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Sunlight Rays

Love is Love, Pride is Pride, People is People. Be who you are, for there are no wrong answers in who you want to be. 21 yo trans girl, bi/poly.


Far away, in the magical land of Equestria, grayscale ponies walk the earth. To have hues in one's hair is to be shunned by others.

With every hour, minute, and second, Topaz Glow makes sure she is the mare she has to be.

Even if that means she can never be the mare she is.

Written for Pride Month 2023.

Includes explicit depictions of dysphoria. Reader discretion is advised.

Special thanks to Zenith Sky for brainstorming the story with me, to RubyDubious for stepping up to be the proofreader and editor for this story, and to Hivemind for drawing the cover art!

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Rainbow is teaching Twilight about the usage of feathers. You know, the feathers in pegasi's wings. Yes, you heard me correctly. No, I did not stutter.

Originally an entry to the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's Candy Heart Panic Write Contest held on January 14th, 2021. The prompt was Oooh.

Thanks to those who participated for prereading and commenting, and special thanks to HapHazred for editing help.

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This story is a sequel to Pegasus Device

Did she have to hurt her foes? She looked back to the valve.

She really wanted to fly.

She really, really wanted to fly.

Absentia spent twenty years chained up in the bowels of the cursed Rainbow Factory. For twenty years, she never saw the outside world, left to the mercy of the Factory. But when two foals free her from the clutches of the Pegasus Device, she remembers what it means to fly. As she helps her new friends escape the facility, she has to make a choice.

She chooses to fly.

Edited by Stinium_Ruide, preread by applejackofalltrades, Faded Echoes, and Madhatterbrony.

Cover art by the talented applejackofalltrades! Title text by yours truly!

An entry to the Thousand Words Contest.

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Celestia has sent her sister to the Moon. It had to be done; she could not risk Nightmare Moon destroying everything they had achieved together. Yet the events of that fateful day haunt her, reminding her of what her negligence led to, what pain it brought upon herself and her sister. Without her sister to ward away the nightmares, she wakes up screaming every night, having witnessed the Elements banish Nightmare Moon.

Yet, tonight's dreams are worse.

Rated Teen for descriptions of violence and blood.

Inspired by Mourning Zephyr's A Sun Without A Moon and On Wings Of Moonlight by Aurelleah.

Cover art by the talented applejackofalltrades.

Special thanks to AuroraDawn, applejackofalltrades, Dewdrops on the Grass, Emotion Nexus, Salespony, Sledge115, and Xrevias for proofreading, and to HapHazred, Shaslan, The Sleepless Beholder, Stinium_Ruide, and Speccer for editing. This story wouldn't be as half as good without all of your help.

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Scootaloo has failed her test. She has failed herself, all of Cloudsdale, and, most importantly, Rainbow Dash. As she hangs precariously over the Pegasus Device in chains while her sister burning with hatred leers before her, she learns what it truly means to pay the price.

Preread by applejackofalltrades, Silver Mint, and Lemonshrike Catworthy. Edited by Mighty C.

An entry to the Rainbow Factory 10th Anniversary Contest, hosted by AuroraDawn.

Cover art by the talented MirAmore!

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It's been ten years since six friends defeated Nightmare Moon. Ten years since a mare began her journey through friendship. Ten years since a path far into the future was set for her.

And, to that, they raise a toast in a bar.

Based on the 3rd-place winning entry to ROBCakeran53's 37th Panic Write of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group. Inspired by 4EverfreeBrony's Hoping and Friends Up Above. The prompt was Cocktails.

Special thanks to Holtinater, Emotion Nexus, AuroraDawn, Speccer, and Stinium_Ruide for editing, and also thanks to iAmSiNnEr, Xrevias, and Valoria for prereading.

Even though this story is a prequel to Three Tenses of Friendship, it is also meant to be a standalone story. No knowledge of the events in the sequel is required.

Featured two hours after publication! Y'all are awesome! :pinkiegasp:

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Lyra Heartstrings is exhausted.

She has a concert scheduled the next morning and, despite having prepared for it for the past few days, she is not ready. And so she stays up the night, practicing for her concert as she runs on caffeine and sheer willpower. But those two assets can only carry her so far....

Expanded from my entry to ROBCakeran53's 65th Panic Write at Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group, where it placed 1st. Participants were given 30 minutes to write and 10 minutes to edit. The prompt was Overworked.

Preread by Shaslan and Holtinater.

Edited by AuroraDawn and A Person.

Proofread by Atom Smash

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Hearth's Warming Eve has once again brought itself upon Ponyville, and Starlight finds herself wanting to participate in the local snowball fight event, although she does not have a partner to do it with.

When Twilight introduces somepony she thinks will be a good match for her, Starlight is unsure whether she and her teammate will be good friends.

However, Starlight soon discovers that broken snowballs have the power of creating something new and magical.

Edited by Holtinater

This was written for BronyWriter as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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This story is a sequel to Cocktails

Twilight has ruled Equestria for three centuries, spreading harmony throughout the lands both inside and outside of her country.

Now, her job is done. She is ready to let everything go. But before she does, she delivers one last speech.

Expanded from my entry to KrazyTheFox's 10th Anniversary Panic Write(alternatively 62nd Panic Write) at Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group, where it placed 5th. Participants were given 30 minutes to write and 10 minutes to edit. The prompt was Friendship is Magic.

Tone inspired by A Final Twilight. Story Concept inspired by Zontan's The Last Decree.

Preread by Holtinater, Vis-a-Viscera, Shaslan, Scoping Landscape, Atom Smash, Nailah, Cara, Emotion Nexus, Speccer, The Red Parade, and finally KrazyTheFox.

Edited by AuroraDawn, Speccer, and Cara.

Cover art by Speccer.

Featured 1 hour and 30 minutes after publication from November 13th to 14th. You guys are amazing! :pinkiegasp:

Now with a voice reading done by the lovely Nailah!

Edit, 06.13.2021: Even though this story is a sequel to Cocktails, no knowledge of the prequel is required as the story was meant to be a standalone fic.

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This story is a sequel to After the Day Breaks

The prophesied night approaches.

Nightmare Moon has spent nearly a thousand years on the Moon. As the thousandth year since her banishment nears, she prepares her return with a colt she met in the dream realm. Her intention was to change Equestria, to have its citizens pay respects to her and her night.

She did not expect herself to change drastically in the process.

Cover art is by fusselmaow.

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