• Published 4th Mar 2016
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Anniversary in an Alternate World - EquineAvenger

Everypony likes to remember how happily the wedding ended. But what if they weren't so lucky? What would the future of Equestria be like if things hadn't worked out during that time?

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Chapter 2

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance’s wedding anniversary had just been interupted by a stallion bearing a striking resemblence to Shining Armor. Everyone in the ballroom was completely baffled, some looked like they were about to freakout.

“Alright, what are you and why do you look like me?” Shining Armor asked his double in a suspicious and demanding tone. He was eager to get things cleared up.

“Because I am you.” replied the captain’s double which shocked and confused everyone even more, including the captain himself. “Well, actually I’m a different you from a different Equestria.”

“Wait, there are two Equestrias?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed in shock.

“Are we sure he’s not a changeling?” Rainbow Dash asked suspiciously.

“I think I have an idea.” Twilight Sparkle announced catching everyone’s attention. “Even since my adventures threw the magic mirrior, I’ve been studying an old theory called the Multiverse Theory.”

“Multi-what?” Pinkie asked.

“Multiverse Theory: where there are multiple universes that are similar and different from our own. I believe there are countless different worlds in the multiverse. Each with it’s own Equestria.”

“So, you’re saying there are many different versions of me out there?” Rainbow asked. Twilight nodded her head ‘yes’. “That is so awsome!”

“So I speculate that this Shining Armor is from one of those different worlds.”

“That’s right.” the other Shining Armor agreed.

“But no matter how many Shining Armors there are out there, for me, there will always be only one.” Cadance said giving an affectionate glance to her husband who blushed happily.

“So what version of Equestria do you come from? And why do look like you’ve this?” Twilight asked the other Shining Armor noticing his injuries.

“Before I can answer any of your questions, first I’d like to ask some of my own.” the other Shining Armor requested to which Twilight nodded in agreement. “First, how did the Canterlot wedding in this world go?”

“The wedding was a success.” answered Cadance affectionately nuzzling her husband.

“So the changelings didn’t invade Canterlot?”

“Actually, they did.” Twilight said.

“Then you all listened to Twilight’s warnings about the evil bride?”

“No, we didn’t listen to a word she said.” Applejack said remorsefully, that was not something she or any of Twilight’s friends were proud of.

“Boy, was that stupid of us.” Rainbow added.

“But then how are you and Cadance married? How is Twilight still here and… is she an alicorn?” the other Shining Armor asked confused and then noticed that this version of his sister was an alicorn just like the three princesses.

“We almost lost everything that day.” Princess Celestia explained. “But thanks to Twilight’s genius and bravery and Cadance and Shining Armor’s love, the changelings were expelled from Canterlot and everypony was able to have a real wedding.”

“And it was the best wedding ever!” Rainbow added happily remembering that momentous day.

This explanation caused the other Shining Armor to bow his head in sadness.

“Did the wedding in your world not end the same?” Twilight asked noticing his sad expression.

“The wedding in my world was an absolute disaster.” the other Shining Armor replied. Everypony was surprised to hear this.

“You mean you and Cadance never got married?” Twilight asked concerned.

“She’s dead.” he replied mournfully. Everypony gasped in shock when they heard this. A wedding were the bride had died!

“Cadance… dead… But how?” Twilight asked horrorified.

“Before she could give me her love and the power I need to repel the invaders, she was struck down by Chrysalis, the queen of the changelings.”

“That’s horrible!” Fluttershy said sympathizing with the stallion.

“So in your world, the changelings won?” Rainbow asked.

“Not exactly.” the other Shining Armor continued. “After Cadance was murdered before our eyes, our world’s Twilight, fueled by all the negative emotions she felt for what had happened to her at the wedding rehearsal, unwittingly discovered how to use dark magic on her own. You know what I’m talking about do you, Princess?” he asked Celestia, who nodded her head. She was quite familiar with the dark magic once used by a certain evil unicorn king. “Twily used that power to destroy Chrysalis.”

Everypony gasped in shock.

“Wow! I didn’t think any version of Twilight had it in her.” Discord said surprised.

“What happened next?” Twilight asked concerned.

The other Shining Armor didn’t speak for a moment, a sign that the next part was a very upsetting moment for him to remember. But he continued, “And then…”