• Published 4th Mar 2016
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Anniversary in an Alternate World - EquineAvenger

Everypony likes to remember how happily the wedding ended. But what if they weren't so lucky? What would the future of Equestria be like if things hadn't worked out during that time?

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Chapter 1

The day was sunny and things were hopping at the Castle of Friendship. The Mane Six were all getting ready for a big celebration in Canterlot. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance were returning to Canterlot to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Everypony was excited, particularly Twilight Sparkle, for this was a rare opportunity to spend some time with her BBBFF and sister-in-law.

“Is everything ready for tonight, Spike?” Twilight asked her little dragon assistant.

“Let’s see, dresses?” Spike had a list and a pen ready while he looked to see if all the girls were wearing their gowns for the party. “Check. Gifts?” He made a check on the list then looked to see if everypony had the gifts they intended to give. “Check. Invitations?” The Mane Six each showed Spike their invitations. “Check. Awesome dragon assistant?” Spike thought for a moment to see if he was here. “Double check.”

“I can’t believe Gilda actually agreed to come.” Pinkie Pie said excitedly to Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah, it’ll be great to hear how things have improved in Griffonstone.” the rainbow-haired pegasus replied. She couldn’t wait to spend some time with her old friend.

“I can’t wait to hear how Sassy Saddles has been handling the boutique in Canterlot.” Rarity said.

“Discord will be there, and I made him promise to be on his best behavior.” Fluttershy said confidently.

“I’m looking forward to spending some time with my brother and sister-in-law.” Twilight said with anticipation.

“Ah hear ya, sugarcude.” Applejack said to her. “First ya hear that you’re gonna be an aunt and now ya’ll get ta spent some more quality time celebrating the two of them getting married.”

With that, the six ponies and dragon left for Canterlot. An hour later, they all arrived at the castle.

Later that night, everyone was hanging out in the ballroom. Rainbow and Pinkie met up with Gilda, Fluttershy mingled with Discord, Rarity chatted with Sassy, Applejack and Princess Luna conversed, Spike was helping himself to the buffet table, and Twilight met up with Princess Celestia, Shining Armor, and Cadance.

“So Gilda, how are things in Griffonstone?” Rainbow asked her griffon friend.

“Great, ever since you two came and taught me how to bake my griffon scones better, things in Griffonstone have changed for the better.” Gilda replied.

“See, I knew they didn’t need some old piece of gold to be happy.” Pinkie said proudly causing the other two to laugh.

Fluttershy and Discord sat at a table telling each other fun stories.

“Oh Discord, I can’t believe you tripped and fell up the stairs in your house.” Fluttershy chuckled at the Spirit of Chaos’ amusing story.

“I know, but it’s true.” Discord chuckled back.

Meanwhile, Rarity and Sassy were discussing how the business of the Canterlot boutique was going.

“Wow, over 1000 sales in less than a week.” Rarity exclaimed with amazement.

“Yes, things in Canterlot have been moving fast. I have to say, it’s become a little tricky to keep track of the sales.” Sassy said.

“Well, I’m very proud. Not only with the success of the boutique, but because the ponies of Canterlot are getting all that they need just like in Ponyville.” Rarity said proudly as she put a hoof on her partner’s shoulder.

Elsewhere, Applejack and Princess Luna were having a friendly conversation.

“That’s very interesting. But that’s not how mah family does things.” Applejack said.

“I would very much like to visit your family’s farm, if that’s okay?” Luna asked.

“We would be very honored if you would, Your Highness.” Applejack replied.

While everypony was enjoying the party inside the ballroom, a couple royal guards were patrolling the garden outside. Suddenly, a blinding flash appeared in the middle of the garden. After the light had completely faded, two guards rushed over to investigate. They were greeted with a shocking sight. Sitting where the flash had come was what looked like a heavily breathing stallion with a blue mane and a white coat.

“It is so nice that we get these rare opportunities to spend some quality time with each other.” Princess Celestia said to her niece, nephew-in-law, and former student.

“So any news on when the baby is due?” Twilight asked her brother and sister-in-law.

“The doctor says that we should be expecting it in three months.” Cadance answered.

“Yes! I’m gonna be an aunt in three months!” Twilight said jumping with excitement.

“And I’m gonna be a daddy!” Shining Armor said just as excited.

“I can just imagine telling how the little’s parents saved all of Canterlot from a changeling invasion.” Twilight said.

“You left out a very important character, Twilight. How the little one’s heroic aunt saved the parents so they could save Canterlot.” Celestia said playfully.

“You all give me too much credit.” Twilight replied modestly.

“No, she’s right Twily. We wouldn’t even be celebrating our anniversary tonight if it weren’t for you.” Shining Armor said in a gentle and confident tone. Twilight could see deep down that he still felt bad for the way he acted to her back then. But she had long forgiven him and everyone else since then and was happy to still have a good relationship with her brother.

Just then, a guard entered the ballroom. “Your Highness,” he called to Princess Celestia. “A mysterious stallion appeared out of nowhere in the garden a few minutes ago. We’ve apprehended him and thought you might want to see him”

“Is he some kind of thief?” the princess asked.

“I don’t know but he looks an awful lot like-.” Before the guard could finish, two more guards escorted the stallion into the ballroom. Everyone gasped when they saw him. The mysterious uninvited guest looked a lot like Shining Armor; except he covered in bruises and scratches, his mane was messed up, and he had a long scar going across his left eye, but he had the same shield and star cutie mark. When the stallion saw the princesses, he tried to approach them.

“Twily, Princess Celestia-!” he called to them, his voice even sounded exactly like the captain, but was stopped by the guards.

“Not so fast! Careful everypony, he could be a changeling in disguise.” one of the guards said.

“A very bad one, I don’t remember Captain Armor having a scar.” Remarked the other guard.

“I didn’t fight my way through a horde of griffon mercenaries to be called a vile changeling!” the Shining Armor-looking stallion said angrily.

Everyone was confused, especially Twilight. Her BBBFF was standing with her, Cadance, and the Princess. If this unexpected visitor wasn’t a changeling, then what was he?