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Takes place in an alternate universe where Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to slay King Sombra.

Celestia and Luna are no more. The sun and moon have collided, and the heavens torn asunder in the aftermath of their final battle. The Elements of Harmony are missing, presumed forever lost. The fiends of Tartarus are on a rampage, and no one can stop them. And to make things perfect, the ruler of the nation of Boardor has decided to invade.
Desperate, Clover the Clever's last living student gathers together 108 virgin mares, in order to perform a ritual that will revive King Sombra. They succeed... kinda.
A human, in King Sombra's body, suddenly finds himself in an Equestria in a downward spiral with a bunch of technicolor ponies begging him to save them. Convinced that he's either dreaming, stoned, or insane, he tries to go along with it as best he can, although the voice in his head, a very angry voice with a hunger for conquest, crystals, slavery, and stairs, isn't doing much to instill confidence in his own sanity...

New Cover Art By Shadow Bolt!

Chapters (31)

This story is a sequel to Dusk Shine in pursuit of Happiness

Second season of the adventures of Dusk Shine, with more characters, more villains, more drama and more romance

Chapters (10)

There are many stories of the slightly more neurotic male counterpart of Twilight Sparkle. Through these mostly standalone oneshots, we discover many romances he has had in the multiverse.

Cover is Dusk Shine by BitsAndBees on deviantart, used with permission.

Chapters (6)

When Shining Armor and Cadance come to Canterlot to celebrate the anniversary of their wonderful wedding with Twilight Sparkle and her friends, they are visited by a strange stallion who desperately needs their help. Surprisingly, the strange visitor is Shining Armor from an alternate world where the Canterlot Wedding was a complete disaster. In that world, the betrayal of her loved ones and the deaths of both Cadance and Queen Chrysalis drove Twilight mad and caused her to succumb to her darkest emotions and become Equestria’s newest and most dangerous enemy: Midnight Sparkle. Allied with King Sombra and the Crystal Empire, she has waged a vengeful and merciless war against all who do not support her. Do Twilight and her friends have what it takes to save a world where certain events happened differently from those in their world?

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Have I been chosen?

... Or did this happen because I asked for it?

It doesn't really matter now, does it?

Stranded on another planet, at the mercy of the bastard god that brought me here, I will survive. I am not like the beings of this world. I am not like my own kind anymore.

I am growth. I am change.

I am the Chaotic Gamer.

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Dusk Shine is sent to Ponyville to discover what is friendship. But could a colt that doesn't recognize the friendship, recognize love?

Another story about Dusk Shine and his Harem, but with my personal touch, with more humor, romance and adventure.

ps: This story contains some drawings made by me. It's not a comic, each chapter has one or two sketches showing some particular fact from each chapter.

See my other works: BigSnusnu

Chapters (57)