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A human suffering from a mysterious recurring nightmare is rescued one night by Princess Luna, and plucked from her world into the magical lands of equestria. The catch? Equestria's magic is slowly transforming her into a pony, and there's no safe way home! Our protagonist must learn to adapt to her new life and make new friends, deal with an increasingly manic Twilight, and maybe even improve as a person with this second chance she’s been given.

And Twilight Sparkle seems to be kind of on edge lately... I wonder why?

Ah, no worries, it’s probably nothing! And besides, life is best enjoyed at its own pace, right?

A HiE story that I am determined will not feature magical destiny or world-ending threats, and is more of a slow burn than anything else, so I hope you can lay back and enjoy the ride.

This story is a Serial Novel Society story: Updates will be on a weekly schedule.

Huge thanks to 0_0 who has fixed a ton of mistakes in early chapters!

Chapters (15)

Unicron begins to awaken, threatening Cybertron and everything on it. The Autobots and Starscream recognize the threat, but Galvatron refuses to see it as anything but an Autobot trick to get the Decepticons to lower their defenses. When talking Galvatron into admitting the threat fails, Starscream sacrifices himself to unite the two warring factions.

But instead of death, Starscream is gifted with continued life in a new land with its own conflicts.

Shoutouts to Alchemo Arrow and Legion222 for proofreading and editing.
Shoutout to Fan-the-little-demon on DeviantArt for the astounding cover art.

Follows MLP canon up to S3E13 as closely as possible.
Follows Unicron Trilogy (only the cartoons themselves, so no comics) canon as closely as possible, with small interjections of headcanon and other made up things to fill in the plot holes and lack of backstory in the actual cartoon.

If you're going to dislike, at least have the courtesy to explain why.

Chapters (16)

Twilight the dragon has never really felt at home in the Dragon Lands. Unlike most dragons, she values intelligence, and is seen as a pariah for it. But things change when she comes across a purple pony named Spike, who has come to the dragon lands on a "Friendship Mission."
But he must be in the wrong place. After all, dragons don't do friendship.

Written for the Choices Species Change Contest, November 2022

(OMG, This story was featured! I'm so honoured and humbled!)

Chapters (2)

A new adventure in the lands of Equestria. However, it won't be by the hooves of six ponies. It'll be by the claws of a brave dragon known as Spike. Now, he'll get a taste of heroism, he thinks.

My story got featured. 11/29/22 - 11/30/22

The story takes place during Season 8.

Ben 10 is copyright of Cartoon Network

Chapters (5)

Hello there! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m guessing you’re here because you want me to tell you about… well, about how all this happened.

You know. This whole, ‘turned into a fictional pony and smashed full-speed ahead into the plot of said piece of fiction’ thing.

I know, I know. Kind of cliche, really. But let me just tell you, it doesn’t feel cliche when it’s your life.

So as I was saying, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Sunset Shimmer, and this is the story of how I got transported to Equestria through this huge portal, turned into a pony that isn’t even the most like me and loved it, and helped save Equestria and the world along the way.

Yay, me?

An attempt at a semi-realistic TF/Self-Insert, with a few twists.

Chapters (1)

You know those stupid old cliché stories where the hero dies on Earth and is reborn into a fantasy world full of excitement and adventure? The famous isekai genre from anime and manga? Yeeeaaahh...I wish I had that.

Oh sure, it happened to me, but not only was I born the wrong species, but I was born as a prince in a world of anthropomorphic ponies from one of my favorite television shows. Adventure, heh! Excitement, heh! I wish I had these things.

Oh well, as long as I'm here, I guess I can do my best to enjoy this second lease on life, huh? Not like my old one was anything exciting anyway.

Oh, you wanna know my life story? Sure, have a peak inside...

I'll be updating the tags on this the farther I go. And for those of you wondering, yes this is somewhat inspired by The Humble Prince.

Chapters (3)

This is ???. They go by the name of Shade, short for Shady Drawing. They were simply at home, doing their usual thing, before finding themself in the same world that Equestria sits in. How intriguing. Did I forget to mention that they were turned into a changeling?
This’ll be fun. ;)

This is a redo on my story Over-Powered Shapeshifter. "At Least I'm Not A Mary Sue."
No need to read the garbage that was that story though, this’ll be redoing it from the beginning with some major differences.
This’ll still be garbage but I’m gonna give it a sprinkle of ‘okay’ writing. Pacing and crap isn’t gonna be good but I hope some of you like it(like how a lot of people liked the previous version, which still surprises me as it’s the most liked story I’ve written so far).
Also, chapters will probably come slowly, depending on if my wandering brain thinks up events or not.

Chapters (20)

A young human child wakes up in the dragon lands as a dragon, following some unforeseen events he ends up in Equestria with his new dragon friend of the same age. Follow his insane journey as he tries to make sense of it all and the ponies try to make sense of him. Eventually a certain goddess discovers his strange actions and ideas have something in common with a certain bearded wizard of the past.

Editors: skultech, Albert Manhattan

Fully Edited as of 8/8/14

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to Classroom Changeling

Two and a half years ago, a magical incident caused about a fifth of Earth's population to transform into Equestrians. Six people rose up to stop the problem before it could get any worse, but the world has already been changed forever.

Now, three of those people are taking a summer job in Equestria:

Rove, the snarky, sometimes stubborn Changeling with issues involving power.
Os, his smart and loyal, but often emotional thestral girlfriend.
And Lily, the shy but motivated dragon with a love of botany and magic.

Join these three as they explore themselves through their experiences with Twilight and friends, while their relatives deal with problems on Earth.

Chapters (1)

Our protagonists awakens in Equestria as a with only a bare bone understanding of the world they are now in.

And after a bad encounter with Trixie our protagonist Amber Wood has decided to stick around Ponyville.

Will living in Equestria help heal the wounds her old life left behind.

This tale begins just before the start of the series.

Chapters (7)