• Published 4th Mar 2016
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Anniversary in an Alternate World - EquineAvenger

Everypony likes to remember how happily the wedding ended. But what if they weren't so lucky? What would the future of Equestria be like if things hadn't worked out during that time?

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It was supposed to be a perfect day; the wedding of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Cadance for short, to Captain Shining Armor of the royal guard. However, things didn’t turn out quite as perfect as everypony expected. The bride-to-be wasn’t what she appeared to be. Before the wedding, Princess Cadance was abducted and impersonated by Chrysalis, the queen of a race of insect-like, love-sucking, shapeshifters called changelings. The only one who even suspected something suspicious about the so-called bride was Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor’s younger sister. Unfortunately, when she tried to warn everypony, the imposter already had them wrapped around her hooves. Shining Armor banished his sister from the wedding. Not a single one of Twilight’s friends, all whom the imposter manipulated by making them her bride’s maids, supported her. Even Princess Celestia, Cadance’s aunt and Twilight’s mentor, turned her back on her faithful student. By the time the real Cadance was found and the truth was revealed, it was too late. Chrysalis’s army had overrun Canterlot and she had consumed enough of Shining Armor’s love to defeat Celestia in battle. It looked as if Chrysalis had won.

While Chrysalis was overlooking her soldiers overrun the city from the wedding tower, Twilight snuck up to Cadance. “Quick! Go to him while you still have the chance!” she said to her old foalsitter and used her magic to dissolve the green substance that held her hooves to the floor like glue.

Cadance approached her beloved Shining Armor and tearfully embraced him. Then she used one of her love spells to free him from the trance Chrysalis had cast on him. “Wha- where… huh? Is…is the wedding over?” he asked dazed.

“It’s all over!” Chrysalis answered him to his face.

“Your spell! Perform your spell!” Twilight called to her brother.

The changeling queen chuckled. “What good would that do? My changelings already roam free.”

“No!” Shining Armor exclaimed as he saw the vile creatures flying everywhere in the city, the city that he was tasked to protect. He attempted to perform his repulsion spell to repel them but it was no use, he was too weak. “My power is useless now. I don’t have the strength to repel them.”

“My love will give you strength.” Cadance said moving closer to her groom.

“No you don’t!” Chrysalis yelled. She knew what could happen if she just continued gloating and let them do what they thought they needed to do. So she unleashed a devastating blast at the real bride. The blast made a direct hit on the pink alicorn knocking her body through the air and landing hard on the floor. Twilight, Shining Armor, the rest of the Mane Six, Spike, and Princess Celestia, who was encased in a cocoon prison hanging from the ceiling, gasped in horror. When his bride did not move, Shining Armor rushed over to see if she was okay. “Sorry, but I can’t have anypony mess up everything now that I’ve come this far.” The changeling queen said.

After a moment of examining his bride, a look of absolute horror came across Shining Armor’s face. “She’s… she’s gone!” he said with despair in his voice. Twilight and the others all had looks of horror on their faces, but Twilight had the biggest because she realized that her old foalsitter, the mare who had been like a big sister to her, was dead.

Chrysalis laughed wickedly at everypony’s upset expressions. This caused a look of anger to form on Shining Armor’s face. “Murderer! You-!” but when he turned to face the fiend, he saw that his little sister had already engaged her in battle, and she had an even bigger look of anger on her face.

“How dare you! I swear I’ll make you pay for this, you monster!” Twilight yelled at the queen with pure rage in her voice.

“Oh please, your brother failed to stop, Celestia failed to stop me, and Cadance failed to stop me. What makes you think you will succeed where they failed?” Chrysalis asked mockingly.

Rather than answer the question, Twilight shot a beam of magic at her foe who counted it with a magic beam of her own. Both beams intercepted each other and the two combatants were engaged in a magical power struggle to see whose beam was stronger. For a moment, it looked like Chrysalis had the upper hoof until Twilight began to use a strange magic that the others had never seen before. Her eyes started glowing bright green with purple mist flowing from them and her horn was engulfed in a purple haze. Celestia watched what was happening from her cocoon and she knew what kind of magic Twilight had just discovered. She started desperately bagging on the walls of her prison trying to break free to prevent something terrible from happening, but the cocoon was too strong. Twilight continued her struggle with Chrysalis who was surprised at the dark magic the little unicorn was using. Her surprise soon turned to fear as Twilight’s magic started to overwhelm hers, and eventually sent her flying backwards hitting the wall behind her. As the changeling queen struggled to get back up, she looked and saw her opponent standing over her with hatred and fury in her eyes.

“How… how did you become this powerful? It’s not possible!” Chrysalis asked shocked and fearful. Somehow, this little unicorn had gained a new powerful magic that had made her more powerful than her.

“I’d worry less about me and more about yourself.” Twilight replied in cold tone of voice.

“Wait, this isn’t my fault!” Chrysalis said in a pleading tone.

“Not your fault?! You impersonated and murdered my foalsitter, turned my brother, friends, and mentor against me, and tried to take over all of Canterlot!” Twilight retorted in anger.

“Or did I?” Chrysalis replied slyly. “Don’t you think if Shining Armor really did love Cadance he would’ve seen through my obvious façade? If Cadance was really Princess Celestia’s favorite niece she would’ve known if there was something out of place with her? If your so-called friends really cared about anything besides what they could’ve gained from playing their parts in all this they would’ve known better and followed the pony who had the most common sense?”

As Chrysalis spoke, Twilight’s look of anger slowly changed to a look of realization. But then she went back to glaring hatefully at her foe. “Silence, I’m going to do something we should’ve done a long time ago!” Her horn started giving off a dark aura. The others who were watching began to fear that Twilight was about to make a very terrible decision.

“Don’t listen to her, Twilight!” Applejack called to her friend.

“She’s trying to trick you!” Rarity said too.

Twilight shot them a furious glare. How dare they tell her not to let herself be tricked by this fiend when she tried to do the same to them.

“Twily, don’t. She's defeated, don't stoop down to her level. Cadance wouldn't want this for you." Shining Armor said rushing to his sister’s side and attempting to calm her down. Twilight used a shield spell to repel him; she wasn’t going to let anypony interfere with her business.

“Twilight, stop!” Celestia called to her student. She had finally managed to break a hole in the cocoon and get the upper half of her body out. “You’re using a dark and terrible magic that will consume you, don’t give in to your negative feelings!” But the princess’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Think you’ll ever trust your friends and family again?” Chrysalis said mockingly. “What is the lesson to be learned here?”

With that, Twilight had had enough. With the betrayal of her loved ones to the death of her beloved foalsitter, something had finally snapped. The others watched helplessly as she unleashed one final blast of magic at the trembling changeling queen. Outside, guards were fighting with the insect-like invaders while citizens ran in every direction. But then everyone stopped what they were doing when they all heard a deathly scream from the wedding tower and saw what looked like changeling blood splatter on the windows.