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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


In the magical land of Equestria, there are no ponies.
In the sleepy town of Ponyville, there are no ponies.
In the glittering Castle of Friendship, there are no ponies.

So who are all these colorful quadrupeds?

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not bad name for the story cover

This was stupid in the best possible way. And you wrote it in one day? Have all of my accolades.


Meta af, and weirdly satisfying. Take a like my dude.

And only one of them Displaced by The Merchant.

EVERYONE is displaced! BAHAHAHAHAH!!! I love this!!

...I don't know what this is.

Don't worry, neither does anyone else.


That was good, and weird, and weirdly good. Have a like!

Now we just need explanations as to who all the background ponies are, I mean, if there are NO ponies in Equestria, logically that means everyone else is a human too.

The Hooves family is a family that slept in a haunted mansion:
Sparkler Hooves: Husband
Dinky Hooves:Wife
Derpy Hooves:Daughter

Find out all the foals actually we're grandparents back on Earth and have been struggling to pretend to be children since they arrived. Sweetie Belle is actually Rarity's grandmother or something like that.

It was good.

Insert Thor another scene here.

This is such a hilarious premise I can't believe I never came across something like it before! I mean, surely this couldn't be the first? I'm looking forward to more chapters!

This is so incredibly fucked up and awesome and I love it.

:rainbowlaugh: The Isekai genre had it coming. :pinkiecrazy:


Now, I'm not an English native speaker but isn't name Matthew a male name? Meaning Rarity was a guy and yet she mentions having survived college with 5 bras?

There are no wolves on Fenris...

"And me." Spike added, "Or, you know, just forget Spike. That's how it works in canon after all." They ignored him.


"There was a bright flash, and suddenly we were in the Canterlot Observatory tower, winged and horned and hooved."

"That was a couple centuries ago," Celestia concluded their dialogue, "And we've been living as the Princesses ever since."

Shouldn't Luna have been on the moon around that time? Or did she spend several centuries hiding in a basement and the whole Nightmare Moon thing was staged for the sake of preserving canon?

Ah... whoops. Lost track of my own canon there.

Twilight is _JACK KIRBY?!_ H-how? He died in 1994?

Spike could ask thousands of other ponies about their lack-of-poniness at once (preferably through pop culture references).

What does [whoever Derpy is] think of being Best Pony?

Why displace one person when you can replace them all!

You do not recognize the bodies in the water.

You do not recognize the bodies in the water.


Ah, I thought that name rolled off the tongue a little too easily. Just a coincidence.

Plot twist: Sunset Shimmer was a human too, and she stayed in the EG world because she wanted to have a human body again.

The premise caught my interest. But I did NOT expect that trick half-way through! :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

"...I don't know what this is. I don't even know what genre to tag it as."

.... the password is... satire...

But.... Luna was on the moon 500 years ago. How could she have popped up in the castle?

This is now my favorite story on this site, and I patiently wait for the next chapter.

"And I'm also a former geologist who toughed it out through six muddy years of college on four shirts, two pairs of pants, and five bras

"Matthew Brown," said Rarity.

Why did Matthew Brown have 5 bras?

I am enjoying this so much, lets see how many others are involved!

Wow, this is unusual and unexpected for a story and chapter; I love it.

Well seeing as the title says that there are no ponies in Equestria, I think everyone is an imposter. And I can’t wait to see how the author fits it All together.

This might explain Tirek...

"Every one of them is not a pony? Time to go evil!"

better plot twist Sunset is the only "real" pony left

If you're willing to crib from homestuck a couple of characters could be ex players of sburb who died or ran off into the furthest ring.

Isekai is the trashiest genre ever, and I love it so. Glad to see Truck-kun made an entrance in this story.

There are no wolves on Fenris...

You're the second or third person to say that. What's it a reference to? Cause it's an accidental one.

Warhammer 40,000.

Fenris is an Ice planet populated by giant wolves.
Turns out, their ancestors were humans who had wolf genes spliced into them to help them adapt to the cold.
It worked a little TOO well....

I wonder if the song, "There are no cats in America" could be ponified for this story...

There are no ponies in Equestria...

"And I'm also a former geologist who toughed it out through six muddy years of college on four shirts, two pairs of pants, and five bras,"

"Matthew Brown," said Rarity.

So, not judging or anything, but was that really how you meant it?

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