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I give folk what they want, nothing more. And that just happens to be poorly thought out Fanfics with bad updating schedules


Cross Stitch has been having weird feelings about his roommate Seeking Dusk for some time and an innocent little moment causes some much needed revelations. Though not the way they probably would have wanted it to happen.

Another short one shot about a shipping couple me and Seeking Dusk made.
Rated teen for language

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Verdant Spring and Doppel the Changeling are an odd couple for many reasons. Spring runs a tea shop while Doppel works in the Town Guard. He's enigmatic and she's straight to the point. He's earth pony while she's a Changeling. But one thing ties these two together like nothing else: their love for one another.

And on this birthday, Dop decides to do something special for her Special Somepony.

A Suprise Birthday gift for Seeking Dusk: a very close friend and someone I truely care for.

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When people you love are on the line, what would you do to help them? Even if getting help cost you your humanity?

Keith Hoard now has to deal with the consequences of such a choice. Prehaps, his new family will make the adjustment easier for him?

This is a TF/TG idea I've had for a bit of time and simply wanted to put to paper just to get it out of my head.

Tags will be adjusted as needed.

Edited by Celefin

Cover art is a picture drawn by AskBubbleLee on deviantart. She's a lovely artist. Go follow her or something!

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In the crazed aftermath of Discord's escape, a young zebra and diamond dog are found on death's doorstep outside of Ponyville. Taken by their adoptive guardian, the duo attempts to acclimate to town to the best of their abilities all the while hiding a fairly big secret.

A collaboration between myself and Greycait . Give him praise for this as well.

Now edited by Celefin. Go read his stuff as well!

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These shorts are tangental ideas thay tie in with my story Equestrian Legends Online: Tale of the Misfits. If you wanna, go and read that.

Salutations! Bluey the changeling here! ADD can be such a wonderful thing, and more often than not it suddenly sees a random quest marker on the horizon and barrels towards it. Not caring who or what stands in it's way on its eternal quest to gather enough loot to make a Blood Raven jealous. And when it stops to look back and see its caused a fourteen car pileup, condemned six buildings, capsized an aircraft carrier and set fire to a retirement community; it suddenly decides to vanish and leave me to pick up the pieces and get back to where I was.

These shorts are all results of me trying to kick myself back into the writing spirit and all thart comes out being noncanon tomfoolery.

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The dare was simple enough: break into Granny Rags' house, grab something old and creepy then get out of there as quickly as possible.

However, Jemaul and Matt were in for the most interesting Halloween of their lives as they learn that one does not simply steal from a witch and get away scot-free.

Who says the magic isn't real? These boys certainly don't now.

A collaboration with Greycait

Edited by Blazing Sword and Gambit Prawn

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A month and a half ago, my life was changed forever. My nephew and I were plucked from Earth and ended up in a land that we both believed to be mindless entertainment. Now forced to begin our lives anew, we have to restart our lives in this new yet fimiliar land. Thankfully, we aren't the only humans here.

A story set in the universe of The Humans in Equestria Club

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This fic is currently undergoing a rewrite and the currently few chapters will be reposted when redone

When a group of friends decided to start up a new game of Ponyfinder, they were thinking it would be all fun and games. Little did they know that a certain draconequus had other plans for their little group and he sucks them into their game... Literally!

Now stuck in the game world they created, and with a mad god rolling the dice, these nerds have more to worry about than just random encounters. Will they beat Discord's game or will they end up killing each other from pure frustration? Who knows?

Edited by Greycait

Characters belong to Meep the Changeling, Greycait, FrostTheWolf,Thunderbolt Sentinel, and 1020853

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In the year 2020, two lifelong friends join a new VRMMORPG designed for bronies. But when it becomes a game of life or death, everything will change. The perils they face are many: monsters, hostile players, and an advanced AI that can warp reality to his whim. How will these two nitwits survive? Because they sure as heck don't know!

Cover Art by Otakuap on Deviantart.

A side fic to Equestria Legends Online by ShadowFlame.

I understand that there are some people who do not like these types of stories or simply dislike anime such as Sword Art Online, and if you don't like this story because of either of those facts, I'm totally fine with that. But please do not leave dislikes for those reasons. If you dislike the story for a separate reason, feel free to point out why. I'm open to all criticism, especially negative criticism.

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The wasteland of the Mojave desert is a place of incredible people, places and happenings. It is a place where fortunes are won and lost at the roll of a die, where great minds conspire to control and where lives are lost every single day. Power looms beneath the surface, waiting to be found and exploited.

But when one changeling finds himself transported here, the wasteland will meet its oddest pair of heroes yet.

A Fallout New Vegas crossover inspired by A Changelings visit to Skyrim by Erised the ink-moth

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