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Stuck in a writer's block with no idea how to develop the plot? Got a brilliant idea in your mind but have no idea how to make it into words? Want someone to discuss your idea with but have no one?

Then you've come to the right place!

This is a place where people can post their ideas about their fic and discuss with others about it! Feel free to post your plans, express opinions on others' ideas, and potentially even find a co-author/proofreader/editor! After all, this is a place that has a lot of potentials!

How This Group Works

If you have a spark of inspiration for a story or an idea that you've been thinking about for a long time, create a thread on the group's forum! Make sure the title represents the core of your idea and that the description depicts the specifics. Once those who are interested reply to the original post, the real fun begins. Try to discuss and come up with as many ideas as possible regarding where to take that spark of inspiration! Connect with people on the site and find those who are interested in your idea and/or are willing to become co-authors/editors/proofreaders. Good luck!


1. No personally insulting or attacking others. Those who insult/attack others will be given a warning the first time, a temporary ban the second time, and a permanent ban the third time. This is meant to be a healthy group, and let's keep it that way.

2. No stealing other's ideas. This group is meant for cooperative writing and discussion, not stealing ideas from one another and posting it as if it were his/her idea. One can be inspired by others, but there's a huge difference between inspiration and plagiarism. Anybody who is caught in this act will be banned from the group.

3. Post your ideas/stories/plot into the right folder. Folders exist for a reason and I have seen people not follow the organization properly multiple times on multiple groups. For example, adventure stories that are rated M should go into the adventure folder in the mature folder.

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