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I’m a feminist woman looking to write stories on a male dominated site. It’s an uphill battle but a satisfying one, only as long as I succeed.

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After helping to stop the Storm King, Tempest Shadow decides to return home under the suggestion of Princess Twilight Sparkle. She returns home to try and make amends with her family and friends, but years of contempt and anger will block her from a flawless transition.

With a little faith, and a little support from an unlikely friend, Tempest will try her best to make up for the lost time.

“Have faith in family and friendship.” Twilight Sparkle

Now reviewed by the talented: PaulAsaran! Thank you for the input! :scootangel:

Edited by: Solitare and Spooky YuGiOh Brony! Thanks guys!:scootangel:

Made Popular Story List: 10/19/17! Thanks everyone!

Possible Spoilers for the MLP Movie!

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In the magical land of Equestria, there are no ponies.
In the sleepy town of Ponyville, there are no ponies.
In the glittering Castle of Friendship, there are no ponies.

So who are all these colorful quadrupeds?

Chapters (6)

While out on a rather standard errand, a young Rarity encounters a strange new filly. A hyperactive pink one, who seems to be struggling with her own newfound talent as well.

Part of the Jinglemas 2018 exchange, written as a gift for Tangerine Blast.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Who’d say that being a flower pony is hard? Roseluck never thought so, but after getting stuck with two lazy coworkers and having to provide flowers for all the occasions, she quickly ends up on her last legs. Luckily, there are always Lily’s “caffeine” pills...

Preread by RK_Striker_JK_5
Russian version translated by FoxcubRandy and edited by ColdSky

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Due to a drop in birth and marriage rates, Princess Cadence decides to make it so that anypony can easily find out who their soul mate is, if they wish to know.

What can go wrong?

Artist: Holivi

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This story is a sequel to How Tempest Shadow Mucked Up


(Recommended that you read the IDW Comics My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holiday Special in order to fully get it. There's a reading by the wonderful Wubcake here if you've yet to see the actual original story)

Anon-A-Miss. Greatest threat to Sunset Shimmer's new life as a protagonist, ruiner of friendships all over Canterlot High, and three little girls that let their jealousy get the better of them. Though apparently, they didn't remember what happened to their target. Sunset is more than happy to remind them.


As a reminder to all younger readers, the original story was made and released in 2014. Make sure you keep that in mind.

I got this idea while reading an Anon-A-Miss fic, and I remembered something: the artwork for the A-A-M page made it very obvious that Sunset was being framed. Why did nobody point that out? So I set to work, and this was the result. I feel like it's enough of an alteration that it abides by the rules, but I can work with the mods if they disagree. Hope you all enjoy!

If I've tagged this incorrectly, please let me know and I'll rectify it as soon as possible.

(9/28/2018 EDIT: :yay: AAAAAAHHHH!! :rainbowkiss: This is getting so much love that I can't keep up! :raritystarry: It's even on the FRONT PAGE! :twilightsmile: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who's been favoriting and liking! It actually means a lot to see a story I wrote get this much love!)

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Discord isn't quite used to this "multiple friendships" thing yet. He has a lot left to learn, so Twilight Sparkle thought it would be a great idea for her friends to join Discord and Fluttershy for tea this week.

As eager as Fluttershy's other friends are to teach Discord about friendship in groups, they might have a thing or two to learn themselves.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "I Regret Nothing" contest.

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While in the market, Fluttershy witnesses a strange pony appear out of thin air. Fluttershy and her friends want to help the stranger, but the mare's problem goes far beyond anything they've encountered before. It might take a unique perspective on friendship to solve the problem.

As it turns out, Fluttershy has one of those.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "Look, I Can Explain..." contest.

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Being a princess is stressful, but your peers and friends can certainly help.

That was what Twilight had in mind when she invited Luna over for tea one afternoon. A relaxing, friendly meeting between two fellow princesses where they can commiserate and share their experiences. An invitation to a stronger friendship than they had before, offered to a pony displaced in time.

What she got was an uncomfortable assertion about her relationship with her number one assistant, Spike. One that she is having difficulty refuting.

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Commander Hurricane sought only the best and hardiest of pegasi for her warflock.

She failed. Instead, Private Pansy found her.

Cover art from the tumblr of mariponihoney. Proofread by themaskedferret. Written for the Military March prompt for the Time Action Glory Challenge! group.

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