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The dare was simple enough: break into Granny Rags' house, grab something old and creepy then get out of there as quickly as possible.

However, Jemaul and Matt were in for the most interesting Halloween of their lives as they learn that one does not simply steal from a witch and get away scot-free.

Who says the magic isn't real? These boys certainly don't now.

A collaboration with Greycait

Edited by Blazing Sword and Gambit Prawn

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I like it! No gender bender though :fluttershysad:


Yeah, I accidentally hit that when adding it to the group:twilightblush:

6369496 What? I never saw that. I just read the story and wanted Gender bender xD



I'll admit I was considering it for Matt and that's why he looked between his legs :derpytongue2:

6369603 Doooo it

6369603 6369605 I volunteer Matt as well.

6369635 See, even your collab partner agrees :D


:trixieshiftleft: traitor


It all depends son the sequel


Becuase he thinks I'm a sadist to my characters....

Which I am :rainbowkiss:

Granny Rags... Isn't that a character from the game Dishonored?


Yes it is:eeyup:

That was one of three references I managed to work in :rainbowlaugh:
The second one is as bliant but the third can considered not really a reference

6369862 6369875 For crying out loud... I knew there was a reason he was insistent on calling her that! You Gamers...


Oh and I stand corrected; they're is 4 :3

There are.... a lot... of grammar mistakes.... words that shouldnt be there and some oddly jarring vocabulary swaps. The previous chapters were more coherent. What happened??


I... Kinda got impatient and didn't post before the editor finished:twilightblush:

What's next? Spooky scary skeletons?"

(Spookiness intensifies)

That was an interesting read.


Yay! I'm glad you liked it

I agree, it was an interesting read. Found it by surprise, trying to figure out why it was tagged the way it was. Glad I stuck with it.

A few editing problems early on, the break-in was hard to follow at times. The narrative could have been extended a bit, but you kept the reader involved through the end. You might just be a mediocre writer now, but you have the impetus to try and the only way to improve is to read and write more. I look forward to the sequel.


Me and grey already have ideas for a sequel.... Including drunken Jamie and someone getting genderswapped.

I thought changelings could gender swap by default? Though gender swaps only really make a difference when siblings, dates, and clothing gets involved. :) Probably good training to be given experience in such a broadening of one's perspective.


I will say that the gender swap isn't matt

Is there a sequel or at least a side story to this? I'd really like to see more.


We're writing a sequel don't worry

I'll be waiting for it! Thanks!

Wow so i read this through, and it was a very pleasant read. Often funny.
Dunno what to say more, i love this transformation scenarios and this one is good.


Well they're is a sequel coming and all I will say is that there is a gender swapping of m to f and F to M

I bucking love this chapter!


Thank you:rainbowkiss:

Be sure to send Greycait some praise too

Yaaaaaaay, sequel:twilightsmile:

I really like this story. One of the better ones I've read, actually.:rainbowdetermined2:


We are, it's just, at the moment, been put on the back burner


And you kind of did inspire this:rainbowkiss:

Well, I couldn't quite tell that, but I did have a bit of a hunch.:twilightblush:
Can't wait for a sequel! Though I do respect the fact that no one can force another good story out of the blue. It takes time and inspiration, so I'm willing to wait until both come to you. Can't wait to see if there's a sequel for this when I get back in two years.:twilightsmile:


Still am sad that you're going but since it's religious reasons I won't make a fuss:eeyup:

But still expect Mormon jokes :trollestia:

Oh, I will. I find some of them funny myself.:rainbowlaugh:


That I can't think of at the moment:derpytongue2:

Though Mormons ain't really a thing here in Texas

Well, my sister's one and she lives in Dallas if that makes up for anything.:twistnerd:

Oh, but I remember this one: "FNAF's 20/20/20/20 mode is like moving into a mormon neighborhood, there's always someone at your door and you never like who it is.":rainbowlaugh:


:rainbowlaugh:.... That is really damn funny :trollestia:

"Almost time?"
"Yeah it is,"He said, the sky already darkening, "and on a side note, I'm a bad guy and you're the guards of royalty."
"So says all of, what, thirteen seconds of screen time?" Jemaul muttered. "I can fly and pull a flying batmobile. Maybe call up storm clouds? That might have been Luna. Been trying, not cigar."
"At least we know why food has no taste for me now," Matt frowned.
"Yeah… um... just what have you been eating?" Jemaul asked hesitantly.
"I don't know," he said confused, "I guess I just haven't been hungry yet or I have some ambient absorption."

Maybe he just needs a meal made with love?


Who knows XD

Maybe makes momma's meals better

Alondro randomly chooses a chapter to read to get a feel for the story and immediately discovers...

"I'm not fuzzy, Jamie. I look like a xenomorph screwed a horse," Matt called out from the tub,

Ermahgerd, er's er cherngelerng... :derpyderp2:


Yeah, i outright avoided calling him just a bug because what'sthe fun in that XD

Would like to know what happened afterwards...

Still great story would like more of this or sequel.

I'm not sure why you guys stopped this. Part one at least was a really fun little ride.

Oh well, I'm glad to hear you're still doing a sequel, if with another idea. :twilightsmile:

6753532 We got distracted with other ideas and I at least totally forget we had finished the first chapter and were supposed to start the second.

We must perform the proper tests to ensure that Granny Rags is actually a witch!

*places her upon one side of a large scale, and a duck upon the other... the duck side goes down*



I've seen a fair share of wards, living as I do in the NJ Pine Barrens.

The Jersey Devil is a draconequus, did you know?


The draconequus of fear, Terrifidius. Or, as I know him by his nickname, Bob the Draconequus. Not such a bad fellow, simply can't help his nature. A draconequus' powers not only affect those in contact with them, but their own personalities as well. Discord is a prime example. For all the fearsome reputation his aura has elicited over time, poor Bob is as timid as Fluttershy.

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