was the Alicorn chosen to captain that mission of discovery. She would bring the pony gift of friendship to a fellow survivor somewhere out there. That was the plan, anyway.

Unfortunately for Equestria, intelligence does not imply friendliness.

A tale of understanding and discovery set in the world of Message in a Bottle. Reading that story first is highly recommended.

This story was written as a Patreon commission for Lithl over the course of over two years now. It comes to fimfiction now that it is nearly finished.

Editing by Two Bit, cover by Zutcha.

Updates Weekly on Wednesdays.

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This story is a sequel to And Hell Followed

A plague ravaged Equestria, turning all of the unicorns and alicorns into bloodthirsty monsters bent on killing all the other races in a genocidal rage. A small cadre lead by the Elements of Harmony survived and persisted in Ponyville, and even managed to reverse it all at the cost of their lives.

Now Equestria must rebuild.

In Manehattan, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna must find a way to ease racial tensions while keeping the teetering nation safe and also rebuilding the lost trust of the little ponies of Equestria. Elsewhere, Cheerilee and Scootaloo must find their way in this new world.

There are only two options left. Rebuild Equestria stronger than ever, or be scattered to the winds of history.


Edited by Silver Mint

Cover art by MirAmore

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This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

An alternate universe re-imagining of "Friendship is Magic." Rainbow Dash is the personal protege of Celestia, ruler of all Equestria. Follow her through the events of the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration and the return of Nightmare Moon! (A significant rewrite of the "Rainbooms and Royalty")

Cover art by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

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This story is a sequel to Leading Causes

Twilight Sparkle has more than a little anxiety about Spike's upbringing. In the wake of the Molt and the Sludge fiasco, those anxieties are clearer and stronger than ever. Like any good caretaker, she took advantage of an opportunity to learn more about dragons, including their needs and, most importantly, their vulnerabilities.

What started as a casual conversation about death for Smolder spiraled out of control into a full-fledged princess freakout, one that she is in the middle of. When it becomes clear that her teachers are completely hopeless when it comes to dragons, it's up to her to take Spike under her wing and teach him what they can't, one lesson at a time.

After a surprising number of requests for a sequel to "Leading Causes", I finally came up with something of a quasi-anthology of Smolder's lessons to Spike. While I do have a fair number of ideas, expect sizable gaps between updates.

Rated for academic descriptions (but no depictions) of death, and possible future scenes of hunting and fishing at a level slightly too mature for an E rating. Warning tags may be added later if I, or any commenters, feel they're needed.

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Sequel of Moving On: Silver Spoon's Story

Edited by- Lewie!
Many thanks to Steel Resolve & Comma-Kazie

Having faced and surpassed the challenge of making new friends, Silver Spoon's tranquil and simplistic world comes to an abrupt halt once family obligations begin to lurk in her shadow. With the help of the crusaders, Silver Spoon and co. uncover a Silver family secret that could possibly shift the fate of all of Ponyville.

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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Sister

If you haven't read Scootaloo's Sister, then this story will make little to no sense.
A year after it all happened, not being able to fly, Scootaloo was used to life on the ground again. Still, she misses being able to simply fly away from time to time, just go up and sit on a cloud and watch the happy ponies go about their daily lives. Dreams of how it used to be, wondering what the future holds, she lies lost and broken.

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This story is a sequel to The Most Annoying Infestation

Rainbow Dash's plan was just to relax and read Daring Do books all night long. Too bad it was interupted by a certain bat pony colt, begging "Blue Mommy" to have a sleepover with him.

This is a contest entry for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

Review by MixMassBasher

Awesome Reading by Winged T. Spears

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This story is a sequel to Spark Visions of Twilight

The sun is back, the world is saved.

And yet, life has to go on. The brand new Bearers of the Elements, and all their families, have to deal with an upbruptly changing political landscape and just getting life back to normal.

Or finding what normal even is now that peace has been restored after years of the dark.

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This story is a sequel to What I Am

Much has changed since that fateful day when the remnants of the old Krin Empire attacked our two worlds.
They crashed so many ships onto Earth, destroyed our cities, killed millions, and collapsed several governments in an instant, all as a diversion from their true objective, which was the blatant mass abduction of the citizens of Equis. Lives lost, families broken, and cities burnt to the ground, all to fuel the Krin war machine and their mad quest for power and vengeance against the snakes that had wronged them.

However, that's not the end of the story, or our involvement in its unfolding. A darkness is growing in the depths of space, and even though the snakes have done their best to assure us that they will take care of it, there are so, so many on both of our planets that choose not to listen to them.

And how could I blame them? After all, every time I look in the mirror, I'm reminded of the horrors of the Krin Empire, and more importantly, the promise I made in that accursed tank that remains unfulfilled. They came for us, they struck first, and I'm not about to let that go unpunished.

Yeah, sure, it's hard for me to do it right now, since I'm just a diplomat to the people of Equis, and we don't exactly have a fleet outside of the few ships we commandeered from the krin, but trust me when I say that both of those are just temporary inconveniences.

After all, it's rather difficult to keep a monster like me behind a desk, especially not when there's a perfectly good war brewing throughout the galaxy, and that's not even counting the other humans and ponies that are all chomping at the bit, ready for some good, old-fashioned payback.

The only problem with that, though, is that, somehow, deep down, I feel like we've already lost. Call it a hunch, or a premonition, but something deep inside is telling me that we messed up when we let the general's ship get away. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but somehow, I don't think so.

After all, I know better than anyone what the krin are capable of. We might be coming for them, but that doesn't mean the reverse isn't also true. They're coming for us, too.

The only question is: Who's going to be ready first?

Given that we've only just obtained (stolen) ships capable of spaceflight, I don't think it's going to be us...

This is the beginning of the next set of books in this series that I'm tentatively calling the Soul of the Milky Way.
The title up for change, as well as suggestion. Not only that, but the title of this story, as well as the set it belongs to is also up for change and suggestion, so feel free to leave them in the comments. If you're just starting with this one, please don't. I mean, you can if you want, but there's a lot here that you won't get if you haven't read the trilogy that predates this new set of books. They are, in order:

What I've Become
What I've Done
What I Am

They're quite good, if the feedback I've gotten is anything to go by, so if you haven't read these by now, please go and do that now. Don't worry, this story will still be here when you get back...

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This story is a sequel to Magic School Days

The Crusaders are returning for their second semester at Hogwarts. You can look forward to a nice quiet and relatively uneventful experience. Well as uneventful as magic allows, anyway.

Their presence has not already caused a wave of chaos that shook the magical world to it's core. You can't prove anything, so it never happen.

Rich-Online has taken the time augment the story so please visit his blog HERE

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