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Practice laps. That's all Fleetfoot wanted from her week off. A chance to build wing muscle, rack up her speed stats, and feel the wind in her mane. She's a racer. It's what she does.

Fleetfoot didn't ask to be put on search-and-rescue detail, and she definitely didn't ask to get saddled with the slowest Wonderbolt on the team.

She didn't ask for what came next, either.

Fleetfoot is not a monster fighter. She’s not an Element of Harmony. She's not a medic. She's not a hero. Fleetfoot’s just a pony who can fly really fast. But right now, she's all Silver Lining's got.

An entrant First place winner for Mana's Wonderful Wonderbolts Writing Contest

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Time passes quickly in a beautiful world, and Twilight Sparkle knows it all too well: the sun is warm, the skies are bright, and Ponyville a richness of wonder and opportunity. The friends, the roads, the food and drink are all in their place, little dramas come and go, and her reports to Celestia proceed apace.

It’s imperfect perfection, and all things proceed exactly as usual until exactly the moment they don’t anymore.

With special thanks to my pre-readers: Luna Farrowe, Thornquill, and Sunicathorsis.

Featured, to my surprise.

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The body wakes. The body hungers. The body endures.

And so does She.

With great thanks to Suni herself for a quick and thoughtful spur-of-the-moment pre-read.

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Fiddlesticks walks the dead earth of the Badlands, and plays her song to the listening shadows.

(Audio version by Illya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony.)

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Dragon Lord Ember took her throne when she won the Bloodstone Scepter, and its ancient magic which controls dragon minds.

In a world linked to Equestria, a very different Ember chafes under her father's leadership, hungry to take ownership of the instinct-controlling power of the Bloodstone Crown.

Their two worlds are about to meet. And one dragon must take a desperate stand between Equestria and the deadly, unforgiving call of the wild.

* * *

Winner of the Imposing Sovereigns II contest!
"Equal parts character piece and action movie, and it is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough." –FanOfMostEverything
"For anyone who thinks that ‘mere’ fanfiction cannot be art, I can safely add this to the list of counterarguments." –cleverpun
"This is a good story, an important story, because it is so very relevant. Behind the fire, scales and teeth, is a very simple but incredibly real story about finding one’s true place in the world." –Venerable Ro

Highly Recommended by Present Perfect! "Treat yourself to the most unique story on Fimfiction ... a pulse-pounding thriller that explores Dragon Lord Ember in ways no one else has."
Featured by Seattle's Angels! "[Horizon] goes the extra mile ... if you’re looking for a great character-driven story about characters confronting their EqG counterparts, but especially if you are a fan of Ember or just dragons in general, then go check this out."
Recommended by brokenimage321! "Drop what you're doing and go read [it] ... A moving story about inadequacy and adaptation. And it has some of the best combat scenes I've ever read, in any genre, period."
Recommended by HapHazred! "Distinctively written ... Exciting, interesting, and gets more intense and cerebral as time goes on."
Reviewed by cleverpun! "[W]ell worth your time."

A huge thank you to Skywriter for prereading assistance!

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Night One

"Why is she standing out there? What does she want?"

Night Two

"There's something off about her...."

Night Three

"That's not Fluttershy..."

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The royal court of Canterlot welcomes its newest member with open forelegs: the human philosopher Voltaire, from Earth.

On Earth, Voltaire is known as the greatest enemy of tyranny in the history of literature, and a legend in his own mind.

On Equestria, the court betting pool is giving him a week before the Princess banishes him to the Moon.

Note: This story doesn't have sequels per se, but there are a couple of short follow-ups set in the present day ("Parade Coverage" and "Secret Histories"), and a prequel of sorts in "At the Inn of the Prancing Pony".

TV Tropes page.

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Life is viewed through many windows – some thick, some thin; some clear, some whorled. Some we cut from the very walls around them; others we build to fill the holes those walls have worn.

But any eye with the will to see seeks a window for its mate; for what waking mind could look upon the vast infinitude of worlds beyond them and not be moved to rove still further afield?

A/N: Inspired by a recent spate of travel.

Preread through the effort and kind attention of Admiral Biscuit, Luna Farrowe, Neighrator Pony, Thornquill, and Illya Leonov.

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Dinky Hooves goes out with a flawless plan for Derpy’s Hearth’s Warming gift. She has only to make the perfect pastry present a reality. And along the way, she’ll find an even better one.

My entry for the Secret Santa Jingle-Off.

Cover art by Novel-Idea.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

And now there's a reading on Neighrator Pony's YouTube channel!

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